Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Samaritan helping a woman at university

My day begin with a frustration over a member of my committee. The day was spoil as I was kept thinking the appropriate next action. My initial plan to do some study has spoil. I did discussed the matter with one of the top committee and she had given me her opinion. By 10.30 am, I went out with 6 others committee member to Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort. This was to make a deposit payment for the upcoming Pharmacy Night cum Oath Taking Ceremony. We discussed a lot on the pertaining issues with Mr. Ignatius Wong, the person in charge for banquet. Initial thought that it will be a fast one was wrong. Mr. Wong elaborated to us on some important stuff to be discussed among ourselves regarding the event. About 12.30 pm, we went to Sri Petaling for a lunch. We decided to go Miu Kai Restaurant. The food was nice and considerably ok. Most of them ate the cheese baked rice while I took marmite chicken rice as I do not feel super hungry. Perhaps, my current appetite is not as aggressive as last time. Then, we headed back to university. Just after I reached there, I was busy with the collection of money from y4 and y1. It was supposed not to be my job but it is my responsibility to ensure the money collection shall not be delayed. As different year has different timetable, we can't make any delay to do so or else we will end up getting nothing from them due to the time constraint.
I had an appointment with the y4 rep at 1.30 pm but I couldn't reach in time. So, my treasurer did it for me. Next, was the y1 students. Oh.. it was a total mess! The class rep thought that one my committee member will come and collect the money from each of them. Sigh~ It was supposed to be the class rep who collect money from his classmates before the money is collected by my committee. So, the class rep then started to collect the money. I managed to grab some unfamiliar face who seemed to know me to attend the event. I had my long talks with them until they finally decided to go. It was only 3 of them which then happened to ask me more registration form for their other friends. Oh.. wat a nice reply from them. Then, Dr. Nala came in to start the class. However, the collection was in the process. So, pai seh. I gave my non verbal communication signal to him for making my appearance in his class and he greeted back with smiles. He is the most understanding lecture. I pulled the class rep out from the class. While he was busying givign me the money, some coming from no where came to give the money and the registration form. Thus, this disrupted the count as some of them paid the money without filling the form. It was a chaos! Then, we took all the money and the forms to a class nearby and started to do recount. It was not an easy one and we took some time to deal with it. I wrote the names with me and gave to the class rep to double check their payment status. After kau tim, we rushed into our classroom as it was Prof. Noran class. You know... the calling of names before the class started. we managed to reach in time. Prof. Noran mood was good today. If she keeps it well in all lectures time, I think the learning lesson wouldn't be that stress. Not to mention, I actually brought a friend of mine together with me to do some important stuff at y1 student. A good conclusion I got from this friend which shall be not discussed here. Haha.. The afternoon class today was 3 hours with each hour with different lecturers. Ms. Saras came in for the first time to teach us. Well, I would say overall she's good and her notes was nice as well. The diagrams used in the slides were stimulating as in interest. For the final lecture of the day, i do not want to make any comment here. Please ask the rests, they can describe well. After the class officially end at 5.30 pm, I had a discussion with another 2 top committee on some issues. I had their views and will consider them. TQ to all three of them. Next, since the guard was closing the classroom door, me and my treasurer went up to 3rd floor open area to calculate the total money collected for the day. Wow.. it was my first time handling such large sum of money. We counted, recounted and reconfirm the amount. Money issue is better to play safe. Again, as the OC, I had to ensure the correct amount of money was received. Alright, so it was the time to go home now. While I was on my way to my car, I was encountered by a woman who seemed to be working in the university. She was asking me whether I have the battery jumper as she couldn't start her engine. Before that, I wanted to express my thankfulness for getting a nice car park just beside the stairs towards the classroom. For normal days, it was extremely hard for any1 to get a car park at the school parking bays. Back to the woman, since there wasn't any1 around who may help her, I nodded and drove my car and parked just next to hers. Well, I was unsure the correct way of using the jumper. I admitted that I was a lousy one in this. So, I called my friend to ask his guidance. He did tell me the way and the precautions to be taken. While I was in the phone, another man came to help install the jumper. Alright, so the next thing I need to do was to press hard to my accelerator. It worked and surprised me, so fast? Actually, I had few experiences of having same incidence. If during my previous time, there were people volunteering to help me, I found no reason for me not to do so. The jumper was actually not a good one. The size of the cable was a small one which might not be good enough to transfer the electricity generated. That's why I puzzled why it was so fast. After some time, the jumper was then being removed. The woman thanked me for the help. I felt good to had helped her. After that, we went to the bank. This time was to bank in all the money collected. It wasn't a smooth process. We need to insert the cash and some will be rejected due to unknown reasons. The total number of notes that the machine can accept for each transaction is 100 pieces. We tried several time to reinsert the cash and to change with another from our wallet. We managed to successfully banked in all but the process took us a very long time indeed. Next, I drove to McD drive thru to help my friend tar pau his dinner. Well, the promotion coupon that McD currently having is also applicable to drive thru. Soon after that, we went to another friend house who is one of the committee. The reason was to pass her the registration forms and to document them. Well, it seemed I had disturbed her nap. Very sorry for her. Due to the time constraint, I had to ensure this thing must be done before the next meeting. Thanks her so much. After bothering her, my last stop was to the send my treasurer back home. On the way, I met with 2 different year juniors. Finally, all kau tim and I was ready to go home. Guess what was the time? Class ended at 5.30 pm and I only managed to start my journey back home at 7.30 pm. The day was full of tension, fatigue and stress. I cant really concentrate as I think I had migraine since I stepped in back from the lunch. That wrapped up my day. To counter all these, I just need to switch on my air cond and have a deep sleep. In the next meeting, I need to gear up the progression and rendered my appreciation to all my working committee members.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is located at the top of the southern corridor of Peninsular Malaysia, bordering the states of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. It is situated in the Sepang district, approximately 50 km from the capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

The Main Terminal Building area was designed using the concept of 'Airport in the forest, forest in the airport', in which it is surrounded by green space. This was done with the co-operation of the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. An entire section of rain forest was transplanted from the jungle and placed in the Satellite Building.

For a lived-in environment, the 80-room Airside Transit Hotel is located in the Satellite Building itself and provides a perfect respite for the travel-weary transit passengers. In addition, a 441-room 5-star hotel, The Pan Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur International Airport, is only a 5-minute walking distance from the airport terminal building for well-heeled travellers to unwind in style and luxury.

Since its inauguration in year 1998, KLIA has won numerous awards from international organisations such as Skytrax and International Air Transport Association. With its continuous effort to provide excellent services to passengers, the airport has emerged as one of the top five airports in the world. KLIA's commitment to promote environment responsibility for all local and foreign travellers was recognised by Green Globe, making it the first and only airport in the world to receive Green Globe 21 certificate in year 2004 and onwards. KLIA was thrice voted as the World's Best Airport (15-25 million passengers per annum) in the 2005 AETRA awards, 2006 ACI-ASQ awards and 2007 ACI-ASQ awards.

Adapted from: KLIA Many had went to KLIA before and some may not have the chance yet. The purpose of this post is to make a coverage of the tenants in KLIA with pictures of individual tenants which cannot be found in the KLIA website. Actually, I just fill up my time by taking photos around while waiting for the flight.

Outside of KLIA


Auto door

Sunday, February 15, 2009

UCSIPSS Christmas and New Year Party 9 Jan 2009

The organising chairperson, Christine and her Vice, Thien Jian.
The refreshment booth Year 1 ju-juniors Year 1 ju-juniors Y4 seniors
Event started with the speech by Dr. Yeong. Well, I was supposed to become the emcee from the very beginning but was then substituted by Christine. It was predicted that I cannot reach to the event at the specified time due to my commitment for my 'work'. After the speech, it was the line dancing performance. The committee did practice hard for this and they even 'imported' the professional service by one of the committee's mother.
After their performance, they then invited the lecturers and some friends to join them for another round of line dancing but this time was to dance together. I actually draft a nice introduction for this event but sadly I couldn't make it. I only able to reach to this event shortly after the introduction which then I took over the emcee job till the end.
Learning step by step
The fun continued with limbo rock. As usual, Tomas who was the defending champion and Melissa with her perfect curve featured this event. Prizes were given to the best 5 participants including Dr. Rao, Alvin and Jason.
After that, it was the game session. I handed over the emcee job to Thien Jian to coordinate the session as I had no idea what they were playing. In this game, a note with a written keyword was stick on one of the person from each group. (The total participants were divided into Group A and B). The rests of the members in each group will have to answer the question by the person who was sticked with the notes until the can successfully guess the written word. The person can asked various questions eg. Are they male or female? Are they actor or singer? wheres one of the members from corresponding group with answer to the questions.
Next, we had the special magic show performance by MR. XX from School of Medicine. This was the show that grabbed the most attention and was the most spectacular. Initialy, he showed his skill in reading one's mind. Yee San was invited to be the guest and was asked to read a page flipped randomly from a book. The magician will then write up the word at the point where she was asked to stop reading. Then, Dr. Chin became the next guest. The magician then showed his skill in disappearing a note through his fast hand movements and fooled the guest that the note was still within grab of his hand. Finally, the most eye opener show was the 'eating' of the razor blade and the thread. Lecturers who sat on the first row were asked to test the sharpness of the razor by cutting the thread provided. The magician then inserted the razor and the thread together. (Dangerous act. Don't try this at home) The outcome later was he took out a thread that linked all the separate razor initially. We were stunt to see the incredible performance~
Then, we have the singing performance by the Songbirds (Thien Jian & Yee San) versus the Queens (Yen Yie & Lee Yen). During the show by the Queens, it was out of expectation that Wilfred joined them and sing together which then led to a loud applause from the audience. So, the final battle was between the Songbirds and the Queens + 1. However, no prizes was given to any to them due to limited budget.
The final event was the singing session by all. The song sang was XXX which was pronounced as XXX.
It was the lunch time and they are served with plain rice, curry chicken, rendang chickejn, vegetables, watermelon and etc. ( I forgot already)
Besides that, we also have the fortune teller biscuits and the gaining popularity sweet (very indeed) cupcakes. (quite expensive)
Photos time The organising committee in red The organising committee + invited emcee which was ME~~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

UCSIPSS Christmas and New Year Party Preparation Day, 8 Jan 2009

After having our dinner at Golden Bridge Restaurant, we headed to the MPH for the rehearsal of the event.
UCSI University at night view
MPH with the newly installed red and white cloth Some were seen still playing basketball although at night time. The organising committee were packing the mandarin oranges to be sold on the next day. 1 set consist of 2 mandarin oranges was to be sold at RM 2. spirit of teamwork.. BUT at last minute..hahaha Siew Hoon and her adorable pose..ahemm Kuan Poh came later to become the balloon pumper It seemed hard to use the pumper as the air filled continuously leaked out. The red shirt was me. We were trying hard to test trial blew up a balloon. MALE tag team wasn't worked. Lets have a couple team.
L- TJ the co-chairperson R- Finally, the best way was to blow it up was by your mouth. Haha..There were many balloons remaining. Kuah Poh, jia you~
Well, what I was doing in this picture was to convince the guard to let them practice till the midnight. Initial attempt by Christine, the organising chairperson to talk with them was unsuccessful on the ground that these bunch of organising committee do not have permission letter to stay late at MPH. This guard then came by 10.30 pm to order us to leave the hall together with those playing sports at the hall. I was summoned in to deal with the guard. What an experience to me.. Dealing with the superior of the guard using the walkie talkie was something out of my expectation. Finally, after rounds of talking via walkie talkie and rounds of confusion over what each side was saying (it wasn't clear), they had agreed to extend the stay till 11.30 pm. Another 1 hour to go to kickstart the line dancing training.
So, the line dancing training started. Wilfred, was you praying?
It was funny to see them doing the dancing. Actualy, I did not know what was line dancing until I see their funny performance. Haha..
stylishnya.. Why they always like to dance till the back part of the stage? Come in front please.. Siew Hoon, were you following? Be serious~~! The end..
FYI, I wasn't a part of the organising committee. I was invited to become the emcee of the event. However, I do not know when I had agreed to do so.
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