Friday, March 11, 2011

Pusat Makanan Laut Pasir Putih Baru @ Sandakan

Seafood is synonym with the Sandakan town as one can find cheap and fresh seafood compared to the West. Hence, I would like to introduce a favourite spot for eating seafood, Pasir Putih Biru Seafood Restaurant which is located far end of Sandakan town. 

Talking about freshness, the raw seafood are obtained from the daily catches by the Filipinos (I supposed). Hence, you get to choose yours pick.

Price of the seafood here based on weight.

Introducing to you the local product, Steamed Sabah Escargot @ RM 40.00 (2kg). If you are visiting Sandakan, you will never miss from eating this local favourite. Seriously, I eat this until sienz. 

Garlic Nanila Clams @ RM 40.00 (2 kg). Similarly, this is the next a must order local favourite. This is much better than the escargot. 

Belacan Sabah Vegetables @ RM 25.00. 

House Special Tauhu @ RM 20.00. Sedap, sedap!

Teo Chew Steamed Grouper @ RM 42.00 (1.5kg). It wasn't taste nice in such cooking style. 

Butter Nud Crab @ RM 44.00 (2.2 kg). 

The makan kakis~

Solo expression~

The leng chais

The self portrait

Give a try!

Pusat Makanan Laut Pasir Putih (Baru),
Mile 2 1/2, Jalan Batu Sapi,
PO Box No. 2251,
90725 Sandakan, Sabah.

Tel: 089-612863
HP: 013-8869888, 012-8175828


Nava Krishnan said...

Have tastes similar food when I was in Sabah although not the restaurant at Sandakan you are sharing. Sabah veg and seafood is tasty and very reasonably price.

dayahdayah said...

macam mahal je. worth it ke?

zamre said...

Sangat menyeronokkan pengembaraan di Sabah berserta makanannya

buku dakwah said...

wonderful pic, i think that show u how very great food are there....

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