Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reunion dinner @ CNY Eve

Well, as we already being informed, reunion dinner usually is held the night before a new year in Lunar calendar begins. It is the day where family members meet, eat, chat and laugh together. In ancient times, it is a 'pantang' for not attending the dinner. In modern days, it is not a must but advisable. Some even did not go back to their home town citing busy with their works, business or whatsoever reasons leaving behind their parents in 'kampung'. Remember the award winning Petronas tv commercial? It send a strong message to the youngsters not to forget about their parents who are waiting for their homecoming during this festive season.
Photobucket As for my family, we had the reunion dinner on Thursday night. We had reunion dinner earlier each year ever since my sister (Jun Jun's mum) had married. She need to be on her husband side family for their reunion dinner. All of the above was my mum cooking including a kampung chicken delivered fresh from Kampung Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Photobucket For Chinese community in Malaysia, a new year will not be perfect with toasting yee sang. If not mistaken, this yee sang was originated from Malaysia. It consists of 7 different parts of vegetables and is mixed with slices of fresh fish. Do you know how to make a vegetarian yee sang? Click here for my post last year. After the reunion dinner, family members will wait the arrival of the first day of CNY. Parents will place a table at the entrance of the house which is covered with red wrappings. Then, they will put offerings and also other prayers item to greet the God of Fortune. Each year, the arrival of God of Fortune is different. So, you need to check the timing with the aunties to confirm the time as well as the direction of the prayers. Usually, during the prayers, crackers will be burnt to shoo away the bad lucks or spirits (if not mistaken) and to greet the God of Fortune. For typical Chinese, they won't care of being issued a summon letter but most importantly, they got the 'ong' or wealthiness from the prayers. In fact, things can be settle with an angpow to shoo away the policemen. It is the best time for them to 'cari makan' too. Usually, police patrol cars can be seen since 9-10 pm till the midnight of 1-2 am. This picture is freshly taken a moment ago during the prayers. I can feel the festive spirits as many burnt fire crackers. I guess it will be even more during cho 9.
That's the best shot. Taken from my house compound.
Photobucket Finally, I took a brave move to post this picture. It was taken at Thean Hou temple and my friend force me to wear that. Check out my 'ong' hat and its tail. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year. I had made the header above just for this festive season period. Hope it won't be so ugly as I do not know how to use photoshop, only know powerpoint. Once again,
  1. For all my dear readers: TQ for your constant visiting and commenting. Love you guys so much.
  2. For all $mile readers, may this year brings us more income$.
  3. For non Chinese readers: Happy HoLIDayS!!
Tiger roars!! It's my year!! Gong Xi Fa Chai!!


Esther said...

happy chinese new year! :) i blogged bout my reunion dinner too!

Unknown said...

hey man!! happy cny to u.. nice reunion dinner xD

michleong said...

Happy CNY!

Nikel Khor said...

hapi delicious all home cooked food..yummy yummy..keke

from Nikel Khor

YC said... only i know, ur dinner table is d same as mine (i mean my parents') but v ad threw away d chairs bcz old ad...hahahha.....
i had a reunion dinner wit my fam members 2, and v ate in d living room while watching tv....muahahahaha =p
happy cny...

Tekkaus said...

Again, happy Chinese New Year to you bro. :) You look so cute with the red hat!

Thomas Lee said...

Gong Xi Fah Chai!

Unknown said...

ur so cute with ur small little `ong` hat!!!heheee....gong xi gong xi!!!

オテモヤン said...


DC said...

Happy New Year, Kwong Fei!

Anonymous said...

wow....look at all the OMFG. I will never ever have the chance to experience sumthing like dat.

KwOnG FeI said...

@esther: HaPPY CNY!! will check it out..

@Adrian, MichLeong: HaPPy CnY!!

@Nikel: the best is alwiz home cooked~

@YC: we ate dining room and there is a tv there too

@tekkaus: oh no...

@thomas: gong xi gong xi

@hooi hoon: oh no.. u see it too...gong xi fa chai

@オテモヤン: i dun und ur langugage

@DC: happy chinese new year!~~

@Cassie: huh why? usually when my have occasion at home, we also cooked about 3/4 of the food mum said it already little liao becoz the table cant put more dishes.. haha

Ms Ave T said...

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR Tiger boy! I seriously love the way your dining table is decorated! so bowl and chopsticks summore! ^^

Kelvin said...

Happy Chinese New Year^^

JRmy said...

Nice capture of the fireworks... in sunway here it's just a short while.

Wen Pink said...

Happy Chinese New Year!! :D
Whoaaa so much food!! I am sure u guys didn't manage to finish them!! lol!

Su YSW said...

Happy CNY! Wishing all hv a roaring year!

Huat ah!~~~~~~~~~~

Scho said...

wei...where's my ang pow ? nah...these days, things' different. Everybody staying so far away. Economy no good. Cannot come home for reunion dinner. Only for immediate family members. Anyway, wishing you and your family another good Chinese new year.

rizputra7 said...

happy chinese new year..ada angpau untuk aku tak?..hehehe

Allison said...

hahahaha.. last pic.. funny.. haha.. happy cny :)

KwOnG FeI said...

@Ms Ave: haha thanks~

@Kelvin: same to you~

@Quirky: i'm nt good in tkaing fireworks..

@Su: Huat to you too~

@Scho: same to you dude!

@rizputra7: sure sure aku bagi banyak lagi senyuman

@Allison: haha .. sob sob picture

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