Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No sweat

The temperature in KL is rising day by day. Fortunately, it seems to be raining every single night recently. When we are under the hot sun, how could it be possibly that we do no sweat? 

Sweating is making us to have unpleasant feeling. You will feel some moisture at your arm pit and might be dripping too. It become more disturbing when your cloths are wet by the sweat and everybody is looking at your arm pit. You feel ‘not good’ but not to the extent of shame because everybody do sweat. It will become worse when the sweat produces odour that not only unpleasant to yourself but to the people surrounding you. 

I think I read from yenniesblog that vinegar can remove the stain on your clothes produced from your sweat. Vinegar has antibacterial activity and thus can remove the stain. Body odour is produced by the action of bacteria on your skin. However, are you going to apply vinegar on your arm pits to prevent the body odour? If you do, then I think everybody will stay away from you. Haha..

>Hence, the ultimate solution is to get yourself a deodorant. For example, you can opt for Adidas Action 3. The 3 actions that it meant here is to function as antiperspirant, anti-odour and active absorbent.It can help to block the pores through which perspiration is secreted.

With that, it can help you to remain sweat free and boost your self confidence. Have a try~ 

*Pictures source: Google Image

This is one of the blog post under the Project Alpha Season 2 which is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at www.projectalpha.com.my/auditions.


Nikel Khor said...

like tis style la..

from Nikel Khor

nurfaiz shaidan said...

me too have this problem of excessive sweating :(

dah try that adidas but still not working..very sad lorh..

KwOnG FeI said...

@nurfaiz: why don't you try the deodorant crystal... my sis is using it and she say it is effective..

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