Wednesday, July 21, 2010

UCSI University Convocation Briefing, 20th July 2010

If you miss the briefing session, no worry. This post will give you exclusive coverage from A-Z for the briefing session held on 20th July 2010 at DeTSAR. However, since I am lacking of sleeping time, I will try to write less as pictures speak thousand of words.

I'm not sure who was the emcee for this briefing session but it wasn't a boring one but instead quite entertaining.

Listen attentively to the briefing session.

Reach to the university as early as possible to get yourself a parking and to avoid unwanted circumstances.

These are the standard rules apply to all universities in the world. No handbags, cameras (my wife gonna be upset for that) etc.

For my graduation, it will be in the morning session. Are you free to attend?

These are the rooms where the graduands are required to gather.

Don't look here and there. Just walk straight.

As mentioned, it will be full of speeches non stop.

The emcee showing the correct way of shaking hands and collecting your scroll.

Check out the appropriate route that you should not deviate.

A new term 'no kidnapping' which refers to the incident where certain parents will drag their children out from the queue and take pictures elsewhere.

Do take the studio photo earlier. Imagine if hundreds of people are queuing up for the photo session. it will take quite some time.

Too good to be truth. Children below 12 years old are not allowed to enter as what if the children cry when the GOH or dignitaries are giving out speeches.

If you see clearly, graduands is the term used instead of graduates. Before graduation, you are called as graduands but after receiving your scroll, you will then become graduates.

Don't show up your tummy.

Don't show up your valuable asset. (quoted from the MC)

That's pretty cool of wearing your mortar board, isn't it? A no no situation!

Shall I get myself a jacket?

Volunteers are called up tp the stage to demonstrate the correct way of wearing the gown.

Audience are well entertained by funny gestures and jokes made by the emcee to keep the briefing session simple and lively.

Graduands are queuing up to get their whole set of gown.

No doubt. It's pitcha time!

Graduation preview by Wei Kiat & Jivanraj.

That's all for now. An early congratulations to all the graduands from the UCSI University.

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v!vi@n said... are graduating??? so fast...i still have 2 years to go leh....

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