Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Project Alpha Ruumz Daily Contest

Project Alpha Ruumz Daily Contest was held from 19 April till 7 June 2010 whereby participants are required to watch the Project Alpha Season 2. There were 5 questions a day and 5 daily winners will be selected. Sponsors of prizes were Adidas, P1 and ruumz.

In addition, for those who answer all the 50 daily questions, 3 winners with the highest amount of correct answers will win the Grand Prize. 

I am pleased to announce that 3 of us (Me, Vun and Joshua) had won several prizes in this contest. So, we met up together and headed towards Nuffnang office. It was a long journey after wrongly calculated the distance from my home.

Fresh, Me, Joshua and Vun

Fresh is working internship at Nuffnang. She can be spotted in every movie screening and major events. So, what were the prizes we had won?

Vun was the daily winner for 3 days. He got himself a P1 bag pack, 3 Adidas deodorant rolls, a ruumz pillow and a T-shirt.

As like Vun, Joshua was the winners for 3 days also out of 50 days. He also received the same prizes.

Prizes prizes prizes..

Proudly to announce as well, Joshua was one of the winner in the Project Alpha Ruumz Daily Contest Grand Prize Winners. He got third place and let's see what he had won.
  1. P1 W1MAX HomeLite subscription for 1 year worth RM 687 + P1 Wiggy Prepaid worth RM 199
  2. Adidas Action 3 hamper (includes an adidas Jabulani Edition South Africa 2010 football) worth RM 200
  3. Goodie bag with exclusive ruumz merchandise
Wow.. that was worth more than 1K ++ prizes! However, he was unable to collect the prizes as they are not delivered to Nuffnang office yet. So, Joshua will need to drop by here again. Haha.

Alright, how about me? Nothing much as I only participated till second week (14 days) and got myself as a winner on Day 11. So, I got myself an Adidas deodorant and a ruums note book. 

I shall participate more and thus can win more prizes. Haha. However, from third weeks onwards, it was my final exam period and thus I didn't participate the contest. Once the exam was over, I think I filled most of the time travelling and eating with my friends and lost interest in this contest. xD. Sorry KY for not watching your video clips!

At the same time when we were collecting prizes at Nuffnang office, we met with TianChad and his female friend who both were the winner for BlackBerry phones!! Congrats to both of them!!  

To go to Nuffnang office, you can take Monorail to Medan Tunku. Then, walk towards Sheraton Hotel. The building where Nuffnang is located is known as the Heritage House which is situated behind the Sheraton Hotel.  

Nuffnang office address:
12B-5 & 12B-6, Heritage House,
33 Jalan Yap Ah Shak,
50300 Kuala Lumpur.
Office number: 03 2694 8828

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