Sunday, May 31, 2009

UCSIPSS Oath Taking Ceremony cum Pharmacy Night 2009

Phew..Finally, the event kicked off. I do not know where to start the story and I have very few photos with me. I will try my best to describe the whole event. Besides, I managed to grab some photos from MF, FB through Irwinder and some others as well as the UCSI University FB. And the story began... It was initially proposed to have a prom night for the very first time so that we can gather the alumni and also to give a chance for all of us especially the ladies to wear gown or dinner dress in an event hosted by our society. Since I am the Alumni Director, I was given the tasks to head this event. (so, that answer all the queries?) A month after the sem started & after we had formed the working team, Dr. Yeong wanted to organise the oath taking ceremony (annually held) together with this pharmacy night. What a big blow to us~ In addition, Mr. Jony left SOP so ngam that students will now deal directly with her. (so, u can predict the hard time I faced) Our preparation mainly started after the CNY. As this was the first of its kind, we have no guidances/references from anyone. Worse still, our quizzes started from week 6 onwards till a crazy long run till week 14. (so, that explain why things were delayed--> for Dr. Yeong) There were many stories, ups and downs in the process of organising this event. Thanks from the support from my committee members, lecturers as well as Ms. Kitty. 'We learnt from mistakes', quoted from Dr. Yeong. Let's move to the event night on 25th June 2009 at Perdana Ballroom, Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort.
It was me, MF, Alvin and Lee Yen standing about 30-40 minutes waiting for the arrival of VIPs who were late. (malaysian time, u know la)
Lee Yen was pinning the corsage on Prof. Dr. Jammal, the Dean of Faculty of Medical Sciences. The man in red tie was Mr. Ignatius Wong, the banquet manager of the place. Finally, the VIP, Datuk Nancy Ho, President of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) arrived and accompanied by Mr. Lam Kai Khun, General Manager who supposed to be a registered Ph as well. Datuk Nancy was signing the Guest Book. Our emcess of the day were Joanne Quah and Erwin. After my speech, it was followed by Prof. Dr. Jammal and then Datuk Nancy Ho. I did not memorise the speech nor I read before the event due to some circumstances. So, it wasn't a perfect one plus the speech was edited with some words that were difficult to pronounce. Haha..I received 'compliment' from Ms. Kitty who also worried for me. No choice but to use hand movements. Then, the three VIPs including Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yeong officiated the event by placing the pestles on the mortar of which the light lit up and the whole ballroom lights were dimmed. Thanks Joanne for sacrificing her mortar & pestles won during Patient Counseling Event 2008 as well as Miss Eugene for the pestles. Also, to those who made this special opening. After this officiating ceremony, there was a slideshow showing the pictures of the graduating students during their 4 years time in the university. After that, it was followed by a speech from Jason Lee representating the graduating students. It was a good speech that received loud of applause from the audience as well as the VIPs. I was seated on the VIPs table together with Alvin. I wanted to highlight that it was so 'cham' sitting on the main table. Most of them ate little and it was very difficult to blend with their talks. However, we have to attend to them all the time. Dr. Chin continued to tease me. I was so hungry but I can't eat much involuntary and the was many leftovers in the 'dorm' set. After some time, I can't tahan and went to look for food and ordered 'ais kacang'. Dr. Yeong was hungry too, so she ordered me to get some soups and fruits. So, this is the official oath taking ceremony conducted every year for the graduating students. The oath symbolises the conviction in taking on all the responsibilities as a Pharmacist. They pledge to uphold professional competency in the profession and maintain the highest principles of moral, ethical and legal conduct. After the oath taking, they took picture with the VIPs and the lecturers. It was difficult to invite those lecturers to attend such function and I wanted to thank for these bunch of supportive lecturers. See the happy faces? Next, was the souvenir and certificate giving ceremony to the graduating students. Each of them received a pen carved with their own name. As a token of appreciation, the organising committee gave a special souvenir while UCSI Marketing Department sponsored some UCSI University merchandise to Datuk Nancy Ho presented by Prof. Dr. Jammal. Dr. Yeong was so happy that finally she can be up on stage and presented a fruit basket to Prof. Dr. Jammal. I had to personally delivered the fruit basket the following day because we forgot to give him when he left the event. The first performance was from the Y3 students. I would say it was a superb performance showcasting different types of dances from the olden days till present reflecting the theme for the event 'Past to Present'. So, you think you can dance? They can and did it well. The supportive lecturers..we love you so much for your presence. The second performance was from Y1 students comprises Vyonne, Kah Keet, Lim Siok Chien and Heah Chia Ming. This couple has briliant voice that surprised everyone including the VIPs. (and it looked like their wedding dinner) Then, we have experience sharing by the alumni. Managed to grab PK, sorry for 'dragging you into water'. Anyway, sincere thanks for PK and Ilk Han for coming to our event. Hope there will be more in future and hope the juniors will continue to organise such event. After that, we have a magic show from a professional, Mr. Kenoph Lai who happened to be our very own student from School of Medicines. I managed to deal with him to give a low price for the show which is about 10 x value lower than his usual price. This was the performance from some of the committee members singing 3 songs.
Following event with no pictures. Graduation ceremony - I also unsure how the event was carried out as I was away to settle for the payment. There was a slideshow, a poem and talks by Irwinder. The graduating students were given a set of question to be answered and then.. I don't know. Haha. Ballroom dancing - There were 3 couples on the stage and 3 couples on the floor. Too bad to Chui Wei & Wei Ling as both me & Alvin weren't around at that time. Sorry yea. So, the event ended about 10.45 pm and the photography session started non stop.
Let's began with me. L- Me and Lai, the magician R- Me & Yueh Teng L- Me with cheerful Shuennie R- Me with Ying Jun.. haha Me with the Prom King And the Prom Queen. All Y3 students Another view These people were complaining on the photographer who was unable to take a shot after so many times. The organising committe
Finally, I would like to tender my sincere thanks to all my committee member for their hardworks and time spent for this event. Next, to everyone that attend to this function, tq so much. Also, to the VIPs, lecturers, alumni, webTV crews, UCSI Uni's photographer as well as Mr. Ignatius Wong.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

T-break: It's HOLIDAY!!!

Yo..after months of struggling, finally it has come to an end. Exam had finished last Thursday. I get drunk on that night itself at Scarlet, Cineleisure. Though exam has over, I was still busy with the preparation for the Oath Taking Ceremony cum Pharmacy Night 2009. The event has kicked of yesterday night. Yesterday was a day to remembered. Morning was busy with the preparation, afternoon spent some time in SOP then when went back, I didn't have the chance to rest and did not finish my meal guess for the first time. Everything was so packed and needed to handle many things. I was glad that the event run smooth. Thanks to all my committee members as well as the others attendants.
This pic was taken at the Perth Airport showing two man laying on the bench taking nap. Don't you think the position look like a T?
I am putting this picture as it reflects my feelings now. Finally, I can feel a sense of holiday. I will be off to Redang Island in few fours later. I guess it is my first time on Malaysian beach. Haha..dun laugh at me. Yea, I will be having a T break after the whole semester for 1 months +.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nasi Goreng at ALIBABA restaurant, Angkasa Condo, Cheras

Exam period is indeed a dreadful period. This time, it was even more dreadful with shorten study break. As practised since last semester, I continued the tradition of tar pau'ing during the period. You can check my previous post here. At first, I thought I can save a lot since I was really in shortage of money. However, it was in reverse. I used more money than I used to. Perhaps, too much money spent on foods, nutritious supplement and drugs. Nutritious supplement? Haha.. I bought milks and fruit juices. For drugs, it was to treat my long term dermatitis problem. For my tar pau session, I used to take away with drinks such as 'cam ais' or 'teh ais'. Besides money, the reason for tar pau'ing was to spend time eating while surfing net. As for me, I really addicted to Internet and I spent quite a long time online. Hence, by doing so, I can save my time to check some blogs, read the latest news, spamming at forum and others. Unless it was in critical level, I used to online during my dinner period and it seemed to be never miss! Contrary to previous semester, I do not take any photo of the nasi goreng. I must say that the nasi goreng offered here is really delicious. Though, this is a mamak restaurant, the chefs for the nasi goreng are 3 Malay ladies who take turn one another. Now, I want to tell a funny joke. I would like to divide the 3 ladies into physical size which are BIG, MEDIUM and SMALL. WHY? The best cooked nasi goreng is by the BIG sized lady. The medium one is so so.. while the small one is not tasty at all or perhaps no taste. The main chef is always the big sized lady but she seemed to be on and off duty without fixed schedule. So, if you are hoping for the best, you know who to look for. In addition, if you see all these 3 ladies are not working, do not ever order the nasi goreng. It will be cooked by a mamak and take my words, 'order at your own risk!'. I had tried and the result is 'AWEFUL'.
Nasi goreng seafood, RM 5.00
Nasi goreng seafood, Rm 5 (I also dunno why different time got different types) Nasi goreng Hai Lan, RM 4.00 Now, I am going to teach you how to differentiate the nasi goreng. If the gravy or your dish is in dark colour, you will get your rice in opposite tone. So, for nasi goreng Hai Lam, expect the rice to be like below.
Nasi goreng ladna, RM 4.00 The specialty of this nasi goreng is that it is sour. It uses the green chilis used in the wan tan mee to make the soup sour. I didn' t know that green chilis can cook to such taste. After being told by one my friend that the sotong in the Mamak is not fresh, I always order xx nasi goreng + ayam sahaja. I really dunno how to differentiate, my job is to eat only. Haha.
Nasi paprik, RM5.00 I would say this is my favourite. However, each time I ordered, it will be different taste. Afterall, it is still the same with spicy gravy and the pamelo leaves. Nasi samudera, RM 5.00 It is nothing but a yellowish fried rice with a fried chicken. Nasi goreng Thai, Rm 4 It comes with a white fried rice with an egg. Nasi goreng mamak ayam, RM 5.00
Do I still need to tell the address? Look at the title~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a Standout in Life

This post is made in a very rush. After some 'words' from Jackie, I quicken my steps to do this post despite I have no latest pictures with me. As some of you might know, I am now at my house and my old pc is not updated for latest pictures for YEARS. Thus, this post it is about how 'standout' I am in life up to middle of 2008. Haha. I was thinking to make my post tomorrow when I go back Cheras but time wait no mans wor. So, no choice lor, only up that year. When I browse through my old pc for pictures, tears down for recalling those days sweet memories of me and my circle of friends. Why I am writing this post? This is because Nuffnang said want to give me a Nintendo DS Lite and I will also be invited to the Standout With Tiger & Nuffnang Party. Tiger Beers, my sponsors is launching the Tiger Beer Limited Edition Bottle Designs. These bottles came with 3 different funky designs will add to the party atmosphere and they are must to have as they blend well with your occasions. If you want to support my blog, do leave compliment comments to Tiger as well as this standout post (took few hours in making it) and my blog will listed in the Tiger Hall of Standouts. If the judges are drunk while seeing my blog, they might just give me HP notebook for being sympathy to me for not having a laptop up to my life now. Sob. **UPDATED: I had reached back Cheras and managed to add few more photos up to recent events.
As the title, I am required to explain how standout I am in life. So, here I start. I AM A STANDOUT IN LIFE BECAUSE.... Story 1: I ironed plants while others stepped on them. Before I do so, I will communicate with them to get permission from them and promise to treat them gentle. (pic taken during my form 6 bio project in which we are required to produce a plants scrap book) Story 2: I taught Chin Yee how to disect the beetles as if I hold a degree in forensic. (pic taken during form 6 which we are required to produce a set of different beetles from different kingdom) Hey.. I really dissected them before preserving them. Story 3: I had my first time being hair styled by Ferdinand and then made to pose like a singer in Taiwan. (pic taken during bugs hunting day at at hill near Wan Ying's place) Story 4: I was the bugs HUNTER with two fish net. I catch dragonfly, butterfly and beetles. (pic taken at a dam somewhere nearby Zoo Negara) Story 5: I casted the Kungfu Hustle with Wai Hong. The Hollywood film director invited us to their place for this scene. (pic taken at French Village, Bukit Tinggi) Story 6: I climbed higher than those monkeys friend at the school' water tank. Look, I was at the top among them. Story 7: I had lost my virginity to her, Pn. Salbiah. Yes, it was true but WACKED you for being dirty! I lost my hands' virginity to her. SOB. Those who know the stories, keep it among you. (She was the Penolong Kanan Kokurikulum whom I always visit her to complain a teacher . Sadly, she couldn't help much but .... me. She is now promoted to Penolong Kanan of the school) Story 8: I am the backbone of the Royal Family aka BOSS. Chan is my lawyer, Gurvin is my secretary, Suk Teng is my entertainment manager, Wan Ying is my nanny, Edmund macam my brother & Yi Pei macam my AUNTIE. Haha. Story 9: I was the Editor for my school magazine named 'SETAPAKIAN'. Edmund was my assistant. I standout better than him caused I was uglier than HIM. Thats why. Story 10: I was made the Vice President of Chinese Society although I do not read Chinese. At that point of time, my commands of the language was 1% and now is 10%. Story 11: I sung 2 mandarin songs on STAGE. The problem was I was given the lyrics 1-2 D before and thus I performed the songs very well by mumbling the words and moving my lips. No doubt I am a perfomer. Story 12: I joined Malaysian Idol together with Fahmi, both of us from Setapak High. (Fahmi became top 10 finalists but I standout and knocked out earlier as I was too ugly) Story 13: I wore the XLL 3D glass and standout in that cinema. All the audience had left except us. If not the staffs shoo us away claiming that there will be next show shortly, we will camp there and will take few albums with it. (pic taken at Times Square IMAX 3D cinema, guess you been there be4 but did you take any photo?) Story 14: I played pool in a stylish way. (my first time experience was taught by professional, Mr. Wei Ling aka Mr. Toto) Story 15: I always fight with her and I always the winner caused obviously she is smaller than me. Haha. On that day, she exposed to me that the whole family of hers know me and the story of fights we had in the school. WHAT?? She even claimed I was the first person to have her hp number. Haha. So pai seh when seeing her parents greeting ME before I even introduced myself. (pic taken during Subashini birthday) Story 16: I was promoted to the Ninja Team, a group of telemarketer responsible to revive a dead campaign in my company. (haiya, name only but the earning quite good) Story 17: I was hair styled by my sis together with Wai Hong by my 3rd sis before going to my school prom night. See how shiny my hair. And consequently, I do standout proudly with these two pretty and charming girls. (Left: Alyssa, Right: Alina) Story 18: I standout in front of those pretty natural landscape of China on a ferry. The wind was so strong and the air was so fresh. Story 19: I controlled his brain. Do you know him? Well, I also forgot but he was one of the God for Study. (pic taken during trip to Guangzhou, China)

Story 20: I standout in front of the great hills of China at the top of a hill. Story 21: I operate water rafts@ Story 22: I love MAN. Story 23: Ooops.. I love woman! Story 24: I played with small elephant till its laughed. Story 25: I made these adults laughed when we took photo in front of the big elephant. (the mountain behind look alike an elephant and is the places of interests in China) Story 26: I fell in love with Ali Shan girls. Look, she was the one who hold me. Story 27: My love with her begins here. Haha. (pic taken at the 茶是故乡浓, tea farm) Story 28: I am a married man. Many people said don't go find chicks in CHINA because the punishment is wearing a plague card with written words ' I find chicken' and get embarrassed in the public. However, as for me, I don't 'hang chicks' but I married them. Story 29: I can swim without using my both hands. (pic taken during trip to Penang) Story 30: I standout in front of the God and received her blessings. Story 31: I never lose when comes to EATING. I am the King of Buffet. Look how evil am I when I am eating. (this com don't have any of the buffet pic) Story 32: I was once be made the Captain of the Ship. (pic taken while in the ferry to Penang island) Story 33: I was the shoe keeper! Two hands but 5 pairs of shoes. Just for these princesses (pic taken at Sunway Skating) Story 34: I balded my hair that shocked everyone. (Pic taken right after balding. The botak pic was too ugly to be placed here) Story 35: I became the emcee with my bald hair exposing to everyone. Pic taken during juniors' orientation. See how standout I was among them. Can you spot the botak me? It was very obvious that I standout among them caused I don't have hair. Haha

Story 36: I became the emcee for the Public Health Campaign 2008 with this budak. (the venue was at Sunway Pyramid, Blue Concourse) Story 37: I joined these bunch of people to had my first clubbing at Cocoa Banana. (pic taken during the last day of PHC) Story 38: I was the only one wearing the formal wear. (pic taken during a donation drive for PDK Selayang) Story 39: Of all the name cards, mine was the Incredible Hulk with green limbs. (pic taken during visitation to PDK Selayang) Story 40:I jumped higher than Yvonne. (pic taken during trip to Kanching Waterfall) Story 41: The policeman paced his hand tightly on ym shoulder signifying a good friendship. (pic taken during the trip to Perak)

Story 42: I drink fresh honey from the bee. (pic taken during trip to Cameroon Highlands) Story 43: I was the lucky one to receive a free ADIDAS deodorant spray and tested on Chie Chek. (pic taken during the ADIDAS 10 KM run) Story 44: I knew these bunch of girls from different nations and still keep in contact during the Global Peace Festival 2008. (pic taken at Stadium Merdeka, Bukit Jalil to celebrate the Global Peace Festival) Story 45: I was legally allowed to smoke. The first puff choked me. After that, I now become pro in smoking. (pic taken during a lab experiment to study the effect of smoking on diuretic effects) Story 46: I had successfully conquered the Bukit Tabur quartz hillstone. (pic taken after the sunrise) Story 47: I climbed high during the obstacles challenge. (pic taken during the TBC at Dusun Eco Resort) Story 48: I said I ate 3 big apple doughnuts but they said i ate 4.5. (pic taken during Christine's church celebration) Story 49: I do rock climbing. I standout higher than Tomas only at the moment this pic is taken. (pic taken Youth 2009 at PWTC) Story 50: I standout because I wrote these Chinese letters with the Chinese traditional brush although I do not know the meaning initially. (pic taken during a calligraphy competition held in school in conjunction with CNY 2009) Story 51: I had been called up to the stage and took part in blowing ballon competition. (pic taken during an unexpected event that dragged me up)

Story 52: I landed on the desert of Perth and had my first time sand surfing. Story 53: I was the one who taught these kids to liw down on the field taking shelter under the tress. (pic taken at King's Park, Australia) Story 54: I met her in dental care clinic and we crushed on first sight but I forgot to ask for her contact. (pic taken at Chee San kor kor clinic) Story 55: I caressed the koala till it slept. (pic taken at a wildlife park) Story 56: I was licked by this kangaroo while feeding him. It is TRUE! (pic taken at a wildlife park in Australia) Story 57: I had a pair of twins in Australia after I divorced the big wife in China. (pic taken at a chocolate making factory) Story 58: I read sex magazines. (pic taken at the Perth Airport. Hey, it was with the supervision of an female adult which I will explain in coming post) Story 59: I was leeched by THREE leeches and proud to have that nice experience. (pic taken during the Gunung Nuang jungle trekking)

Story 60: I am a tiger'ian. (pic taken during trip to Thean Hou Temple) So, TIGER BEER is about the drink of joy. Thus, how can we miss the below occassions? Story 61: I had my wine tasting as high as 70 % (should be) with those Uncles and Aunties. I won them because I got my face red in just few minutes while they took more than an hour. (pic taken at the 酒是故乡醇wine making village) Story 62: I was the champion in Vodka drinking while Chie Chek took second. These were my contenders. Story 63: I 'curi' drank the red wine despite my dining hours already expired. (pic taken during Yaki-yaki buffet dinner) Story 64: I had this wine drinking season at Pn Chew House. (pic taken during CNY bai nian) Story 65: I had a wine testing feast in the Qantas plane while heading back to Singapore. (pic taken inside the plane while being observed by Mr. Bakar who kept moving his fingers up and down towards me) Story 66: I am the champion of ALL because I drank all those beers and they are all carlsberg! (pic taken at the Discovery Cafe & Guest House)

If I am lucky enough to be invited to this event, I might stand a chance to win Xbox 360. Why? This is because I will wear a simple T-shirt and jeans and that's really a standout among of those funky dressed bloggers. Anyway, do leave a comment (spam a lot please) to convince the drunken judges. **WARNING: This post may consists some 'blow water' element as this is the requirement
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