Saturday, January 16, 2010

8 Ball Cafe, Setapak

I think I am addicted to play pool. Well, for a mere RM 4-6 for 2 hours of spending time and playing with friends, it really worth and cheap too! This time, we headed to the 8 Ball Cafe which is located at my housing area.
Well, look carefully. I am not promoting the Melaka Satay Lok Lok. The Eight Ball Cafe is located above this restaurant at the corner of a junction opposite Steven Corner.
Photobucket There are 2 stairs side by side but both leading to the same entrance. Don't get confused. Photobucket You need to press the door bell before entering. Suk Yen showing her superb skills in playing pool. Photobucket
Nonetheless, Team A (Me & Mei Chu) defeated Team B (Suk Yen & Evelyn) with a 3-1 scoring. The charges is only RM 11 per hour. Sounds cheap right? In fact, it was the cheapest rate I visited so far. However, expect some cheapness in the quality of the board. The playing board is in old condition with rough surface. You may even spot some holes of the thin curtain covering the board. The playing sticks looks nice but when you hold it, it is very light and you can feel the empty space of the wooden stick. This place is exactly suit to the beginners as training ground with a cheap rate. I was not sure whether was it due to the condition of the table, it seemed to be very easily to shoot the balls down to the hole. So, if you looking for a cheap rate and do not mind the condition of the playing table and the sticks, you can try playing here. In addition, learn how to arrange the balls when you start a game as you can't expect the staff will do for you with that cheap rate. Haha. Totally different from Club 2 Snooker & Pool. Address: 1st Floor, Blok A Plaza Prima Setapak, Jalan Prima Setapak 1, 53300 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-4023 1600


♥ Renise said...

yooo! i have been there twice with friends, 'cause it is near to my hostel. :]


~Live Life~ said...

No wonder it looks so familiar...but never been there coz not a big fan of pool...=P

cr3ap said...

Been there once. Quite expensive actually. I rather play snooker at my own area for RM8.40 perhour. Snookers are more challenging and more thrill. Billiards are more easier to get those balls into the pocket. RM11 perhour is consider expensive with such lousy tables and so many holes and stains.

Regards from cr3ap

KwOnG FeI said...

@cr3ap: i wanted to play snooker too but then i dun really know how to play.. will try to learn one day.. i thought rm 11 is alrdy d cheapest price.. any other place in Kl offer lower price?

Racheel Yap said...

oh,you stay at this area too? thats mean your place is near to my place. anywhere,i been there quite a few times before i get married

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