Monday, March 28, 2011

Sanbanto Pork Lover Cafe @ SS2

Are you a PORK lover? If yes, then you should give a try to this 'premium' pork by Sanbanto located at SS2. When we say about premium, we gotta to pay premium price as well. Let's check it out. 

Wei Jie with a big menu placed at the entrance. Jom masuk and see.

All the meats here are freshly prepared and you can actually buy the fresh meats and cook it yourself. 

The kitchen 

Well, we are know the fact that imported meats are frozen meats. Basically, all meats are frozen meats unless you rear a cow and chop it into pieces at your own house. Then, how Sanbanto able to keep the freshness of these meats?

The answer is simple of which the storage of the meat is in the restaurant itself. Hence, those meats can be freshly prepared daily according to demand of the customers. BTW, I don't really like the service offered by the above female staff. That lady wasn't friendly when taking our order and all she know was to speak her English in Western slang. I would say she is quite cocky.

The mirror effect

Talking about pig or pork, no else can tell you better than Suk Yen. Indeed, she was the one who suggested this place and she seemed very excited dining in here eating her pork. 

So, which part of the pork that you want to taste? Front, rear, sideways? If I am not mistaken, pig is the animal where all its parts are consumable. I like the above illustration, it just so cute. 

Couldn't remember what was the occasion that brought all of us together here.

Wanna give a try to this hard to pronounce beer? Say Y-en steffan aka Weihenstephan beer from the world's oldest brewery. There are 3 types which is capped at RM 28 nett:
  1. Hefeweissbier
    - A cloudy wheat beer with a smooth malt background, enriched with yeast flavours, spicy with fruity banana overtones.
  2. Hefeweissbier Dunkel
    - A dark wheat beer with dark malt flavours enriched with fruitiness of banana, hints of apple and cinnamon.
  3. Kristallweissbier
    - A crystal clear filtered wheat beer free of yeast enriched with banana and tropical fruit flavours.
FYI, Weihenstephan is part of Freising north of Munich, Germany. Benedictine Weihenstephan Abbey founded and established the oldest still operating brewery in the world. The brewery is now a company called Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan (Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan)


Carbonara Spaghetti @ 17.00.
(with Wild Mushroom and Bacon)

Small Suk Yen and Big Suk Yen.

Sanbanto Bacon and Cheese Burger @ RM 17.00
(Sanbanto Home Made Patty with Straight Cut Fries) 

Double Decker Mushroom Sandwich @ RM 12.00
(with Bacon & Toasted Germany Rye)

Wei Jie and Sue Zin

Short Rib Spaghetti in Brown Sauce and Basil @ RM 21.00.

Boon Jin and ME

Braised Pork Knuckles in Demi-Glace @ RM 25.00
(with Garden Greens and Mash Potato)

What are you waiting for? Resist no more and start try the fresh and succulent pork!

*Price is exclusive of 5% service charge.

32, SS2/63,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-78761728


maro^gal said...

hehe i tried the set lunch before, the food is nice and their serving portion is huge!!

Anonymous said...

Went to SS2 branch.
Service is BAD. Staff is RUDE.
Tried to buy some fresh pork too. Got scolded for asking them to cut up for me.

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