Sunday, January 3, 2010

First day of 2010

How I celebrate my new year eve? I went out with my friends to eat Western food and played pool. After that, we went to this open area at Puchong to greet the first day of 2010 with fireworks and also a full moon. This is the best shot of the night. Well, I am still learning how to take fireworks picture. In addition, the fireworks seemed small from our position.
The no good shot..
From this area, we can see many fireworks from about 6-8 locations.
The timing for the fireworks are unpredictable. When I took portrait pictures, then the fireworks suddenly popped out. Due to time constraint, it is hard to change the mode and the settings. So, instead, I used auto mode for the above picture.
Night view from this unoccupied hill area.
Do you know that there was a full moon phenomenon occurred on the very first day of 2010. The best view if not mistaken is at 2.53 am.
Of course, we went back earlier due to curfew time for the girls.
Some policeman suspected to be 'making money' at the middle of the night. It was a very long time negotiation. L- Kuan Poh & Shin Ying R- Shin Ying & Suk Yen
Shin Ying
Kuan Poh
Suk Yen
Suk Yen was trying to capture the moon picture.
Did you see the digits 2010? We welcome you the year 2010! May this year bring us lots of lucks, prosperity, healths, wealth and happiness. This is what I was doing the whole night, using tripod to take picture. But, as mentioned there were so many locations and the timing is unpredictable. So, I was moving around with this tripod.
Thanks for the nang!


conan_cat said...

happy new year! ;) i guess for fireworks picture you need a camera and lens that can let you have high shutter speed at reasonable ISO and enough zoom for composition. and that sounds expensive. xD

but great try nevertheless! :D

good year ahead!

Eric said...

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KwOnG FeI said...

@conan_cat: true.. btw learning hard now..

@eric: i think i had been approached by 4 person including you on the same matter. I guess they are all the same. I had replied to two of them already.

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KwOnG FeI said...

@james: thanks for d compliment

KwOnG FeI said...

@james: thanks for d compliment

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