Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Exam period over!

Finally, the dreadful period has come to an end. Here is the summary on my past 6 weeks of war time. I took 3 days off including the days I attended the Global Peace Festival 2008 before I started my study week. The first week was slow as the longer period of study break made me kept thinking ‘aiya, still got 2 more weeks to come’. In addition, the first 2 weeks is just enough to cover 2 subjects which are deemed to be the killer subjects. There were just too many things to be studied and memorized and it was exceeding a normal person capacity to cover all. But still, I had tried to give my best. In the second week, out of expectation, I had a one day trip to Cameron Highlands. Oh…cool.. holidaying during the study break. I somehow do not know the reason of my presence on the trip. Perhaps, I felt something just not really unusual that I nodded to accompany my mom to CH. In the third week, realizing that time was a factor and I need to adhere to the study timetable as planned, I took the move to tar pau foods by my own and to save some time and energy. I had applied for a loyalty card with Ali Baba (mamak restaurant at Angkasa Condo) which I made my purchase of food daily. And here are the menus;

Nasi kandar Nasi goreng paprik Nasi goreng ladna Nasi goreng hai lam Nasi goreng samurai Nasi goreng tom yam Nasi goreng biasa Nasi goreng seafood Nasi lemak ayam and Salad chicken rice at Fuk Sing (the best food which I bought on Tuesday, the last study day)

That was just food. Next is my sleeping time. The average sleeping was 5.5 hours with 2 hours nap time during daytime. Initially was only 1 hour, but gradually it getting increased. Battling every single minute just to cover everything was really hard. Of course I do online frequently.. haha.. to make sure my friends do me a favor..and to celebrate my blog birthday last week. I do check the latest news daily and to hop in some blogs and forums occasionally. Next are my brain cells, I do not know how many millions of my brain cells die every single day for the continuous 6 weeks. And how to replenish them? I can't think anything deep now. And now, it has come to an end. I can be happy that every single minute now onwards is free of burden, free of stress and free of STUDY time. It is the time for me to hibernate and compensate my sleep time and to play to the fullest! Why life as a student is so miserable? My friends and I will be going to Mid Valley later, guess it is the first for this semester. We are planning to climb hills and to see sunrise on Saturday. On Sunday, the whole bunch of UCSIPSS students will be going for a camp at Dusun Eco Resort at Bukit Tinggi, near my hometown for 3 D 2 N. Hope more events to come after this.

Signing off. Nap time before the proposed 3 pm.

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