Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look Out Point Western Food, Ampang

Look Out Point is a famous place where you can observe the KL skyline from of course uphill while dining at fine restaurants. It is the favourite place for couples, during countdown or when bringing a non KL friends to hang out. Talking about this place, there is a huge changes from my previous visit with another bunch of friends those days years back. Now, there is a new parking system. Once enter, you need to pay RM 2 for parking. If you want to park at the uphill which is just about less than 10 m, you need to pay another RM 3. So, total is RM 5 for an uphill parking compared to those days FOC!! Otherwise, if you choose not to pay for the parking or the parking bays are full, just park your car outside the parking bays. There are no difference if you park at the ground level or at outside as both require you to climb stairs up to the hill. There are if not mistaken 4 restaurants here. Look for this restaurant if you are looking for cheaper and tastier food. Other restaurant include Gasoline and a Western style restaurant (forgot name) of which both are very expensive.
As seen, it serves Western and local cuisines.
The view from the restaurant. Luckily I managed to grab a table near the corner of the restaurant.
Same view different setting.
Sizzling mushroom lamb chop, RM 15.30.
French fries, RM 5.90.
Fried onion ring, RM 5.50.
Mango jelly lychee (if not mistaken)
Longan juices (S) RM 6.50, (L) RM 9.50
Lychee juice. Same price as longan juice but this is a small one.
Comparison of small and large serving.
Mango Soursop Guava Q Ball. Taste good!~
Me @ Look Out Point with KL night scenery
Night view of KL
Address: Jalan Ampang-Hulu Langat, 68000 Ampang, Selangor. Tel: 03-6258 9698 How to go?
  1. From Ampang
    • Drive straight from Ampang Point Shopping Mall.
    • After Ampang Waterfront, go further till you reach a traffic light (Bukit Belacan).
    • Turn right to the Carrefour Ampang.
    • Go uphill straight all the way passing few traffic lights.
    • Look out for a sign to turn to Kajang. Make a left turn at that particular junction where the signboard is located.
    • Go uphill straight and you will see the place directly in front of you.
    • You will know you had reached when you see many cars or the parking bays.
  2. From Cheras
    • Drive straight from Cheras Leisure Mall towards the Kajang.
    • After the first toll, immediately take the left turning where you will come to kampung road.
    • Drive all the way straight till you reach a traffic light where a police station is on your right.
    • Make a left turning at this junction. If you miss this, it will lead you to Sungai Gabai Watefall or Gunung Nuang.
    • Drive straight till you reach a traffic light where a mosque is on your left.
    • Make a left turning at this traffic light.
    • Drive straight all the way up to the hill.
    • Look Out Point will be on your right.


Unknown said...

bad lah you. go there din ajak one. somemore i'm non-KL and yet you din bring me there also. very sad.

Jing Zhi said...

the scenary and the food seems nice. going to go there one day.

cr3ap said...

Been there a couple of times with friends but it's been quite some time I last went there. Never knew they charge for their parkings now.
Smart people.

Regards from cr3ap

Catherine said...

haha. going next month with my kl friends. woohoo~! :D said...

such a nice place! tq for sharing !

nanged u. nang this and Stop using Internet Explorer now!!!

atreyu strange said...

I didn't like the food that much, but the scenery from up there is what amazes! *Especially if you're with your loved ones! Auuwww...

Su YSW said...

hehehehe! Nice spot for KL view ya!

Tiffany said...

wow. looks nice. i think i will pay it a visit soon.

Nikel Khor said...

definitely a place to hang out

from Nikel Khor

KwOnG FeI said...

@vkvun: i was bringing a China relative la..

@mr duck; yea bring mrs duck during valetine

@cr3ap: yeah it is totally crap to charge rm 5 for uphill parking

@catherine: rmb to choose correct restaurant

@iyouwe: thanks and will nang you too

@atreyu: actually, there are plenty flood to choose and for me i found the food is good same goes with the drinks.. some are even lower price than in kl like station 1

@Su: yeap, there are 3 of such places somewhat known as small genting. this place is the highest place of all.

@nikel: yeap~

Unknown said...

wow, looking at the photo alone make me feel hungry liao.
thanks for sharing will try that if i go to KL.

foongpc said...

I've not been there for a few years already! So there's a new parking system and you have to pay? Thanks for this latest info!

Is that Look Out Point Western Food Restaurant the same as last time? I remember last time the food wasn't that good : )

NUNU EERA said...

i've been there..nice place 4 lovers i guest..hehe..

Mabel Low said...

Super good spot for panoramic shots! And to paktor also. HAHA.

KwOnG FeI said...

@Supia: welcome

@foongpc: erm last time i din go for this restaurant as no blog out there have such descriptions ... thats why i make this post to make some awareness.. i think overall it is considerable ok

@Nunu: yeap.. bring ur bf dating thr yea..

@Mabel: but hor very hard to capture night view leh..

Anonymous said...

The place is superb for photographers as mabel has said.. the view is beautiful... but i ate at western food restaurant and the food was really badd. THE chicken was soo uncooked... but overall the place is nice for couples to go there... i think they are on facebook now.. look out point

Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis, I am Sally. Nice to have meet you. Thank you for being a great host. My whole family enjoyed the evening. We loved the food and the varity of drinks, especially my kids. The weather was very very time we will be better we can stay longer to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of KL from your restaurent

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