Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Datuk Nasir Safar: Indians are beggars, Chinese women are whores

For all Chinese and Indians.

‘’Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially the women came to sell their bodies” "Indians in Malaysia have crossed the line. They force the government for 12 subjects in SPM. Don't force the government. We can anytime revoke the citizenship of the Indians in Malaysia." 

The above statements were allegedly said by Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s aide Datuk Nasir Safar at a 1 Malaysia seminar titled 'Rapat 1Malaysia' in Malacca International Trade Centre. OMG! Did you hear wrongly? Indians as beggars? Chinese women as whores? 1 Malaysia seminar? 

If the statement was made by Nasir, then it will be totally RUBBISH, RACIST and THREATENING to the country. I hereby called upon Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein to exercise Internal Security Act or ISA to detain him for further investigations. 

What are Nasir responses?

In an interview with The Malaysian Insider, Nasir told that “I did not say the word ‘pendatang (immigrant)’. I only said the country has been successful as the Chinese and the Indians from those days until today have been coming here to work”.

At the same time, he also denied claims that he had threatened to revoke the citizenships of non-Malays who demanded that their rights be respected. He was saying “I did not threaten anyone, and I have never intended to do that. You know I’m very close to MIC people. I only said it is not good for any community to make so much demands as other communities will retaliate”.

In addition, Nasir also made a stir by defending the supremacy of the Malay language: “I said Malay language is the national language, there should only be one national language.”

What do the audiences witnessing the remarks say?

An Alor Gajah MIC member claimed he heard clearly on Nasir’s threat to revoke citizenships and also his claim that MCA, MIC and Gerakan do not seem concerned when UMNO is facing problems.
An MIC member heard Nasir use the word “pendatang”. “He said it was Umno who drafted the (federal) constitution and other parties were not involved”.

What are the Prime Minister responses?
In contrast to the claims denied by Nasir, the Prime Minister's Department issued a statement tonight saying that the remarks made by Nasir do not in any way reflect the views of the Prime Minister. The statement issued also said that Nasir has never intended to make such remarks and he was merely saying the contributions made by all races in developing the country. With that, Nasir apologized for any offense caused and will tender his resignation.

So, did Nasir make such remarks? If he does not, why the Prime Minister’s Department made the statement?

What are the MIC and MCA responses?

It was reported that several MCA and MIC leaders as well as NGO walked out in protest of the remarks. Malacca Barisan Nasional (BN) component party leaders are also planning to handover a memorandum to Najib. MIC Youth secretary Shivarraaj lodged a police report on Nasir remarks at Sentul Police station.

What are Datuk Seri Samy Vellu responses?

He condemned Nasir’s remark and called for action to be taken under the Sedition Act. “Although the remark does not reflect the government’s or the prime minister’s stand, but it has hurt the feelings of the Malaysian Indian community”.

“MIC condemns the colonial attitude of this person for degrading the Malaysian Indians and we demand that this person be punished under the Sedition Act, and MIC will lodge a police report against this person. If it is proven that this person has uttered the seditious remark, action must be taken against him”.

What are Lim Kit Siang responses?

“Will ministers put Nasir Safar on the mat at Cabinet meeting tomorrow? Najib’s 1 Malaysia getting very torn and tattered”.

What are Gerakan responses?

Teng Chang Yeow , Gerakan Secretary General said Nasir should also apologise openly for his statement despite his resignation. “Gerakan wants him to apologise”.

For Dato Seri Najib This going to be a hard time for him. 1 Malaysia concept is gaining popularity among the people and now his own men destroyed the image and the whole concept by making such racist statement. In addition, we are in the midst of battling the ‘Allah’ issue as well as arson attacks to the places of worship in the country including surau and churches.

So, will 1 Malaysia remain a concept that will never be conceptualized? Where are the so called unity and harmony among the multi racial citizens? What would be the actions taken by Najib to solve this issue?

What are my responses?

I was damn angry when I read about the news. After seeing from The Star which usually censored the main content, I checked various media to cross check and then my anger is uncontrollable.

Sadly to say all those remarks are always uttered by UMNO leaders. Remember who is Ahmad Ismail who also uttered the same remark that the Chinese and Indians are 'pendatang'? What happens to him now? He is now a freeman being lifted up the 3 years suspension while the news reporter and Teresa Kok were being detained under ISA. but thank God they had been released. Where is the so called justice?

Claims that Malaysia is a multi racial country and everyone is living in peace are never true. Such claims are used as a marketing strategy to lure foreigners to visit our country. When they are here, how frequent they see a group of different races going out together? Don' t look at the secondary school students who perhaps are still intact with each others. Look at those university students and working adults. In fact, the first place of diversity among the citizens is the UNIVERSITY.

During secondary school, many of my Malay friends were transferred to MRSM. During form 6, many of the MRSM students gained easy entry to the university leaving slight amount of the Malays who took STPM. Of those Malays students who took STPM, only a few of them who take Science stream. With that, it causes majority population of non Malays in private universities or colleges while the Malays dominated the public universities.

In public universities, the non Malays are restricted in their movement and in UPM, Chinese Society can't even be formed and those Malay macho who was said to represent the university attacked the Chinese groups. I think you guys still remember the incidence right?

Unity remain an aspiration that will never be achieved. There are lack of understanding and tolerance between the races. Those days, I always see bombing of churches in Indonesia. So, I said to myself that Malaysia is indeed a peace country led by Tun Dr. Mahathir.

However, Malaysia is no longer a safe country, perhaps never be before. Those uncivilized people resort to use force to show their macho'ness or supremacy compared to the others. Why such issues can't be solved in a round table discussion? Why must we attack worship places? With the remarks made by Nasir, it is time for us to think again. Why do we still compromise with UMNO leaders who always condemning the non Malays as immigrants? Why do we vote for such leaders? Why these leaders are seem to be immune from punishment while the same thing will never happen to other leaders from MIC, MCA or any component party.

With that, I leave you with the thoughts.

1. The Malaysian Insider
3. Malaysia Kini
4. NST online
5. the Star


Ken Wooi said...

what the hell! -.-


luqman afiq razali said...

dude sorry to say.. malaysia sekarang dah teruk la.. why do you want to make it much more worse by posting this kind of story..
its better if we discuss about the solutions then spread the propaganda..sorry ya bro..

Unknown said...

It's better to inform the public and invite them to think and form their own opinions, than to let them continue to dwell in ignorance.

Thanks for posting this, Kwong Fei.

Mat Deck said...

Buat malu je UMNO. Hidup PR!!!! Hidup PR!!!

Anonymous said...

cara awak mengolah sedikit sebanyak menidakkan ketidak 'rasis' bangsa lain selain melayu didalam UMNO. kalu benar hanya UMNO saha yang rasis, mengapa gerakan dan MCa masih berkata tentang bangsa cina...mic tentang india..Dap tentang sekolah cina...bla bla bla bla...

andai umno racist dan tidak toleren...i think no chinese and india will survive for 2nd generation...

Nurfaiz Shaidan said...

hi, and a very good day

it's actually your right to post anything that you love and want to be shared with others in your blog. after all it's solely yours and others have no reason and rights to refrain you from doing so.

but, in my humble opinion, your act is actually growing more and more tension, as the Malaysians are simply in big conflicts especially those regarding with religions, races and rights. at this point, it's best for us not to at least keep silence and watch how things go first. and if the final is achieved, feel free to talk about it.

as for the minister, I do agree that his words are just too much and stern actions need to be taken in the name of justice.

Peace :)

KwOnG FeI said...

@ken: speechless too

@luqman: its ok.. no hard feeling right? first and foremost, i am not spreading propaganda.. i am extracting news from various published media. I did not say such words, all those come from published newspaper. I only leave my opinions on the case towards the end

@ihsan: I like your comment. I am placing the article and let people to have a thought on it. Silence will not solve the problem. If we continue in ignorance, things will persist.

@Mat Deck: At least, I haven heard any racist remarks from PR.

@Anonymous: saya tak boleh kata bangsa lain tak racist. Tapi, sekurang-kurangnya, sejauh mana racist bangsa lain, mereka tidak menyinggung perasaan bangsa lain dengan menyatakan pandangan racist mereka secara terbuka. Apatah lagi ini adalah Menteri, kalau kita tak abgi respons, maksudnya kita terima dan restui kenyataan beliau? Sampai bilakah perkara ini akan berlarutan? Sampai bilakah gagasan 1 Malaysia akan tercapai?

@nurfaiz: Hie.. again no hard feeling first. Actually, my post are not here to grow the racial tension that there is already persist. If you read carefully my last paragraph, there is some hidden call to all malaysians.. It's not about the racial issue but is is about the people deciding the Government that represents them. I hope you get what I mean.

Anonymous said...

wewwh..i don't know why...speechless

Anonymous said...

nurfaiz shaidan, Malaysians have kept quiet and left the talking to the politicians for years. I think if we don't voice out now, there might not be any chances anymore. nothing is ever properly achieved. staying in silence, is an act of ignorance.

just my 2 cents.

Catherine said...

@luqman @nurfaiz:
silence won't solve any problem. to really solve a problem, we need to lift the veil of ignorance, then look through the problems. people have the right to know what's going on and why. when we know the reason, then we can act. or... at least learn from those mistakes.

C.Sivaraj said...

This should be a lesson to all the partisan and non partisan to be more cautious in giving out speech and statements in public especially when they r wearing an important hat.
I m pissed off and decide to lodge a police report and release d press statement after knew and verified the authenticity of the news yesterday morning.
Immediately,i call for press conference and logded a police report in Sentul. i also asked all my MIC youth state leaders to lodge a police report in every state.
Nasir resignation is not enough, we feel that he shud be charged under sedition act and make a public apology to all the Malaysian Indians n Chinese.

Anonymous said...

dude, i totally agree with most of your comments but unfortunately you got the UPM Chinese Society issue wrong. Pls don't go believing all you see/hear on the street/net unless you were there to witness it yourself. Peace.


1 malaysia dead... hehehe

snoopy said...

luckily i'm in uk currently...bt dono wat wil happen aft i get back =.=

Anonymous said...

Snoppy : if come back malaysia , all still same ..dont worry ...hahaha...

Kwong : Only stupid people will make stupid statement lol

but i want share with you all:
Chinese:Gambling , prostitute ,gangster
Malays :peragut , perogol,merempit,
drug, pelacuran
Indian:Gangster , robbed ,snatched bag

All race also have their own cases ....but i hate most is d motorist who snatch bag ......
they are rubbish ...dont know why their parents want to make rubbish ....

Dont why you all always critique 1 malaysia what wrong ?if 1 malaysia mampus ...u all also mampus.....

Everyone is not prefect !!!!

Xiaopei said...

That's why the 1 Malaysia is nonsense.

KwOnG FeI said...

@catherine: agreed.. many ppl say aiya, what can we do, they are in powers. But, for me, so long u understand well about the issue and show dissatisfaction, those people will at least scare to make another same mistake in the future.

@Sivaraj: lets see what will happen next

@Anonymous: I admit I do not have sufficient info about the UPM case becoz it was far away back. But, I can remembered the youtube video clip where the chinse group was being attacked even they remained silence and seated on their chairs.

@Bujang: speechless

@snoopy: things will remain the same even after u r back..

@Anonymous: I totally agrred each and every races has their own problems. No one is superior to another. Why people critise 1 malaysia? It is becoz it will never be 1 system for ALL malaysians. Remember how fast the court ruling to overturn the MB Perak power of dato seri Nizar in less than 1 day while Nizar team need to get days or even week? Remember the Allah issues where in 1 Malaysia there are 2 separate places where you can and cannot use the word. These are just some short examples.

@Xiaopei: 1 Malaysia do carry weight but the problem is it's just an aspiration and lack of implementation. If things remains to be double standard or each races do not complement each other, it will never works.

dina said...

thanks for posting everyone is just hiding the truth.....1Malaysia is full of lies n bullshit

Unknown said...

Ahmad Said said stg similar moments around the Permatang Pauh election, and now another one? What is 1Malaysia? Most of us rakyat already know what is it and how to get to know people from other races. It's no longer US to change for Malaysia, it's the politicians themselves who should change. They asked us to change and be united for each other, why not themselves?

I was kinda fed up with such naive comments. Sudahlah kita 53 tahun merdeka bersama, masih tak bersatukah? The church arson has been roaming across BBC and CNN, now racism comments?

The only thing that Malaysia should change is its politicians' mentality towards the country. Stop the race politics and religion controversies. Then you will get the real 1MALAYSIA.

Nurfaiz Shaidan said...

definitely agree with you victor.
all problems are basically initiated by our politicians, be it BN or PR. all of them possess major flaws, and not really working together in getting along with each other well. in the end, they create stories and drag community in a scene.

but what I mean by silence is not to keep quiet till the end. I'm proposing us to wait for a moment, see the progress of this issue. if things are not going anywhere, then we can post things to urge actions to be taken and asking people to make reviews and others.

for those whose intention to mock others in this discussion, please do not do so. it's not nice to have bad words here. besides, you are tearing your own race image.


Charmaine Pua said...

Malaysia's politic has became a joke =.="

woaini_87 said...

politic sucks.... all they do is play dirty..

Rush Murad said...

Malaysia is still the best country to all of us multi-racial citizen, especially Malays, Chinese and Indians. I born in a city close to Singapore, I've lived in Europe for many years, have traveled to many countries, last year to China and just came back from India... This country not only for my own race which is Malay...its for everybody who wish to live in harmony, wish to hold hand together and success together. 1Malaysia is a brilliant initiative..we are the one who will make it a reality, not only the govt or PM or any politicians.. WE, the Malaysians!

Peace! :)

Anonymous said...

said something stupid then just resign, so easy~

Anonymous said...

Aiya, better 'chai' 4D at the mamak stall with Uncle Muthu, Uncle Hong and Abang Zul.

Kuda, Toto and Magnum (KTM).... it's what makes 1Malaysia possible!!

Unknown said...

rakyat already 1malaysia..those politicians aren't. i love all races in Malaysia...why they're not

Politic in malaysia nak kene basuh

Samuel said...

Makes you wonder how some people get honored with the titleship of "Datuk"...

Unknown said...

Hey bro and sis;

The only problem with our country is that everyone still looks at each other as Malay, Chinese, Indian and etc.

I have several indonesian friends. Though they are from chinese origin, but when i refer them as chinese they get upset and angry. They say that they are not chinese, they are Indonesian.

In fact, many other countries will claim that they are multi-racial and multi-cultural.... then again, that is what they CLAIM. At the end of the day, which country gives public holidays to respect every religion's occasion such as Gong Xi Fa Cai, Raya, Deepavali, Chrismas, Wesak and etc etc?

I dont know of any, except Malaysia. We respect each others religion and culture. I dont eat beef infront of my indian friends and chinese friends who prays to Kwan Yin (not sure spelling) and vice versa.

The world is not perfect, but change starts from us. No matter what happens, i know i am a proud Malaysian, I love my country, I love my people, I love all the cultural diversity.

Ive been to many places, countries and continents, and to me, my Malaysia is the best.

No matter what these uneducated and uncivilized people say or do to create tension among us, we cannot get our emotions shake our beliefs. Or they will win.


Dream Blog@Yennie said...

i fully support your statement and there is no more 1malaysia now!
unless he apologise!

Unknown said...

dont talk about 1malaysia! its s tupid slogan! anyway, u see his stupid 'san fan' face i want to vomit! so ugly face, please dont let people see you lar idiot Datuk Nasir Safar! ugly looking! god damn you!

Anonymous said...

jahanam dah ... kalau india/cina panggil melayu ni perompak tanah org asli, perogol, sesat .. dah lama masuk kamunting. setan nasir ni resign dapat pencen tebal .. 1malaysia-sia

Unknown said...

Well guys, i dont think there is any problem with the Rakyat, regardless what colour, race and religion we are. We have been living together for so long peacefully. The problem is with the politicians...
I am a soldier and i was deployed in BOSNIA during the war in the Balkans. There was sooooo much hatered between the races in BOSNIA until they were slautering each other. I spoke to the people there and i was made known that before the war.. that was before 1989. The BOSNIAN were living peacefully with inter-marriages, even one lady told me that the Muslims and the Serbs were eating from the same plate. Everything started when Bosnia request for independence from Yugoslavia, the politicians made the people to hate each other so much that started the killings. One cannot imagine a Muslim son in law raping and killing his own mother in law and slautering his own father in law and visa-versa.
What i am seeing here in Malaysia is the same path we are heading..
Guys, let me tell you all, i have seen a lot of killings in the name of religion and race, it is very ugly... Dont ever think it will not happen here... i might happen here, we have gone tru 13 May ....

Anonymous said...

Of all the comments, i agree most with danial. Yes our leaders use the race card,and even without them making it worse its already been a very serious issue which has till now been quietly kept "underground"

Take a walk anywhere in M'sia, what you see is "race groups" where people hang out with their skins (Shopping malls, mamaks, sports, etc)This issue is not to be solved by pointing fingers or waitin for someone important to work out a change cuz that will NEVER work.I personally thought 1 Malaysia was a joke. AS i know it wont achieve the goal it was meant to.
Look at it closely enough and ask yourselves "am I any different?"
How many of you will actually mix races wholeheartedly? Many of you think that you do but the fact is you people don't even see that you are not. How many of you think of another race without prejudice? 1 Malaysia will NOT work simply because we're not truly united.

Stop having racial prejudice, at work, at school, at play or wherever. Give and take WILLINGLY without expectations. SHARE, LOVE. These are IDEALS and IDEALS are IDEALS cuz they wont become reality.

I dare anyone who reads this, prove my words wrong. Cuz i am saying Unity as we desire is NOT gonna happen. And each one of us are at fault for it

Unknown said...

@ Anonymous...
I totally agree with you... thats how we are brought up from small....
So, are we going to blame our parents or the system....

Alicia W said...

The main problem here is education system. One school will unite us all..BUT.. This will never happen since Chinese & Indian will forever REFUSE to compromise.. What happen to Tun Mahathir's Sekolah Wawasan?? I am so sad with our politicians..

Darkwalker said...

If he is a Chinese or Indian, he will be arrested under ISA now. Malaysian politician culture is that they never apologise and FORGET what they said often. I can still recall the best phrase of the century - "Looks like me, talk like me, but not entirely sure that was me!"

KwOnG FeI said...

@dina: whether 1 Malaysia is good or full of lies, it is utmost important task for each and every Malaysian to think and considered.

@victor: after the previous GE, it seem that racial sentiment is used as a tool for both PR and also BN. The people are the one who are suffering now.

@nurfaiz: thanks for the good reminder. This post is hope to bring awareness to the public that we can't tolerate to racist remarks and punishment must be given to those who made such mistakes. We are not criticizing dato nasir personality. We are condemning his remarks who has hurt all malaysians and with that, he must do something that so called 1 Malaysian people can accept and forgive.

@Charmaine: not only a joke, it has become the headline topic in CNN, BCC and so on.

@woaini: Agreed but in this case, it does not apply. This is because somebody may have think he is in superiority to condemn other races.

@Rush Murad: I agreed Malaysian ia the best place for everything be it good or bad things. It is true that the Malaysians are the one who should live up the aspirations. BUT, the issue now is that somebody has tarnished the good image of the 1 malaysia concept. Between, politician do play a major role as they are the one we voted and represent our voices. If he or she shows a bad example, the people will follow.

@anonymous: That is Malaysia Boleh. Only applicable in Bolehland.

@anonymous: So, what is the next number for grand prize?

@besballbat: yup, agreed. I would say we are about to accept the 1 Malaysia. It is the politicians that destroy it.

@Samuel: I head only from kopitiam, datukship can be possible if you have money.

@Danial: agreed. Therefore, this post is not to make anyone to become angry. We love our country so much. Therefore, if the current leaders are not good enough, apa lagi? Vote for the one who can do better.

@Dream Blog: According to the PM department statement, he had apologise. But I think the remarks really hurt the Indians especially and also Chinese deeply. He should go personally to meet them. Afterall, Malaysians are bangsa penyayang. So long u know ur mistakes, we will forgive. Sincerity is utmost important.

@Bun: I not going to comment on his appearance. Thats the God gift. More appropriately is the remarks he had made whether intentionally or unintentionally.

@Anonymous: Agreed. Even worse if he or she is a PR leader, straight ISA.

@Othman: Good call. And to eliminate those possibilities is to eliminate away racist politicians.

@Anonymous: No one is not racist, it is the matter of how deep it is. most importantly, we must learn to tolerate each other. For example, in relocation of an indian temple in Selangor, if the Malays don;t like it, just say it. We can have a round table discussion. Issue is there are many racist people and they are too extreme to bring along severed cow's head. that's totally act of disrespectful and ignorance.

@oldman: I think there is something wrong in our education system.

@alicia: erm it is not the Chinese and Indian are not compromising. There are a lot of issues linked to this. I can say in short is there is NO guarantee of successful implementation. Thus, the Chinese and Indians would not want the 1 school system to be implemented.

@Darkwaker: And that is called 1 malaysia 2 systems. However, according to the PM Department statement, he had apologised. Not sure is his words or the government words. BUT, I can say hey, at least better than Ahmad Ismail. Till now, dat racist fella is saying that he NEVER WRONG and he fight for his own races. That is what i called machon'ness or showing supremacy to others.

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

This minister saying that Chinese and Indians are making lots of demands, what did we ask? Do we get what we asked?

Seriously, Malaysia need to hire intelligent ppl to become minister, these ppl memang CMI.

Hi Kwong Fei! :D How are you? LOL!

Anonymous said...

this is an outrage but i agree that racial politics is an outdated fad. Some ppl think that just by saying UMNO is racist, the people will start to vote for PR. Thats not the case actually. We are a nation that has a system tht focuses on race based politics. Instead, we need to change this system and unite under a banner to make this country better. Not go after the needs of individual races. If we continuously focus on just protecting each race, we'll be divided forever...

michleong said...

Wow, a very good post you have there. And it's a good thing that you brought up the issue. Someone have got to say something soon before it gets too late.

Everyone who commented here have their point but by just voicing the issue out here, it will probably not reach the right authority (if you know what I mean). Things will continue to persist even if the 'rakyat',us, voiced something out. I don't really see any changes to anything at all after all these years.

Like you say, people are all divided into group of races at a university and working stage. I totally agree with that statement of yours and actually the problems of races starts from there. And this problems actually is caused from the *unfairness* in accepting students (Public uni). They have quotas for every races. Why do so if you want this to be an integrated country?

To be an integrated country, I really thing, they should be choosing students based on their performance and not what race they are form. With this, I really thing then 1Malaysia will actually works.

Everything starts from university. If the they do not stop categorizing people based on race, the country will not move forward any further from where it is now.

Therefore, vote wisely! *I'm not eligible to vote yet >.<

It's just my two cents anyway. NO offence to anyone out there.

Cheers! =D

darkwalker said...

I am not entirely sure why we started talking about voting for which party here. The problem in Malaysia is that people try to make everything related to politics. Personally, I am neither BN nor PR supporter. The focus should stay on Nasir racist statement. It doesn't matter to me if he is an UMNO or PAS politician.

Himmat Singh said...

Whatever that fellow had to say stinks to the very max!!!

Cikgu Dahlia said...

jgnlah kita berbalah :)
plszz...no more...tkut laaa kalo bepecah belah ni

Hajib said...

tak brani nak komen pasal politik Malaysia... ada ISA... danger!!! hehehe

Dragon City said...

This is all about politics play.

Actually we already stay together in harmony for so many years, I had Indian and Malay friends having supper together at mamak stall..

It is the government that make it worst.

KwOnG FeI said...

@Reiko: doing good peeps~

@Anonymous: We truly hope the leader will change but it will be not possible.

@MichLeong: I am sure you will fulfill your responsibilities as a voter when your time arrives. Vote wisely.

@darkwalker: Though our main focus is on his remarks, another small side is that those remarks added with previous history were come from UMNO leaders. If a government promises A and do B, thats what people started to angry. When government say they wan to implement 1 Malaysia, people got angry when their own leaders make such remarks. There are something wrong with the people and the party as well.

@Himmat: it will be definitely stink like human waste if and only if Nasir did make the statement.

@Dalia: tak berbalah..cuma menyuarakan pendapat masing-masing. Kita kan rakyat Malaysia yg sedia maklum bersatu padu. Cuma tersinggung dgn kata kata yg tidak bertanggungjawab.

@hajib: rasany ok. sebab perkara ini telah dissiarkan di akhbar-akhbar tempatan. Itu bukan tuduhan ttp merupakan kenyataan.

@Dragon city: I agreed to you. All the while we live in peace but suddenly it is the political party that uses racial sentiment as political tool. Now, every one faces the music.

Anonymous said...

race is social concept,not a scientific one. nowaday a malaysian should not separated as cina or indian due the fact they came as early 1900 for spice, silk business and follow with worker for timah mining and gambir plantation. they are teochew, hokkien.. etc. China is another country while we are now 3rd or 4th generation live in malaysia.. chinese or indian not relevan anymore, so.. we're just malaysian

dissapointed said...

nasir is a big, stupid two-timer son of a b*tch

Anonymous said...

Chinese school, Indian school? Abolish these education methods and think as 1, Malaysian school. When you uphold your ethic school system, that's when the race issue will never cease. How we think starts from young, and it makes sense only if we think as Malaysian, having 1 education system, having 1 Main spoken language. Some Malaysians can't even converse in Malay, the national Language.
Plus, just out of curiosity, why do you need Chinese Association or Indian Association at universities? Don't they have enough social groups to join? It all boils down to ethic again.

Anonymous said...

The people should just come to East Malaysia and forget all these so call 1 Malaysia concept. Its no point talking about it.. LIVE IT.

Anonymous said...

Toss the 1Malaysia concept into TONG SAMPAH!!! I thought Chinese such as Cheng Ho came to Malaya as an emissary from Great Kingdom of China. At a later times, Chinese came to work in the tin mining industry in Perak. What rubbish Nasir Safar talking??? The Indians came to Malaya to work in the rubber industry. They did not came here as beggars as alleged. No wonder Malaysia is facing some much racial problems because there are many dungus just like Nasir Safar

Anonymous said...

50 years from now, a chinese politician lay down historical facts that 50 years ago in year 2010, 90% of drug addicts at pusat serenti are "Melayu". Is that a racist remark ? I dont think so. It is just citing historical facts.

We should therefore check whether Nasir got the historical facts right about chinese and indian immigrants (50-60 years ago) when claiming what he was alleged to say. Thats all to it. Argue on facts. Thats it.

Sorry, we cant change history. If we dont like it, thats tough. Truth sometimes hurts.

Najib said...

Malaysia ia a country that never FORCES all its rakyat (the non-Muslims) to practice its lifestyle in every aspect: social, culture, religions, as well as education. Unlike in Vietnam, Indonesia, or Thailand. All people in this country are given the freedom to practice their own faith, political affiliation, and lifestyle.

we should be grateful for being in this country. Malays, Indians, Chinese, etc are ONE and let's not make an issue out of this..:)

Kay Du Lac said...

Just a thought. I do believe that the statement from Nasir is too much.
Nonetheless, one must not blame the whole race for one man's opinion over certain issue. Plus, most of the posting are right. Other races 'may be' racist too. I said 'may be'
Exp: A Chinese parliamentarian questioned why Muslims got more fund in building mosque. For me, that is a racial statement. There are more that 50% Malay Muslim in Malaysia and of course, the Muslims DESERVE more fund rite…?
BTW, the exp above was stated by PR parliamentarian ; )

darkwalker said...

I can sense that there are some intention here to divert the topic and fact that Nasir is a racist. Stop telling how good is Malaysia which we already know. Don't compare any country which is worse than us in certain areas. In the matter of fact, I find most Malaysian likes to claim that bla bla bla country is worse than us and we should be thankful (which we are). We have look forward improve our society rather than being a happy frog under the well declaring how great we are. Be realistic, humble to learn from mistakes and stop giving excuses.

Anonymous said...

aku sokong ko....dah tau awak tu orang besar pikir la dulu sebelom ckp ...kate rapat ngan PM ...hehari PM hebah sane sini 1Malaysia alih2 bole plak die buat statement cm2....huhu

Melayu Baru said...

the real problem here is the concept of 1Malaysia itself, how many time have we heard this kind of rubbish over and over again?(Malaysian Malaysia, Bangsa Malaysia) all of these concepts changed with the change of PM/rulers...so how can we expect continuation? the most funny thing is, this 1Malaysia objective is to create and sustain 'balance' among ethnics, what about unity?equality? as a Malay, i would like to apologize to all Malaysian (not chinese, Indian, etc.) as this ignorant idiot spat his words like he represent all Malays. i can assure you, this race-based politic mumbo-jumbo is at its last breath. Malaysia is for all (again, all, not ...etc). i dont deny that we still have this kind of people (racist) among us, but its not that far to change.

Melayu Baru said...

[quote]Sorry, we cant change history. If we dont like it, thats tough. Truth sometimes hurts.[Quote]

What a silly thing to say, fact is a fact but history should never be accepted as fact. we have all hear the 'fact' that UMNO is the one who get us the independence, is it really true? Tunku is the father of independents? all this you can read in tose history book written by 'historian'....remember, history is written by the dominant, elites to be exact. what about the contribution from others? just because they are not the 'elites' (traditionally) or not Malays, they are not significant? dont have your argument by stating it as 'history'...what about 'orang asli', they are here before us, Malays, whay they dont have the same privilaged? all this primordial shit is just out of hand and overrated. come on Malaysian...embrace the fact that Malaysia is for all....

Anonymous said...

What is Malaysia if there were no Chinese and Indians ?.R u kidding me?!?!

anigalla said...

It is so unfortunate that the leadership of Indian and Chinese community is not strong enough to control this kind of racist remarks. Remarks of racism against any community is the worst thing that a country can see. Worst part is the remarks made in the speech for "1MALAYSIA"? that is ridiculous. It seems like that fellow is really a moron

Anonymous said...

Hello geng...sesuatu isu akan menjadi lebih besar jika kita terlalu sensitif dengan mengenepikan kemahiran bersikap RASIONAL diri kita ketika berdepan dengan isu-isu dan sentimen seperti ini. We are very matured Malaysian. So, we must be think together how to solve the problem. Semakin kita membangkit-bangkit dan menokok tambah isu yang sedia ada dengan isu-isu lama...1Malaysia tak kan menjadi. U all tak mahu ke IMalaysia?

Anonymous said...

Good choice and vetting of the PM to choose this moron sub human specis to be his special officer at the 1Malaysia campaign. Dont you love the litany of morons in UMNO. Toyo, Taib , Aini Taib, Bung Mokh, Melaka CM, Penang UMNO-ites, Said bin Yusof...UMNO pollies need to quit politics and go into comedy.

KwOnG FeI said...

@Anonymous: A truly Malaysian will never care of the actual origins. On top of that, we are born here live here work here everything here. This is our place, this is our home.

disaapointed: but at least he had made a public apology.

@Anonymous: 1 school system is good but there are a lot of issues pertaining to the implementation.

@Anonymous: Agreed

@Anonymous: The allegations on beggars is a bit too much.

@Anonymous: I am not sure where he had learnt history during his school times.

@Najib: Agreed

@Kay Du Lac: Well, if you look into detail about this issue.. There is unequal proportion of allocatiosn for building mosque and also temples for other religions based on the Malaysia population. Sad to say when this issue is brought up, some are condemned as racist and provoke racial sentiment. We are not questioning appropriateness of the fund given. We just want a little bit more funds to build temple.

@darkwalker: Agreed. What had past is already a past, more important is now and the future. How we are going to instill back harmony among the races..

@Anonymous: seorang menteir kena berhati hati dgn perkataan beliau sebabd dia mewakili kerajaan.

@Melayu baru: agreed basically there is a number opf racist population in our country who will make racist remark on political reasons. What u had said is very true and I am glad you dare to say it as a Malay. This is because a highly sentiment Malays will never admit that. They always claim this is their land. The non Malays have no right to claim any privileges.

@Anonymous: It will turn to another Indonesia country.

@anigalia: perhaps he want to show off supremacy

@Anonymous: Kita mau 1 Malaysia. Tapi sebelum kita terima, ahli ahli politik kerajaan mesti menunjukkan semangat 1 Malaysia sebelum rakyta boleh terima. Otherwise, it is just a political gimmicks!

@Anonymous: Agreed. These are bunch of politicians who says about 1 Malaysia in front of you and do other things in reverse out of sight. I think their personal interests are above the rakyat. Why do we still need them?

Anonymous said...

macam mana nak kata 1malaysia
selagi ada koata sistem untuk bumiputra & melay di negara ni
kalau nak capai 1Malaysia buangkan koata sistem di malaysia biarkan siapa rajin dia yang dapat apa patut dia dapat
saya pun rakyat malaysia tapi saya nampak semua bangsa agama di malaysia adalah bangsa saya & agama saya
tak sisah ianya islam biddha hindu atau lain2 & tak kisah melayu china india atau yg lain2
pendapatan saya semua adalah rakyat malaysia itulah maksud !
tak kisah siapa jadi PM ke CM ke tapi kerja itu bukan senang...
sebagai seorang tanggungjawap di rumah ada 3 hingga 10 org pun bukan senang.... tapi di negara kita ada 25million org malaysia dan 3million org luar kerja dan sebagai-bagai disini
nak jaga bukan senang lah
so jangan la buat kacau..
saya memamg tak setuju orang macam datuk nasir safar (saya rasa kena buang pangkat Datuk sebenarnya. tak bermaksud kalau masih guna pada nasir safar)


Unheard Voice said...

when UMNO speaks of ketuanan melayu, it receives a storm of criticism by many..all umno bashers go to the extent of dethroning the malay rulers in the name of racial justice for the non-malays..

when DAP launched the middle malaysia in an obvious effort to revolutionize malaysia into a chauvinistic chinese state, it is well-received and they have all the rights for their own race..

where else can u find a nation in the world other than malaysia where the minority is so superior that even stating the fact of their origin is a crime and the perpetrator must be detained under ISA..

vacations said...

this is my first come to your blog,and i read agood information that you put in here..good job i like it
keep going thanks.

Deviki @ Viki said...

I got ur post from an forward email my friend to me ...after reading it i saw ur blog link and just had to comment
I too was very angry and dissapointed that there are people who talk like that and expect to be good leaders *sigh*

Neway i've notice the more we say 1Malaysia the more racist problem seem to appear......
don't u agree ?

Anonymous said...

Great blog... Keep it up...

Just goes to show that some people in Malaysia have p*g brains even though they do not eat p*rk

陈升润 said...

1 Malaysia is there within us. We're Malaysians afterall.

I loath people who looked down on other races. I loath people who doesn't know what respect is. But there is always something we can do about them.

If you don't like the politicians so much, stop voting for them and make a difference not only to yourself but for the benefit of others.

5 states have made their calls and they will stand firm. I'm proud of everyone who welcome improvement and changes as they see fit.

Great blog :)

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rizal said...

what's 1 Malaysia. there's only 1 nation called malaysia on this planet...harhar...nosense...

Paintball promote unity among ppl...come to my place ..pls vzt http://camprpg.blogspot.com

beetlejuice said...

I agree totally about your observation that racism starts in public university. And I think it is because the three main public unis in Selangor namely UM, UKM and UPM are racist themselves. They are too close to the Federal govt, thus always prone to influence by UMNO relatives, distant relatives and supporters.

I have always hated the feeling of kow-towing to obnoxious university authorities. I think they are all distantly related to UMNO.

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