Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My SIMPACK WON RM 7000 from

Dgn hrmt', anda d'isthrkan bhw NO SIMPACK anda meraih wang cash sbsr RM 7000 dr AIR ASIA.COM.hbg 017-8648-148. utk ktrgn terima-kasih. (written as in SMS sent to me) Sender: +60168362157 Time: 3.44, 3.45, 3.45 pm Date: 27 April 2009 Wow.. what a great news@! The sender scared I missed the message that he/she needed to send the SMS THREE times. Am I really that lucky? Since I am busy currently, those who are free out there may try to claim the money (all to you) by contacting them. Question to the sender: What make you think that Air Asia will give free money than giving free ticket?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My blog become 'Blog of the Day' in Blogger United

Yo..wassup@! Commando Rei recommended me to write this post. So, me as the junior member who had just joined for few days is adhering to command. Haha.
First and foremost, I had no idea what is BU until someone drop a message in my chatbox and asked me to join. After my quizzes end, I tried explore this site and found it quite interesting. There are many interactive tools which are quite new and not offered by any other site. And of course, I am newbie and find it so difficult to use the tools as there is no FAQ section. When the first time I log in, I was greeted by Rei who favourite my post on the kidnap and my post become on the top of the page. Few days later, I only able to figure out that in BU, one become on top every time he/she login. Cool feature?
I found this BU is like facebook. In the profile page, it is exactly like FB with messages, who favourite you, who viewed you, your BU friends and many others. One can shout a message or share a link too. I managed to discover this feature yesterday and tried both features by sharng a link and posting a message. BU really do not have FAQ section that everything is trial and error as it is quite new also I supposed.
So, after about a week I joined BU, I had no idea how and why my blog has become the Blog of the Day for 26 April (it's TODaY). And of course, I felt happy and excited to learn that at the moment I was suprisingly shocked to see my site on the BU main page.
Here is the image of the page.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Remove Youth Media or else your Nuffnang Glitterati status will be removed

First of all, have you all heard about Youth Media? If you browse through my blog recently, you will notice a small square pop up on the bottom right of my blog.

Based on its website, the YouthMEDIA widget promotes all bloggers aged between 15 to 35. It takes only a minute to promote yourself across the network. By adding the widget to your blog, you will be promoted across every widget in every blog in the network.

Besides that, the features are a) Browse each other's blog profiles via the widget (DONE) b) Statistics of blog profile views and click thrus (DONE) c) Commercial ads to help bloggers earn a bit of money d) Donate to a charity of your choice! e) A full blog directory searchable by name and topic f) Top youthMEDIA blog profiles of the week! g) Customizable YouthMEDIA Widget skins Lets have some say on this new blog promotion tool. At first, it may sound great as they are promoting you blog among the other bloggers who installed the widget. Isn't it cool people are viewing you profile and hence may increase the traffic to your blog? However, the truth isn't as claimed. First, you will get an annoying pop up. For many visitors like of mine, they complained about that to me. For them, they hate pop up as normally pop up = spyware. Next, when then number of bloggers is small, you will definitely get promoted through other blogs. But, what when the numbers increased 2x or 10 or 20x? Chances of being promoted is lesser. Even though you will get promoted or shall I say appear for a short while in their blog before most of the users close the pop up box, it doesn't mean that it will generate the traffic to your blog. For example, my blog got promoted for about 350 times but only 5 visitors clicked and went to blog. So, if you compare the hassle of having a pop up and the visitors to your blog, it will be a 'rugi' business.

Next, having this widget installed may increase your blog loading time. If you have a few ads and few widgets installed in your blog, this youth media will definitely increased the loading time.

So, why it is contraindicated with Nuffnang's Glitterati? Nuffnang's Glitterati is an exclusive Nuffnang blogger programme in which is NO advertisements from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia are placed in his/her blog.

Now, look back to feature (c) in above. It is stated there a little bit earning. I do trust the earning will be so little as it has some relation to Youth Says. From the eperience in the Youth Says, I totally think that programme through the paid per survey is a totally sort of 'cheating' to the members. With the limited questionaire from the customers and with the growing number of people joining in each day, there isn't sufficient number of questionaire to be distributed to all. So, most of the people like me will end up answering questionaire to an amount lets say RM 1 or shall I say in the range of RM 1-RM 10 for a period of 3-6 months. But, Youth Says still receive money for the completed surveys. Another issue is that they have our completed details including IC, address and so on. I had worked in a surveying company before and I do not trust the claimed 'your info will be kept private & confidential'. Seriously, it is so simple to obtain particular details if you are the workers. Since it might be generating earning as it claimed, it will be agaisnt the Nufnang's Glitterati royalty programme. As for now, Youth Media have not fix the features yet. So, I was quite surprise to learn that some bloggers including GreenTeaBern Glitterati status has been removed. To confirm that, I just checked my mail and received following love letter from Nufnang: Dear Nuffnang blogger,

You are receiving this email because our exclusivity crawler has recently rescinded your Glitterati status.The following script was detected on your blog:

[[ ]]

Please note that you will retain your Nuffnang membership and your ad code will not be affected in any way as this only affects our Glitterati loyalty program.

Should you choose to remain a Glitterati member, simply exclude the code from your blog and the crawler should update itself in a few days. For more information regarding our Glitterati program, please refer to

Thank you.

If you require any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at !

So, choice is up to you. Glitterati royalty programme enables you to earn more and generate trafic through innit as well as making new friends at the same time. The possible pros of having the status removed is you can combo your adverlets + youthmedia + nuffnang. Bear in mind that do not complain if your Youth Media earning is very less because it has been clearly stated 'a bit earning'. As for me, I am going to remove Youth Media after I posted this. My Glitterati status still remained although I received the mail yesterday. Safe and sound. Haha.

Big Tree Lin Kee Restaurant (大树头连记蒸鱼头), Taman Connought

Hie all... clearing up my delayed posts before I had no time to do so.
This restaurant is located in a hidden area in Taman Connought. After discussion with my group mates for my CC assignment, we went with some others to this place for lunch. We had wanted to go this place earlier but previous attempts were not successful. It is famous for its steam fish head.
Ah Mei as a frequent visitor and the person who recommended us to here ordered some nice dishes for us. She is a 'makan Queen'. At here, it is a self service if you want to refill the hot water for your tea. Quite a new thing for me as I had not go to any places that require me to do so unless cleaning the plates after use at Dusun Eco Resort. We went here at about 11.30 am. It was still early that the place was yet to be crowded. I had the chance to drive Boon Jin's car after she claimed lazy to drive.

(meaning I become the driver la...)

The kitchen Our first dish.. the famous steam fish (酱蒸鱼头) which cost Rm 21. Big fatty fish, don't you think so? The sauces and the freshness of the fish make the day so perfect! Yau mai vegetables, 油麦 which costs RM 7 Vegetable tao fu, 香菜豆腐 which costs RM 8 Famous Mamite Chicken, 妈蜜鸡 which costs RM 11 Our lunch which costs only RM 11.50 per person. WoW..where else can you get such a good deal?
Total costs: RM 58.50 for 5 persons Damage per person: RM 11.70
Address: Lorong Belakang 91, Jalan Waras 3, Taman Connought. H/p: 016-2781292/2802390 * credits to Vun who help me wrote the Mandarin words

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Golden Bridge Restaurant, Taman Connought

Yea.. it is super overdue post. We went for a dinner before going to uni for preparation of the New Year & Christmas Party. I had just finished working on that day. It was a tiring day but I had no choice to join them for later rehearsal since subconsciously agreed to become their emcee of the event.
Though I been staying here for few years, this was the first time I dine in here.
The pretty ladies..
Christine was the OC for the event. Siew Hoon asked me to publicize her photo. Any 1 want her contact? Hey.. u guys still rmb I curled my hair for the second time? But now back to normal. Golden chicken chop, RM 13.90 (my meal) Fried breaded chicken chop served with French fries and mini salad. The chicken was quite a big portion. Compare the size with the mini bottle of chilis sauce. Wilfred ordered the same dish but with smaller size of chicken. Golden Norwegian Salmon steak Grilled salmon served with parsley butter served with Frinech fries and salad. Fish and chips Deep grilled fish fillet served with French fries , mix salad and with tartar sauce. Chicken happyland in gravy Grilled chicken topped with cheddar cheese and Turkey ham served with mash potato and coleslaw. Grilled chicken Grilled chicken fillet garnished with selected sauce (mushroom/black pepper/garlic) served with French fries and vegetables of the day. Forgot what type of chicken chop... Spaghetti Chicken Bolognise Spaghetti topped with tasty rich chicken minced meat sauce. Spaghetti Paglia Fieno al Salmone Spaghetti with smoked salmon, Parmesan cheese, garlic and black pepper in creamy sauce. Golden Bridge Sizzling Chicken, Rm 16.90 Tender chicken perfectly grilled and top with chef special marinated sauce served oon sizzling hot plate with French fries and evgetables of the day. Luxury sandwiches Makan time So sorry to put this pic.. but look at Jasmine's eyes.. The environment in this restaurant This place do have customers. I waited so long for them to go off before I managed to take this photo. Meaning we ate till quite long also. Overall, this place is quite nice although it may cost you a little more than usual. I wish to order lamb chop as it seemed nice from the menu book but didn't do so due to limited budget. Perhaps, you guys may try should you drop by.
Address: 88, Jalan Cerdas , Taman Connaught, 56000 Cheras Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03- 9102 1023

Jun Jun is growing up!

For those who do not known him, he is Jun Jun, my nephew. I rarely see him due to the exam hectic schedule probably for about 2-3 weeks. But, I do regularly receive some photo updates on him from my big sister.
Yo.. He is saying PEACE to you. Say back to this little kid!
As usual, he always plays around on my bed. He will search for things to play but sadly I don't have toys in my room. Usually, he plays with pen and draw fantastic unknown things when I give him a paper. Again, good thing about him is that he will put the things he took back to the original place without instructed. GooD B@Y! He looks so happy in this picture. He found a toy, the 100 Plus bottle which I used for my Guang Nuang Jungle Trekking. Posing like a model At the living room, we have a special container with toys, a study chair and a little bicycle specially for him. In my previous trip to Genting Highlands last Thursday, I bought this toy for him. So, when the rests asked him who bought for him, he will say' kau fu mai gei wo de' in the cute tone. This picture was taken with shaky hands. Suitable candidate for Jun-on kids edition? Playing with his new toy. The little giraffe when pressed on the bottom will be collapsed. From erect position, it will die when pressed. Hopefully, the toy lasts long. Well you know kids are destroyer~ Posing on the ground...join him for a smile This little kau fu with tired & exhausted face after dreadful exam periods..
See his previous (younger) photos here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally, all lab reports, assignments & quizzes are done!

Yo.. finally I finished all my quizzes officially yesterday! And finally I can spare some time to blog to revive it! Here is the summary of the dreadful period I went through for the past 14 weeks. Quizzes started from Week 8 till the Week 14 with only 1 week break at Week 10. Report writings started as early as Week 3 till Week 11. Assignments were done somewhere in between. In a particular week, I might have 1-3 lab reports to be prepared with 1 quiz. Yea....the school is training us to be a study’ robotic machine. LOL.
My study break officially starts today. In the very own history of SOP, this is the first time for us to have only 1 week study break to cover the 14 weeks lecture! Despite protesting on the shorten study break, we as students have no choice but to abide the new policy implemented by the school. With the exams interval as short as only one & a half day, we can only do our best and hope for the best. I myself having some trouble on how to plan my time to adjust to the shorten study break period.
Finally, good luck to everyone!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I was kidnapped by a friend and paid ransom money of RM 60.

Let’s starts with the wonderful last weekend I had. After receiving a call from a long time lost friend, we agreed to meet up for a simple lunch. I was brought to Sungai Long, a new place for me which is quite near to Cheras. We had the famous chicken rice as our lunch.
UTAR branch at Sg. Long
Then, we walked around the area from one row of shophouses to another despite the drizzling rain. The place here is quite difference as the shophouses is in the original red brick state and not cemented. There are a lot of restaurants which I would say paradise for the students there. We were attracted to a gift shop during the walk. We spent quite some time here after being persuaded with the promotions offered by the shop. I bought a new bag for Jun Jun for his upcoming entry to kindergarten (RM 18). Oh.. this small kid is going to a legal place to play around! Haha.. Quite impressed of him for being able to say 1-10 in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.
I just can't imaging this playful Jun Jun is entering to the kindergarten. I hope he will store books inside instead of normal variety of of sweet biscuits he is having now.
Then, I went to tar pau for my dinner later. I ordered the wine dry mee soup (RM5) which is one of my favourite. After that, my search for food continued as I saw many stalls by the roadside were crowded with people. I saw rojak….when is the last time I eat fruit rojak? Without hesitation, I ordered one which costs RM 3.50. The portion was quite big and the fruits were fresh. Then, I saw tong shui stalls which was crowded with the most people. I ordered bu bu cha cha and also honey dew blended with durian. The former was sweet and the sweet potato was a large one. The latter was extremely NICE and TASTY. Total cost was about 7.50 including treat for my friend. Wow..the place really home for food paradise. How I hope Taman Connought to have such nice tong shui stalls. I must praised myself for initiating the move to order tong shui from this stall. Brilliant decision or else I will miss the good food.
After that, we went to another side of the same area. Then, we entered Mydin just to look around. I ended up buying a new toy (RM 17) for myself which I wanted for long time ago. I did not purchase earlier due to objection from friends and family citing non economical reason. Besides, I also wanted to buy an alarm clock because currently I only have one. The previous clocks have been either fell to spoil or not functioning already However, Mydin stuffs sometimes are unreliable. Luckily for me for had tried the alarm clock before purchase. It isn’t functionable too but out to be displayed and sold.
Next, I thought that was the end of the day. My friend wanted to go Jusco Cheras Selatan so I just followed. Again, it was time to spend. I bought a new mechanical pencil which costs RM 3.60. When I removed the tag, there was an old tag which printed RM 2.90. OMG… mechanical pencil also affected by the economic crisis?
When I reached home, it was very late about 7 pm ++. It was late as I haven’t started my study. Exam was about in coming few days and I was procrastinating my time. Haha.. but I do enjoy the pressureless day. Thanks! For my friends, I wrote I was kidnapped by my friend and paid ransom money of RM 60 was actually referring to the day and the total amount of money spent =P. I just never thought of having such a wonderful break!
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