Saturday, February 6, 2010

A & W Restaurant, Giant CMC

What is your favourite fast food restaurants? McD? KFC? Burger King? Popeye? Check here if you want to know comparison between Ayam Goreng McD Spicy versus KFC Chicken. Today, I want to cover an once upon a time favourite fast food restaurant, A & W. Basically, this A & W seem to undergo extinction as it is not growing compared to McD or KFC. I think it is lacking of advertising or marketing strategies. Do you remember seeing A & W ads in TV or newspapers? Alright, lets check their menus.
I heard coney dog and mozza burger are nice. Their golden aroma chicken is of no competition with KFC and McD ayam goreng. Check comparison here. These are the combo sets come with a root beer and a French fries.
These are the value treats for those small eater. Add on RM 1.90 for a root beer (R) and RM 1.90 for a French fires (R). If you were to take the two add ons, its better to take the classic combo set. A & W Bearly meals.. cute name~ Should try bring Jun Jun to this place but he is number 1 fan of McD.
The A & W root beer drink machine.
Welcome to A & W!~
The all time favourite A & W root beers. I do prefer the plain one but occasionally I will add the ice cream float.
Cheese burger, RM 8.50
A & W french fries which is of 'no fight' with McD french fries.
Grilled chicken burger, RM 8.50.
For those Kad Mesra holders, present you card and you will get free scoops of ice cream when you made purchase above RM 20.
Waffles with double scoop ice cream, RM 6.70.
This is the first time I eat waffles at A & W. It seem that many especially the girls like their waffles so much. I also get to know the proper way of eating this waffles. Press and spread the ice cream evenly on the surface before eating. On my another visit, I tried their Prosperity Burger but did not take any pictures. I am sure many of you may not aware the existence of such prosperity burger compared to the one offered by McD. Overall, A & W is good for once in a blue moon visit, when other fast food restaurant like KFC or McD are full house, when you want some 'peace' environment or when you want to drink the root beer. The outlet I visited is at Giant CMC which stands for Giant Connaught Market Center (CMC).


Baboon Tan said...

A&W without root beer and waffle = can close down A&W already. =)

burger = S**K
fried chicken = S**K

baby said...

i've not been to a&w for a long time. all time favourite is root beer (with or without ice cream). used to buy the waffle with ice cream. and used to like the chickens.

Tekkaus said...

It's been a long, long time since I last have any A &W. :) But I love their float.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

omg, din eeat A$W for N years~~~haha, and u can buy using touch and go , rite?^^

btw, added ur link under my blogroll~~~haha, nice meeting u^^

Wen Pink said...

i love their float root beer!! VERY MUCH! and also their strawberry waffles! damn nice!

Anonymous said...

Jian : Ops Fei I think It was Beef burger I had. And someone ate Delight burger. Definitely. I think KP had some chicken thingy. arr retrograde amnesia.
But the rootbeer is always nice!
And they used to have Tuna burger (which was so nice too)
Try connie dog next time. Not bad one :)

KwOnG FeI said...

@Baboon: agreed.. actually, to be honest, i dunno the existence of wwaffles until my friend, jian who was dying for it asked us for a try..

@baby @tekkaus: :
a & w undergo extinction so that u hardly find 1 outlet nearby

@xjion: huh.. buying using touch n go? serious or nt? next time if there is i will check..

@wen pink: you are same like my friends

@jian: contradicting statement. She actually had a cheese burger. Haha

Pete said...

Its KFC Fried Chicken for me, Mc D Double cheese burger and A& W Coney Dog for me!

Irenelim said...

CMC -> Connaught Market Center! Oh... now I know. Haha...

Haven't had A&W for a long time liao... kinda miss the root beer after reading your post.

KwOnG FeI said...

@Pete: i havent try the coney dog yet.. heard a lot of good compliments on it..

@irenelim: haha..go for your root beer!

stephy-nie said...

their burger not bad weh. especially the cheese wan. me like. :) and curly fries. and float. and waffles. and coney dog!!

I miss A&W de..

but there abit more exp i think..

KwOnG FeI said...

@stephy: yeap..slightly higher but if u go McD after the lunch period, then the price would be roughly the same

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