Monday, May 31, 2010

AIMST University Hostel Accommodation

Upon reaching AIMST University, we were asked to fill a declaration form which if not mistaken, on our health and safety. We were divided into groups of 10 different colours. After filling the form, we then proceed to register according to our designated group of which we were given a red goodies bag and also a name tag bearing our name. We were told to wear the name tag with lanyard at all times during the stay in the University.

Walking towards our hostel apartments.

Thien Jian, Siew Hoon & Chui Wei

This was the red goodies bag given which comprised of a multicolour combo pen, a note pad and a NoGAPS 2010 T-shirt. 

When we first entered into the apartments, we were truly shocked by the cleanliness and the brand new furnitures. This is a 4 students per room setting. Little did we know that in each apartment unit, there are actually 3 rooms. Hence, in this unit, it houses 12 students at one time. That is a big number of housemates too.

Each student will have their own study table and chairs as above. There is also a tall cupboard up to the ceiling. There are 3 long fluorescent lights, 2 fans and a towel holder.

If not mistaken, the bedsheet, pillow and blanket are included in the room rate as everyone will have the same.

This is the living room common area with 2 sofas, shoes cabinets, a basin and a long cupboard meant to keep the utensils, foods etc. If not mistaken too, high electric consumption items such as heater is not allowed to be used in the hostel. In fact, those found to have such items will be confiscated. 

This is the bathroom. On the right, there are 4 cubicles meant to answer the nature call. 

Whereas on the left, there are 4 cubicles meant for showering. There are 2 with a water heater and 2 without. Caution to those insects phobia. You gonna love this place so much because the insects (fly, bugs etc) from the nearby jungle/ plantation will be invading the floors, the doors, the basin and almost everywhere in the bathroom. It will be a irritating experience too that when you are bathing, the insects stick on your body. 

As above, there are 4 basins and 4 mirrors. There are no mirror provided in the room. All these are to cater the need of 12 students.

These were my roommates.

Another important thing to note down is that there are wardens in each apartment unit. They are responsible for the safety, general welfare and adherence of the curfew hours. The entrance gate will be closed at 1 am daily.(This was what I were being told which in contrary to the closing time of the cafeteria)

Little did we know also that the room rate is inclusive of 3 meals per day at designated time. Apart from the complimentary meals, there are about 6 stalls serving foods and drink alike in mamak.

This was my first meal in AIMST University --> Nasi kandar. I must say that I ate chicken almost every day during my stay here. Luckily that the servings were different at each time or else I will have chicken phobia.

There were 15 Y4 students and 5 Y3 students attending this NoGAPS 2010 from UCSI University. It was quite a large number indeed. 

Melissa, Sue Zin, Kuan Poh, Jivan, Suk Yen & Belinda

Introducing to all of you, Ms Cheras~

Boon Jin, Yen Moi & Wee Ling

This cafeteria offers vegetarian and non vegetarian food and operates from morning till late night. It closes at 2 am. It is a self service concept whereby ones need to put the plates and glass in designated area after using them. I must say that the cafeteria is very well maintained. It is also equipped with TV sets. There is only one limitation which is their toilets. The male and female toilet are separated one at the north whereas the other at the south. Both are located far end from the cafeteria. I lost my way to the toilet or in fact I was misguided causing me to walk a very far distance.

The above is the room rates for the student apartments in Ringgit Malaysia. The room rate is inclusive of meals. Most of my friends would choose the 1 student/room as it is air conditioned. As for me, I would choose either the 2 students/room or 1 student/room. Too many roommates will cause chaos.  

How about you?  


Vin Tsen Gan said...

Wow, really clean huh.

MichLeong said...

I prefer single room. Privacy. I see the 4 person room picture that you took. Like T.T No privacy at all! And very distractive.

Houston Lofts said...

I hope that makes sense. You can buy molding lengths from most hardware stores, all you would need to do is cut them to the right size paint them white and glue or nail to the wall.

Unknown said...

Benn looking at pics of my future home. I didn't realise it was gonna be 12 in one room. Anyway, privacy is a big issue, but not so concerned bout it. The four in one room isn't so bad, long as you do you get business done quickly.

Anonymous said...

im a student of aimst.. n im a hosteller too.. erk , to hv 11 housemates aint too bad actually .. if only ur lucky enuff to get gud housemates , then u'll b cmfrtable enuff.. or else,, u pay more fr prsonal room .

Lydia W said...

Thanks so much for posting this :) Im applying to study at aimst but was worried about the condition of the hostel :) overall, is this a good place to further my studies? would appreciate if you reply, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

hey..I'm going to take foundation in science of July u mind to answer me some questions?
I've sent my apllication form and I want to ask..I need to reach AIMST by intake date or before application closed date?
Can i stay with my friends in the same room? thank you

Melissa Ang said...

Hey! I plan to take Foundation in Science in AIMST. I went there today but the office was closed. So, can I ask you a few questions here?
1) What course r u taking btw?
2) How's d lecturers n studies there?
3) Do we get to stay with the roommates studying the same course or of random?
4) Can we go home weekly or during semester break only?
5) How do u guys travel from apartment to hall? By own transport? Cause i see cars in the apartment.
Thanks in advance 4 ur kindness to answer my questions. :D

james abram said...

Great amenities! All clean and good! By the way, do you know any cheap Malaysia accommodation?

JamesE Lutz said...

Thank you for sharing such a awesome article. I love furniture ft lauderdale

Anonymous said...

Personally, I prefer to have my private room to study :) And I found there are many good hostels outside the campus which is cheaper, nice and surrounded by amenities. May contact or 018-403215 for those interested. :)

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