Sunday, February 21, 2010

CNY 2010 Day 1: Bai Nian

The Tiger Chinese New Year 2010 celebration was held in a super duper hot season. As usual, the Chinese will wear everything newly brought if possible and will give red colour as priority. Some even wear red underwear or bra to symbolise 'ong' or 'huat' or 'fortune and luck'. Me and my family visited older or higher rank relatives as early as 9.30 am. We had our early breakfast before starting off our journey. At each pit stop (houses), we were forced indirectly to drink at least one drink either carbonated or packaged drink and to eat the snack foods of vast variety. I wonder how much sugar and salt that I had consumed. About the 'bai nian' session, it is nothing new but usual chatting, updating information, 3 8'ing for aunties and talking rumours. Perhaps, the new discovery in this time 'bai nian' session is the below family tree photo that I would like to share with my readers.
What is your first impression when you see this picture? Do you think that the family tree is a lot? Then, you are wrong. The above picture is just a part of the whole family tree. It consists of 5 generations with about 70 + people. The number is even more than you can imagine. We were totally shock to discover the number of the family tree upon seeing this picture hanged on the wall.
Nothing much to update for Day 1. Perhaps, my whole body was sweating crazily until I can feel each drops of the sweat. More interesting story will be on Day 2 which I went back to my hometown. Again, I would like to wish all my readers 'Happy Chinese New Year!'.

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KwOnG FeI said...

backup system on 7/3/2010

tekkaus : many of your family members post together. War...what big family. :)

KF: Actually, the family portrait is not belong to my family.. it belongs to my dad elder sister who is fortunate and lucky to have 5 generations.. She herself has 7 children if not mistaken and she is still tough and healthy. .

Quirky : The more the merrier

KF: yea.. and the more ang pow too..too bad not a part of that family but managed to grab 3 angpow from dat home..wakakaka

Hooihoon: ur not in the family tree`s photo??i cant spot u in that photo..btw,ur hands pose is wrong!!! hahaa....

KF: dat is not my family but my relative. Aik.. the hands macam wrong wor.. aiya.. big mistake :p

wen pink : Happy Chinese New Year,
Kwong Fei!!! :) Get more angpows!!
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KF: HappY CNY pinky wen pink~

Su YSW : wow! A super big family (hahaha.. also represent super a lot of ang pow) hahahaha

KF: yea.. if i were in that family, gonna be super rich~

xjion89 : hahaha, it was super hot tis day! I was drinking like crazy as well!!!! looking red thre^^ hv a great Tiger Year again~~~~~~~~
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KF: i was drinking a can of shandy every day.. haha :)

Grey Ang : walao eh! now that's one huge ass family you have! @__o i think my whole family add together oso dun have 20 ppl, lol.
must be lotsa fun meeting all the family and friends! :D
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KF: cham lor.. let me clarify again.. not my family ar....
my dad punya elder sister family.. : wow u hv big big family. yes, i bath with sweat during cny!

we as blogger from asia should help each others in digg, i added u as my friend in digg and will digg all ur post! Hope you will do the same!

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