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PharmRace @ Taman Jubli Perak

That was me and Kuan Poh after changing to the NOGAPS 2010 T-shirt which has chemical structure rings printed on it. We were required to wear the given T-shirt and a track bottom.

We also brought along the given goodies bag in red which contains a multicolour changeable pen and a note book bearing the word 'NOGAPS 2010'. The organisers must had spent a lot in giving away a lot of freebies to us.

Top left: Thien Jian & Siew Hoon
Top right: Elashinee & Siew Hoon
Bottom left: The sweet couple
Bottom right: Jaycyntha

Taking pictures in the bus boarding us to the destination, Taman Jubli Perak in Kedah not Perak!

Top: My 'PINK' group
Bottom right: Group cheering before starting the game

Listening to the instructions given by the game master.

To begin with, we had this special 'event'. There were these writing/ drawing materials and other items scattered on the front of the stage as you can see on your left picture. Leaders from respective groups were then required to fight against themselves and grabbed as many items as possible for the use in drawing the flag unique to the respective groups. They fought and pushed each other while grabbing greedy as many items as possible for their own groups. I was thrilled by such arrangement as this involved our leaders to join the game as well rather than just standing and observing. thumbs up!

Amy Chuah (UM) and Sifa were the key players in our group as they were both creative and have a lot of ideas. Since the theme for our group is pink and Jay got herself a pink ribbon, we decided to make a love shape using the pink ribbon. Since we did not able to grab a glue, I suggested them to make hole using the cloth aka flag given to attach the ribbon.

While they were busing decorating, I managed to snap pictures of other groups who were also busy decorating their flag. If not mistaken, we were given 15 minutes to finish our task.

Every one was busy discussing on how to decorate their flag to make it distinguishable and unique to their respective groups.

Can you see it? The heart shape was formed! Next phase was to decorate the plain flag.

Alright, this was the outcome from this group! Wave your flag!

We had done ours too. But, we were deeply saddened when we learnt that we had turn upside down of the flag thus there was no pocket for the wood stick to be inserted. Nonetheless, after several seconds of nervous'ing when the gamemaster had announced it was time up, we managed to grab a cellophane type to stick the flag onto the stick wood. Glad it can now be waveable!

Top: Azry, Me and Shahil
Bottom left: Boon Jin, Yen Moi and SukYen
Bottom right: Chia Wen, Wee Ling and Kuan Poh

After the flag making activity, we then proceeded with a solving equation + a drug related question. The drug related question was about Dapsone which is antileprotic drugs. For paucibacillary leprosy (borderline-tuberculoid, tuberculoid and indeterminate), it uses two-drug regimen. 
  1. Rifampicin 600 mg once-monthly (450 mg for those weighing less than 35 kg)
  2. Dapsone 100 mg daily, self-administered (50mg daily or 1–2 mg/kg daily for adults weighing less than 35 kg)
So, the answer for that questions should be:

Paucibacillary leprosy adult treatment,
Once a month: Day 1: 2 capsule of rifampicin 300 mg
                                       1 tablet of dapsone 100 mg
Once a day: Day 2-28: 1 tablet  of dapsone 100 mg
Full course: 3 blister packs (1 blister pack = 10 pills)

Since we were not provided with Drug Information, MIMS or BNF, we certainly cracking our head for this question. I do recall studying this drug but couldn't remember the dose. =,=''                       

Next station, I would labeled it 1 Malaysia station. We were required to read tongue twister in English, Mandarin and Tamil in unison. If we were found not to have an 'united sound', we have to repeat the tasks again. Thank Go, Boon Jin was in the group, otherwise, no other will know how to read the Mandarin words!

Next station was should be named as 'Be Good or Better Pharmacy'. Couldn't recall exactly the name. We need to run here and there around the Sungai Petani town.

Upon reaching, we were required to list a number of items in the pharmacy with the total price of a given amount. With so many people stuffed inside the pharmacy, I think the owner will now regret to let us use his/ her premise for this task. The customers will be shocked to see huge number of people in here.

As a prove, the top picture was the Sungai Petani river. Don't believe me again? Check the bottom right. Run, faster run.. we must be ahead of other teams!

Our next destination was to the Store shopping centre specifically the McDonalds.Upon reaching, I bought myself an ice cream sundae cone while waiting the arrival of my other teammates. Our next task was to find a guy and turned him into a girl using the given RM 20 notes.

Shamil was the lucky one and then we were divided into two teams. One team was to look for female outfit while another team was to look for make up! Alright, bottom left was our Ms. Shamil. Thanks for your sportmanship!

Since there were so many people of us running around the shopping mall, we were then stopped by the security guards. Big ranks officers came in and we have to stop our game since they claimed we did not have the permission to do our activities here.

In fact, letters of approval were obtained earlier but they did not bring it along. Thus, the committee members needed to go back and obtained the letter of approval and deal with the officers to let us continue our game. I knew that we were in a huge group but we were not just carrying out activities here but also make transactions with the shops here. Earlier, we bought the female outfits using MONEY and later on for the next task, we dine at one of the restaurant here.

After about 30 minutes ++ oof stoppage time, we were then allowed to carry out our activities but must now make big movement or disturbed the other customers.

Our next station was this Thai restaurant serving very hot and spicy tom yam. We were required to finish the whole bowl of extra hot and spicy tom yam with no water given. The little girl in red was captured by Jaycyntha.

Next, we run, run and run towards an unknown area. We were told that the next station was nearby the bus station and after few minutes of searching, we finally reached there.

The committee members were busy chatting while waiting our arrivals. In this station, we were required to dig out as many marbles, stones etc from the pale of water with soap using CHOPSTICK!

Alright, it was time for team work!

After the task, we were then required to finish out about 5 cups of iced blended red beans. Since we were in hurry, we immediately suck the drinks causing out mouth to numb for seconds. Then only we ate the red beans as well as the ice. Argg...freezing cold! 

Our next stop was to a famous Chinese hawker stalls located somewhere out of sight. We went to 'lorong belakang' aka back lane, calling for HELP and even asking directions from the patrol cars by the committee members before being able to find this place. FYI, all the group leaders were from Year 1 students who are new to this town yet. 

At here, we were required to solve a question involving years. Once we figured the answer let say 2010, we then have to find any coins bearing the year 2010. They told us to ask from the hawkers operators nearby and we were like ..what? It was like disturbing them and did not make business with them. So, instead of that, we grabbed out our wallets and started to search the specified coins. Luckily, we managed to find out all the required coins.

Next, where? It was the final station back to the starting point at Taman Jubli Perak. At here, there were 3 committee members waiting for us.

We were then required to perform some tasks on the brown paper eg putting 10 legs and 6 hands only on the brown paper and cannot have any body parts touching outside the area of the paper. Sounds familiar right?

When we reached here, there was another group racing against us. We were given a question which then answered a few seconds earlier by that group which then the committee member declared the group was the third group while my group was fourth. For the last game, the brown paper, we were instead finished the tasks earlier than that group.

Judging based on previous round or perhaps we may give a wrong answer, the final result was that group being crowned third while we remained fourth. Anyway, winning or losing is no big deal so long we cultivated good friendship among us.

While waiting the other groups to arrive, we then walked around the park and took some pictures. This is a public garden and surprisingly there are animals being kept here. Unlike in KL, you need to pay to see and visit the animals. As seen, deers and rabbits are saying Hello to you!

Peacock? and birds

There were 5 of us: me, kelvin Fong, Boon Jin, Jaycyntha and Ms. X

Bottom right: Hot pictha of Kelvin Fong and Boon Jin 'sticking' together

Taught them on how to jump correctly and in a stylish way.

When my 'turtles' friends arrived and saw us taking such photos, I was being forced and demanded to take similar photos. Arggg .. I alwalys being bullied. Sob.

Presenting you the Miss UCSI University!~~~

After some many rounds of photo taking, the last group which consists of Wee Ling and Kuan Poh finally arrived.
Top left: Kuan Poh was looking down to block his face when I asked 'loser, come take a picture'. I knew I am bad.
FYI, this group love Sungai Petani town very much. They walked passed the Sg Petani river and the town 3 x more than us simply because they were headed into wrong route. HAHA.

Bottom left: taking picture with Joanna, the chairman of NOGAPS 2010!! She was very friendly.

Top left: It Seang, Quan, Tricia and Shereen
Top right: Choon Zhi and I
Bottom left: Kuan Poh and I

Group photos~

Last but not least, let me show you a video clip on GIRL GOSSIP headed by Gossip Queen, Ms. Thien Jian.


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@vivian: i'm actually an ucsi student but went to aimst for a national gathering~~

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