Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alma Temple @ Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

The public may not know the presence of this temple at Bukit Tinggi where it houses the famous Colmar Tropicale (aka French Village) and the Japanese Village. For exact location, it can be reached by looking to the signboard when you already at the hill. It is located in the middle between the Bukit Tinggi Golf & Country Resort and the Colmar Tropicale. Before I proceed, you may need to recall your Form 5 History subject where you and I was taught on Vedas, Sanskrits, Ramayana, Mahrabhrata and etc.

The above is the God of Brahma aka the God of Creation. God Brahma is one of the Trimurti beside Vishnu (the preserver) and Siva (the destroyer). One can easily recognises God of Brahma as He appeared with four heads, four faces and four arms. With each head, He continually recites one of the four Vedas.

One of the distinct feature of God of Brahma is He holds no weapons unlike other Hindu Gods. On the four hands, He:
  1. holds a scepter in the form of a spoon which is associated with the pouring of holy ghee or oil onto a sacrificial pyre signifying Brahma as the lord of sacrifices. 
  2. holds a 'kamandalu'- a jar made of metal or even coconut shell containing water. The water in this jar signifies the initial, all-encompassing ether in which the first element of creation evolved.
  3. holds a string of prayer beads called the 'akshamala' which He uses to keep track of the Universe's time. 
  4. holds the Vedas and sometimes a lotus flower.   

The symbols encompassed by God of Brahma.

'Me getting the blessing of God of Brahma'

It is also important to note that you are required to take 4 joss sticks only and start praying to the God of Brahma by going clockwise starting from your 6 o'clock direction. (Requirements for joss sticks may differ from temple to temple).You must of course pray to all 4 headed God of Brahma. This temple is kept clean by His devotees. Offering in terms of money is optional but encourageable for maintenance of the temple. 

On the fine day of 2nd day of CNY, I got to opportunity to witness a team of lion dance from KL getting the blessings from the God of Brahma.Let's have a look to my recorded video below.

From this video, I got to know that every lion dance team will seek for blessings from the God before performing to the public. This lion dance team was to perform at the Bukit Tinggi Golf & Country Resort. I had learnt a lot from this temple visit. It is also my first time to step into a Hindu temple apart from the one located at Batu Caves.

This is the main and the only entrance of the temple. Overall, this temple looks simple, clean and well maintained. So, to all readers, if you happen to spend a vacation at Bukit Tinggi, do drop by and get the blessings from the God of Brahma.  

Poitu Vaarein!! (Don't understand? Ask your Indian friends, WE are 1 Malaysia!)

*The pictures and the video was taken upon permission from the temple's care taker. All information sources are from Wikipedia. Thanks Raj aka Crabs for some of the information above.


Nikel Khor said...

here me..i tot my house there d..
from Nikel Khor

kenwooi said...

interesting.. feels kinda holy looking at the statue =)

board said...

this is a great statue


Hi there! what a nice temple. May we ask if there is a bus or do we need to get a taxi from Bukit tinggi to genting highlands? I will visit malaysia this june for one day, so we like to travel the best places as we could. Which is better, going to bukit tinggi first or going to genting?

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