Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tiara Bistro & Fun Pub @ Sandakan

Tired of working? Stress with your works? Wanna break free for a moment? Let's go for a drink to ease tension and unchained yourself. This around we went to the Tiara Bistro & Fun Pub located at Sandakan town. 

For the first round, we ordered bottles of Heineken @ RM 42.00 for 4 bottles. So, we ordered two sets with the amount of RM 84.00. Price exclusive of 10% service charge, RM 8.40 and 5% government tax, RM 4.20 which gave the grand amount of RM 96.60.  

There is cheap hot stone pot rice set @ RM 10 nett. This set is inclusive of a glass of Pepsi or 7-Up, cheap isn't? Not sure about the taste as our stomach already filled up prior to coming here. 

I'm sure you guys want to know the range of liquors price here. Well, have a look. 

How about other beverages?

The pub which was crowded with party goers as time was getting late. 

There is live band show which if not mistaken scheduled at 11 pm. 

Next round, we ordered the Beer Tower - Tiger Draught @ RM 75 all night long.  10% service charge, RM 7.50 and 5% government tax, RM 3.75 are applicable which bring the grand amount of RM 86.25.

Pitcha time!

Dai wah sik game 

The pretty girls..

And wouldn't be complete with handsome guys.. + cute. xD

Going wild outside Tiara Bistro. 

Intoxicating outside Tiara Bistro before going for next round yum cha session.

Break free yourself now, I mean now!


Tiara Club Lounge
Consistent Legacy Sdn. Bhd.
Bl 217, Jalan Leila,
90000 Sandakan.
Tel: 089-275175
Fax: 089-216466

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