Friday, December 25, 2009

Top 10 Mont Kiara Condominiums

Are you looking forward to own a luxury condominium unit? Do you know that one condominium unit price in Mont Kiara can be more than a million and even higher? And do you know that you can earn a substantial amount through renting of the condominium? As we are acknowledged, Mont Kiara is a place where you can find luxurious housing area. Apart from that, there are growing amenities and international schools in that area. It is a definitely a dream housing area for all. That's explain the growing community and increment of the housing area. Today, I would like to list the top 10 Mont Kiara Condominiums. Perhaps, you should really look to the properties analysis for each place.
  1. Kiaramas Ayuria
  2. Kiaraville
  3. Tiffani Kiara
  4. Kiaramas Cendana
  5. Hijauan Kiara
  6. Kiara II
  7. Kiaramas Sutera
  8. Mont Kiara Meridin
  9. Kiara 1888
  10. 10 Mont Kiara
If you ask which condominium I preferred the most, I will choose MK 10. Not in list? MK 10 is another name of 10 Mont Kiara. This is because the housing area is within walking distance to Mont Kiara International School. I can dine at food & beverages outlets at Solaris Mont Kiara which is just within 5 minutes of drive. Source: Mont Kiara Properties


Kissie said...

I'm not looking for a condo, I wanted to travel a little bit while sitting here in my bedroom.


chiechek said... fast wan buy house rich lo...Mr. Wong...

Br@dley said...

can you tell me top 10 condominium in klang valley?

KwOnG FeI said...

@Kissie: travelling is good.. but travel = spend money, buy condo = invest money

@chiechek: haiya..need to plan now liao.. later on got GST 4% leh, so better plan & buy now

@br@dley: you can check the source website. Eg in KLCC area, it can be Park Seven, K Residence, Hampshire Residence, Duo Residency.

Christine said...

Hahaha... I'm now staying in Hartamas Regency, whereby I renting now...
But my dad just bought Kiaramas Sutera last 2 weeks... I told him about the top 10... He is so excited...LOL

KwOnG FeI said...

@christine: never know u so rich leh.. haha.. next time, can belanja me makan at solaris =P

Br@dley said...

Hi there,
what i mean klang valley includes kl and selangor area. But i do not think there are any good condominiums in selangor area. lol. Good condos are mostly in Mont Kiara, Ampang Hilir and KLCC. Cheers

Br@dley said...

Are you sure the top 10 Mont kiara condo is accurate? Do you vote yourself or what? Because i am doing research for my company about top 10 condo. I need convincing resource. if i fail to provide valid info, i'm afraid i will get fired. lolx

KwOnG FeI said...

@Bradley: if you go to the link, you will find out the answer. The rating is given based on popularity, sales and many more factors.

Br@dley said...

oh. thanks man!

Dominic said...

I am maintaining some of the condos. in Monk Kiara. I wonder some of the PROBLEM condos. are in your top 10 list?

Unknown said...

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Property Malaysia said...

Please to read the list of condominium/property here.
Would be nice to have the contact numbers too.

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