Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gurney Drive Food Court @ Penang

Cravings for Penang food? Where else other than the Gurney Drive Food Court aka the food paradise of which you can find all the cheap  and tasty signature foods of Penangites.

We took no delay to start order the food from various stalls in this food court. You can sit at any tables and make orders from any stall. During the peak hours, it is somehow difficult to get a seat and the staff might not be able to deliver your ordered food in time due to the crowd and too many customers. 

Penang Asam Laksa enriched with Penang har guo (prawn shrimps)

Fried oyster (蚝煎)

Fried chicken skin..A must try!


Wantan mee

Penang Rojak

The Food kakis

The full name of the place 'Kompleks Makanan dan Minuman Persiaran Gurney'.

This gentlemen is spotted doing a free exhibition. He will make different poses and then freeze himself for a period of time. You can take photos but do not touch him otherwise his silver lining will be destroyed.  If you have extra coins or cash, you may consider donating to him for the exhibition. 

Next, we go tour around the classy G Hotel @ Gurney Drive. 

Alright, cam whoring session started.

The atrium lobby is placed with specially selected collection of designer furniture. 

High rated, clean and superb toilet with an aquarium inside. Fulamak~

The top pic is the G Lounge (open concept lounge with live entertainment) which is opened from 10 am to 1 am. 

You should know well it is very difficult to park your car along the Gurney Drive. Hence, I would suggest you to park your car at Gurney Plaza and walk for a short distance. That's better than worrying if your car blocked others, safety of your car and even worse is no parking at all. 

Gurney Drive Food Court definitely a food paradise for Penang local delicacies. Try-la!

Persiaran Gurney aka Gurney Drive,
Pulau Pinang.


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vivacioushun said...

Penang food is yummy! *drooling*hahaha stumbled upon your blog when googling for kamal bookstore ~_~"

angclg said...

nice post for gurney drive food court.

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