Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

I am sure everyone of you does make wishes when a new year kicks in. As for me, my wishes will be roughly the same each year. I am contented with who I am, my family, my friends and my wife, Canon G 10. So, I just wish that my family is blessed with happiness, healthiness and wealthiness. I placed priority to my family then only to my circle of friends. To my dear friends, I do wish that our friendship will be eternal and may there are more happenings among us. Wait for more activities! Talking about dream, it is something usually hard to achieve compared to wishes. We often hear the word ‘day dreaming’ where one can have imagination beyond their thoughts. I have my own dream too. I dream to become the first Chinese Prime Minister and unite all the races hence rejuvenating the bangsa Malaysia. However, the ‘dirtiness’ of the local politics made me sick of it. Besides that, I do dream to have a new car. Why do I say dream rather than a wish? This is because I’m not from a rich family and thus I need to consider the financial ability. As long as my current cars are functioning, why do we need a new one? Thus, it will always remain a dream to have a new car. I am sure many of you do share the same dream. Who do not want a new car, right? I will change it to become a wish when I officially graduated and start working. My parents are not the owner of petrol station or jewellery shop! The year of tiger does bring significant meaning to me. Proudly to say that I was born in the year of tiger which usually symbolises power, strong and independency. In light of the year of tiger, I wish to be a bit greedy and aim for DREAMS. So, if I was given RM 8888 (an Ong number) dropped from the sky, I would?
  1. Change my current handphone to an iphone. Iphone has now become a trend and I will be totally lagged behind if I do not grab the latest technology. With it, I can install GPS so that I won’t be lost in my way. I had used my current phones for about 2 years + and I think it’s time for a change.
  2. Buy an Adidas sportshoe and an Adidas handpouch. Despite having an Adidas cloth, it is always my dream to have a sportshoe too so that I can run smoothly and comfortably. Why do I need a handpouch? With it, I can easily put my handphone as well as car keys when I go for jogging. It will be troublesome to have them kept in pocket while jogging. The last time I checked the price for this small tiny handpouch costs approximately RM 40+.
  3. Buy a Swatch watch. Time is important to me and I need to check the time frequently. With a stylish and durable watch, it can inform me on timing 24 hours a day. With that, I will never be late for any appointments.
  4. Buy a pair of G2000 formal wear and pant. To look elegant is to wear elegantly. By working in a professional field, it is utmost important to wear a good attire. I usually pass by G2000 shops but never try on the clothes as it is way too expensive for me.
  5. Buy a SEED blazer or coat. I had used my friend SEED blazer before and the cutting and design look good for youngsters. I do not own any blazer currently and I was longing for one long time ago as I may need to attend formal functions occasionally.
  6. Buy a new laptop. I have been using a desktop computer since small and I think it’s time for me to own a laptop so that I can move around anytime and anywhere with my own laptop. I had seen people surfing the net in the Starbucks, café, McD and so on but never experiencing that before.
  7. To treat my family an auspicious dinner at Six Happiness Restaurant. Actually, any restaurant will do so long it is a dinner with my dearest family members. I have quite a big number of family members. Normally, it is usually my sister, her boyfriend or brother in law who treated the family as they are now working adults. Well, you can't expect a poor student like me to treat the family a shark fin soup or an abalone. I hope that I can performed responsibilities of part of the family.
  8. To go for vacation to Bangkok with my friends. I have been to China, Hong Kong and Australia before with my family. It’s time for me to have a backpack vacation with my own friends. I am sure the experiences will be greatly differ when we go travelling with friends. With that, I need financial support or otherwise it would be merely a dream. Besides that, I also want to be there to watch a live tiger show. Well, it is time for me to see things an adult should see. Haha.
With the above 8 dreams, I hope I can achieve all in the year of tiger. To ensure that, let’s cross check the expected expenditures to achieve the dreams.
Dream 1 = RM 2000 Dream 2 = RM 350 Dream 3 = RM 350 Dream 4 = RM 400 Dream 5 = RM 400 Dream 6 = RM 3500 Dream 7 = RM 888 Dream 8 = RM 1000
May the God of Fortune fulfill all my dreams. To do so, I will take part in a Tiger run organized by Tiger Beer this weekend if and only if I was selected. It will be definitely a great way to usher the year of tiger by running towards achieving my dreams. Let’s cross finger and pray hard for me.


Su YSW said...

Hey for Dream 8! Rm1k is good enough for backpacking! But faster book the flights when promotions is on!!

Ah Mei said...

Nice.. do share ur "dreams" with me when u are selected for tiger run :P

Ken Wooi said...

it's always about dreams and wishes when it comes to such festivals.. hehe.. all the best! =)

Mabel Low said...

All the best mate! For me, i only wish i could get a dSLR by this year. Somehow, i doubt i will. :S

KwOnG FeI said...

@Su: faster make ur bangkok posting yea...

@Ah mei: going for the run later

@ken: thanks

@Mabel: jia you in achieving ur dreams!

me said...

great blog. ant to link exchange?

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