Friday, March 19, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot - my room @ Cheras

If you ask me this question, definitely no other places than my own ROOM. Next question probably which house? Answer will be at Cheras Condo. 

Those days, I always think and experience faster connection and more stable line at Setapak house rather than Cheras. Those my friends should know that my connection at Cheras sucks terribly. There is something wrong with my wireless modem till my usual best connection at 18.0 Mps, usual connection at 11.0 Mps and late night connection at 2.0 Mps. OMG! How to survive with such connection? 

With 11.0 Mps, I have to open one site by one site. If I open them in one shot, the connection will turn to ‘hang’ mode and then the connection suddenly turned off. Blogging becomes difficult as when I upload large number of photos, connection will be terminated half way. The blog post at the editor may not be saved . I have to wait a long time for the connection to re-establish and then check again whether the post is saved or not. If yes, thanks God, I can carry on with uploading and making the post, whereas if not, SH#T, I need to re-do again! Sometimes, when I make a blog post, I may experience ‘n’ times connection problem making me feel very frustrated and end up complete the blog post at Setapak.

On one fine day, thank God for making the modem to be on error. I can’t connect the whole day. I contacted the Streamyx hotline at the middle of night and GOSH!! , the operator gave me wrong information on my connection problem. Hence, I was unable to connect my Internet till I called them again the next day and got assisted by a better operator who diagnosed correctly my connection problem.

Why I was so happy with that event? This was because it induced me to get another new modem from my future brother-in-law. It was a free modem from TMNET when he applied for his streamyx. When I tested at home, it seem ok for the first few days and turn bad the following day. Nonetheless, I had replaced the Cheras modem with this one. And the result was TERRIBLY GOOD!!! Initially, I have to resort to buy a new antenna for the old modem to see any improvements with the line. Yea.. the line definitely better than previously but then the connection still flip-flop (suka-suka on, suka-suka off-quoted by Wee Ling). Since the outcome of this modem was superb, it served as our saver in the house.

With the new but a bit lousy modem, the best connection is 56.0 Mps. The usual connection is 36.0 Mbps and the usual low connection at 11.0 Mbps. OMG! Can you see the difference? I can now upload VIDEO to YouTube without failure which is impossibly done with previous modem! I can now open multiple blog sites for my daily blog visiting with facing any problems. When I go back Setapak to blog, I realized the connection there is poorer due to the fact of different plan. Cheras one is RM 88 while Setapak one is RM 66 plan. That’s the reason I love to come back condo to blog now onwards. 

*This is one of the blog post under the Project Alpha Season 2 which is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

So, have you cut yours? ‘Sudah potong ke??’


Sharinginfoz said...

of course at home kan....

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Wen Pink said...

good luck!! hope u win!! hheehhee!

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