Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cyclone Car Wash @ Cheras BHP Station

Are you a car owner? Do you feel lazy at all time when it comes to washing car? Do you wash your car only when your parents scolded you for being lazy and dirty? Do you feel that car washing session may be too long and taking up your time and energy?

I know your time is precious and valuable as your are handling millions dollar business. So, the solution for you is Cyclone Car Wash which is available at most BHP Petrol Station nationwide.

Cyclone Car Wash is a fully automatic car wash system of which the motorists just need to drive through and have their car wash in just few minutes.

The above is the first entry point where water is applied to your car basically from the top and the both side of your car. This wetting stage is for just a short duration.

The second stage is washing thoroughly using high pressurised water. The staff will wash the outer body of the car and will clean your car's rim. 

The third stage will be application of foams all over your car.

Foam to the windscreen.

Foam to the side mirror. After the foaming process, a pale of water is then poured to clear away the foam.

The fourth stage is the cleaning stage. You have to drive into  the correct lane position and once you have done, you need to put your gear to neutral and DO NOT PRESS YOUR BRAKE.

Aik, how come not moving? Well, you need to wait for a while before your car will be automatically move forward. Steady..

Alright, the super big and rough alike texture rugs is spinning now.

Water is applied on the windscreen again which mean the next step is to clean this part.

I see nothing. Where am I?

The large cleaning rugs is rolled down.

After cleaning, water is applied again. At this point of time, your car looks crystal clean and clear.

Yea.. this picture to exactly describe the previous.

Towards the end, your car will be reaching directly under this crossbar. Do not worry and do not press your brake. The crossbar seem like going to hit your car but don't worry, it will not. Steady la..

After that, you need to drive out and the staff will wipe away the water especially on the windscreen and side mirrors.  Then, you will be asked if you want to polish your tyre for additional RM 1. Otherwise, pay the fee and you are done.

You can wash your car engine for RM 15. As for me, I do not know what is the correct way of washing your engine. There must be a specific procedures that they charge you RM 15.

Washing fees
  1. Vary depend on location.
  2. Taman Connought BHP station: RM 3 per wash (Those days, RM 2 only)
  3. Taman Midah BHP station: RM 4 per wash 
  4. Genting Kelang BHP station: RM 4 per wash (During CNY, they increase the price to RM 6 per wash)
  1. Cleaning is fast and save up your time.
  2. Some claim that such cleaning procedures wills scratch your car. They claimed that materials like stone and rought texture of the rugs can scracth your car.
  3. For old cars, no worry for washing and cleaning.
  4. For new cars, perhaps you need to think twice. 
As for comparison, the manual car washing at Esso Station at my area costs RM 6 (normal wash) and RM 7 (wash + vaccum). These both charges included the polishing of your tyre.

So, what do you think? It is safe for washing your car at Cyclone? I know you are a lazy type, so the answer is definitely yes. Save time, save energy and CHEAP. Haha. =P.


heafy said...

support :)

Nikel Khor said...

it make life easy..why not..

kRaZy said...

lol this 1 quite rare d..where do u stay btw?

ascarwash said...

nice bussines bro..

fiona06 said...


Vin Tsen Gan said...

Cool! I never tried this kind of car wash before=D

KwOnG FeI said...

@Krazy and @Vin: erm .. this cyclone car wash grow like mushroom in bhp petrol stations in klang valley..
I'm nt sure about other states but you will find one if you drop by to any bhp station.

In contrast, if you drop by to an esso petrol station in klang valley, you will see a manual car wash instead operated by third party.

Mike said...

These pics are rare. I think I will try the Cyclone wash next time. I think this place is of Thailand but I am not sure though

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Anonymous said...

Some amazing pictures! Most people would never even think of taking these but I really love them! Very unique. I had to get a car washed after I took it for a test drive because I got it really muddy. I would have loved to have gotten some snaps!

Anonymous said...

But today i only felt that service washing car at cheras is not so good..when i ask vacum car have to wait so long ?the guy at there said it up to up la if u dont want vacum also nevermind! what kind of service nowday? why cannot polite a little bit?

beacon said...

It reminded me when i was still on your area. I use to do that everyday.

Francis Tan said...

Very poor service. Always not clean . tyres dirty. Wet surface. Not value for money since the wash done in 3 minutes. The staff all are foreigners and cannot understand.. @ BHP rosemerah.

Francis Tan said...

Very poor service. Always not clean . tyres dirty. Wet surface. Not value for money since the wash done in 3 minutes. The staff all are foreigners and cannot understand.. @ BHP rosemerah.

Anonymous said...

Just try it today. Convenience and clean
Just RM5 worth it

Padhma said...

Thanks for this blog. All screenshots can explain the full blogs easily. This is very easy to understand. Using this screen shots know the details becomes easy
Back to original

Naeem said...

Great blog.

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