Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mei Yee Pan Mee @ Madam Chiam Curry Noodle House, Taman Connought

This noodle house is one of the most visited place for us. Their famous handmade pan mee is the best in Taman Connought and among the best in KL.
So, this group of SAKAI except me went to eat the pan mee again on last Saturday. We have been here uncountable times but this was the first time we took photos at here. Oh sakai.. say CHEESE!
Alright, let me made a complaint here. Ever since Ah Xian from Astro visited this noodle house, this place is always packed with HUMANS. We hardly find a table and usually change to other restaurant upon arrival. Some say the quality is not as good as those day already. All because of Ah Xian@@
Astro apron.. haha
Here is the said famous handmade pan mee. It is best eaten in dry (kon lu) and with egg. The price is:
  1. Dry chilis pan mee small with egg (RM 5.30), without egg (RM 4.80)
  2. Dry chilis pan mee big with egg (RM 5.70), without egg (RM 5.20)
And this is the complimentary vegetable soup. Not suitable for carnivore CC.
Here is how you going to eat the pan mee. Mix your pan mee with the egg first. Then, add in the dry chilis and mix well. If you like spicy, one small plate of dry chilis won't be enough. Ask for another plate for FOC and mix to your taste. Then, MAKAN! The texture of the pan mee is smooth and it really taste good!
The sakai group with the owner, Madam Chia (I guess). The picture is quite blurred. Look at the right side. Those girls were wishing you 'Gong xi fatt chai'. So early?
Me and the Ladyboss. I guess she is Madam Chia. She is quite a talkative person and will come disturb her customer regularly.
Yee San & Wei Jie, smile smile~
Three rectangle tables and a round table to cater the giant size of us~
Busy eating
The crowd. This place is always full and be sure to come early to secure a seat. Otherwise, you need to stand and wait outside. Expect even larger crowd during lunch time. In conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year, Ladyboss is selling cookies. There are a lot of variety here.
Or check their menu here. Honestly, the price is slightly expensive.
Kuan Poh, smile~
Yee San, Wei Jie & Hooi Hoon
Siew Hoon & 1 JIE
The girls checking out the cookies. Only Thien Jian bought the pineapple tarts.
Oh.. what that indicates?? Two hand with the two finger? Anyone can guess?
Well, I am not placing the address here. This place is already full of people before Ah Xian came and now even greater number of people dining here. I know my blog is not famous and it may not make any difference. But, to play safe, if you want to know the place, find yourself at Taman Connought. Haha. Signing off before my Internet connection turn down again~ =P.


DC said...

If not packed with humans, you want packed with ghosts ar? Lol

zac zirwan said...

i've been there taman connought..but for the pasar malam..huhu..my gf really likes all the baju there..nice fashion + cheap (can save money..hehe)

wen pink said...

walao the pan mee not cheap hor.. quite expensive leh!!!!

Ninja Coffee said...

look at that table length! banyak-nya orang


KwOnG FeI said...

@DC: haha.. nt bad also.. so they cannot fight food with me

@zac: yea the longest pasar malam in KL.. but please do more careful when parking. Recently, the police and dbkl come saman quite frequently.

@wen pink: erm ok la.. actually the price increased if nt mistaken after ah xian visited them..good quality thing sure a bit expensive..

@Ninja: yea mmg banyak and i love the venue thr

Emeryn said...

early morning read this. so hungry now!

Nikel Khor said...

wah..whole gang go for a food hunt...is rely a great food there

from Nikel Khor

Unknown said...

KF, the price already increased even before Ah Xian come to visit. You forgot to mention, you also can add curry gravy to it. make it nicer for those who cannot eat chilli like me. Haha.

KwOnG FeI said...

@Emeryn: haha.. nvm hold on and have ur lunch later..

@Nikel: yup .. once in a bluemoon huge gathering..

@vkvun: oh really? i didn;t know got curry gravy leh.. interesting..

Danny Foo said...

Looks really good. And it looks really packed. Was that lunch time?

Jessica said...

Hi kwongfei, just so all foodies & animal lovers know, this this restaurant has been inhumane towards a cat : http://verysedap.blogspot.com/2011/04/cat-abuse-madam-chiam-curry-noodle.html

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