Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Bad odour or simply ‘smelly’ is more common to the guys than the girls. This is because the fact that men have more hair than female due to the testosterone hormone. There are two type of hair in our bodies namely:
  1. Coarse, usually pigmented terminal hair eg head hair, pubic hair, facial & chest hair (male)
  2. Finer, less visible vellus hair
The hair growth and size is modulated by hormones particularly testosterone especially during the puberty. Since men have more testosterone level, they have more terminal hair and larger size of hair follicles at their faces during puberty.

Some claimed that the more hair a man possess, the more the girls are attracted to. Is it true, dear ladies? Some girls like their couple to have hairy chest or hairy beard or mustache. That's only when you are not beside them when they are sweating. Haha. 

When there are high numbers of hairs in our bodies, we tend to sweat more especially in our hot, not so humid weather. This causes the bad smell to arise. The best way to eliminate the smell is by bathing frequently during the day time. If we do not have the time for bathing such as when we are working, the next possible way is to use a deodorant.

For many, they will use perfume as solution. However, I am strongly against it. The smell arises from our sweating body plus the perfume will make the SMELL even UNBEARABLE. For me, I personally cannot tolerate well with perfume. It seems to be a hypersensitivity reaction. Whenever somebody with a heavy perfume pass by me, I will cough non stop as my nasal mucosal get irritated. This is even worse if the public uses a CHEAP brand or super heavy concentrated PERFUME. STAY AWAY FROM ME!

Hence, the possible solution is to use a deodorant. There are varieties of deodorant in the market such as Adidas, Gatsby, Nivea etc. For me, I do sweat a lot. I usually will make sure I have enough baths especially after a sweating session. However, if it can’t be do so, I will choose to use a deodorant. I prefer those with quick dry action as those liquids which wet longer will stain on our clothes. How about deodorant spray? It is found to have hypersensitivity reaction with my nasal mucosa too. Another approach which women prefer more is to use the deodorant crystal. This is used during the bath where one actually brushes their brushy bodies’ hair to eliminate the odour.

On top of everything, the only reason we take care of our personal hygiene is to stay fresh and active at all time. Personally, I do think this matter does not usually happen in girls. In my personal experience, I always felt the girls are like flowers. Whenever I in contact with them, I can smell the fragrant body smell which happens to attract me. I am not going to mention my friends name but they are some friends who leave a significant smell on me. HAHA. I always wonder how come I use the same bath soap but they can be fragrant while I remain smelly?

People with good smell will lure his/ her friends to them. Your conversation will become more lively and coupled with your opposite sex physical appearance, it seems to be a heavenly talk. Have you experience so? I have quite many of such sessions.  

Last but not least, I do like good smelling people. If you are one, perhaps we can meet up more.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS
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Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

You got use meh the deodarant. :P

Elaine New said...

i dun like hairy guys. haha.

kenwooi said...

the first pic is your body?? haha.. =P

Su YSW said...

I think Chinese seldom got hairy guys.. isnt it?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...yahh its true~~~
Hairy guys would make the girls attracted to, coz we are kind-hearted human being, we would like to show our loving care more to hairy things, coz its juz make us think of our lovely pet~ ^^

kisahremaja said...

hairy guy = macho guys.... hohoho....

KwOnG FeI said...

@Kelvin: got.. the adidias action3.. won thru the project alpha contest..hehe

@elaine: hairy guy is still a guy.. hehe

@kenwooi: if i was him, i will be in deep depression..hahahaha.. and deep smelly

@Su: exactly.. and luckily..haha

@Anonymous: LMAO.. lovely pet? Perhaps that is what those hairy guys lover think of..haha

@kisahremaja: perhaps.. but i ain't one of them..haha

Wen Pink said...


Scho said...

Some people are allergic to good smell. What you eat is what you smell like. Meat eaters have stronger smell than vegetables eaters. Also drinking a lot help to get rid of bad smells. Is that a gorilla in the mirror ?

Catherine @ Soo Khoon said...

nice post. hope u get it. Have u got RM20 from the first week?

KwOnG FeI said...

@wen pink: now i know ur wild preferences

@Scho: serious that meat eater has stronger smell??

@Catherine: yup .. friday alrdy got the money

Hostess firenze said...

Awesome and interesting article, Thanks for giving this blog and so much knowledge.

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