Sunday, January 24, 2010

doctorjob @ The Star Education Fair 2010

Well, I was being offered the job as student helper for doctorjob one month ago before the event started. Since I was looking for job that time which was during my holiday, I accepted the offer. More over, the event will be held on the first weekend of my new semester which usually no homework is expected. I also extend the offer to my friend, Suk Yen who was hunting job like me too. I went to the briefing on Friday rushing from Cheras to Wangsa Maju LRT then to KLCC. As predicted, I was late but it wasn't that bad when David followed by Suk Yen were the last. Haha. We were told on our job scope, expectation and etc. Basically, I was assigned as student helper for the survey team. This survey was named 'The Malaysian Student Surveys 2010' which only applicable to those aged 16 to 19 years old. The surveys actually tested the general awareness or knowledge on public and private tertiary education institutions as well as the interests on courses by the students. Those who completed the survey will be given a token of appreciation which is one the following:
  1. Guide to scholarships handbook
  2. Guide to college & university (suitable for STPM leavers)
  3. Guide to pre-university (suitable for SPM leavers)
I would say these handbooks provide very useful short tips or guides for students who are unclear of their pathway after ending their secondary schools. At here, we do provide a free magazines titled "Postgrad Asia' to the public FOC upon filling up of their simple particular details. After the briefing, I was able to peep to UCSI University booth. I would say quite a big and grand one. FYI, I am studying at this university. I was given 2 doctorjob t-shirts. I like the design but not the quality of the fabric. Because there was nobody at home that time, I took out my tripod and snapped these photos. This is the student helper team. There were two divisions, survey team (led by Winnie and Shin Yin) and brochure distribution team (lead by Denise). The one slightly older among the youngs is Denise. Top: Alvin Chai, David Tey, Me, Suanne Bottom: Evon & Suanne, Kathy, Suanne, Suk Yen & Evon The survey team on Day 2. Basically, I encountered with a lot of people from different walks of life. Some even enquired me about the subjects like Biotechnology and Pharmacy. I noticed that there is a shift in trend towards the Pharmacy course as more and more students wanted to study that now. I made some comparison between UCSI University and IMU (David is Y1 students). I felt very honoured and pleased when the public thanked me for some guidance given to them or to their children. I was once in their shoes and thus I do understand their concern well.
Wee Lin, X, Alex, Alvin, David and Me --> The guys
Added in was Tan Ling and Jiae Tan towards the right.
The one in vest is Winnie, another survey team leader. Basically, both Shin Yin and Winnie treated us good. Though at some time we made some noises, lazying around, chatting and so on, they still treated us like their friends. We do receive constant checking and also reminder of the target we should reach by them at all time. Haha. The girl in vest is Denise. Though she was quite strict, she do chat and laughed together with us. Shin Yin was friendly too. When we have free time, she do chat and 'chui sui' with us. She was the one who keep track of the number of surveys we had done and constantly reminded us to get more and more and more surveys. Alright, the lady below Shin Yin is the Big Boss of doctorjob. She gave a motivational speech before the beginning of each day. When she spotted us while we doing our surveys, she will tell us to work harder and told us 'great job'. The disassembling of the booth after the education fair was officialy ended. Those who wore vest were the staff of doctorjob while us who wore t-shirt were the 'keh leh fheh'. Everyone was working hard so that they can go back early and have a good rest. I need to stand for two whole day from 10 am till 7 pm. Arghh.. my painful leg!
X, Wee Lin and his gf Jiae Tan
The girl in vest was Chris Sou. I got to know her by chance. Basically, those staff were involved in doing sales for the doctorjob magazines. They themselves were divided into teams and the winner team will of course got rewards for their hardwork. doctorjob is an education publisher of which they compiled all information on particular field of study to help students in deciding their future career. There are 6 different topics of magazines including:
  1. Art, design & mass comm
  2. Engineering
  3. Health & sciences
  4. Hospitality & tourism
  5. IT
  6. Business
After performing a survey, I will try to introduce the useful magazines to the students before passing to her. The magazines is sold at RM 6.50 per copy but it can be purchasable at RM 5 only during this education fair.
Towards the last hour of the final day, this magazine is sold at RM 3 only!!
New friendship gained during this job.
We were provided with lunch on both day. Day 1, we ate fried rice with meat balls for our lunch. The meal was too dry. In the late afternoon, we were given curry puff and one more food which I forgot. In day 2, we will given nasi lemak with egg which was better than Day 1 meal. In the late afternoon, we were surprised to see J Co donuts placed on the table. Not only that, there was also cream puffs. On both days, mineral bottle were given. OMG! Where on earth we can find such good benefits! Lunch is usually provided but additional foods and waters are not very common. The staff were friendly too. We ate with them for lunch outside the convention centre and having a good time.
See our happy faces eating the J Co donuts~
Group photo~
David and the photographer (passer by) of the above group photo. David was obviously flirting her. Haha.
At the KLCC Park
With the world tallest twin towers in the world!
David was searching for the big clock and I shot this for him.
After that, we walked towards the food court for a dinner and sort of gathering before everyone possibly not meeting again in near future.
Group photo~
Group photo~
T: Tan Ling, Kathy B: Suanne, Evon As for conclusion, I was glad that I had make the right choice to work for doctorjob for the 2 days education fair. I had meet with a lot of people mostly younger than me, chat with them and performed surveys on them. I also made a lot of new friendship within the student helpers as well as to my next door booth, Weisha and Srii and a macho Indian. Thank you doctorjob and remember to pay my salary. I am yet to receive it. Gosh, I'm poor!
Thanks for the nang!


Nikel Khor said...

go there for a look too..but alot not suit me d..too old nw..

from Nikel Khor

stephy-nie said...

ey how you got a job from them wan? i also wannn XD looks fun

KwOnG FeI said...

@Nikel: aiks should come do survey for me

@stephy: yea it was a fun filled weekend... erm i got the job by checking on the web.

Su YSW said...

Hahaha I was there last weekend!

Unknown said...

Howz the pay?

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