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UCSI University's Library

The newly renovated UCSI University's Library is now comprising four floors instead of three previously. The classrooms area used to be for A-Levels students had been renovated and become the main entrance and administration unit of the library including the red-spots, CCTV and offices. 

At the Ground Floor aka the main entrance, there is this Self-Check spot beside the counters. Despite trying to figure what it is, we still do not know what is the function of this 'thing'. No where in the library or the UCSI website mention about this erected spot.

OPAC? It stands for Online Public Assess Catalog which is an online databases of books or simply the library catalog. This is meant for students to search and locate the books in the library. The name looks cool, right? Well, actually it is just another spot for you to access the website before logging into the UCSI website account and start searching your books as usual. As seen, you need to stand while searching and even queue up if there are a lot of people. Well, it does has it own purpose as it mainly used for a quick search and not for surfing net purpose. On the latter, you can do so at the computer laboratory. Don't know where? Let me bring you there in a short while.

This is the view of the Ground Floor with model, Thien Jian doing a cat-walk. At the Ground Floor, as mentioned earlier, we have the Red Spots, OPAC, Self-Check, few study tables and cosy sofas.

This is the First Floor where it houses the private discussion rooms (about 5-6), study tables scattered all over the place and few shelves for various types of dictionaries. There is no books stored at this floor as it main purpose is for discussion area. 

Besides that, there is also a canteen located right in front of the First Floor entrance which is air conditioned.

This is the view of the Ground Floor cosy sofas taken from the First Floor at the Canteen. It's quite relaxing to be seated there while escaping the hot weather outside.

The view of the First Floor.

Next, we move one floor up to the Second Floor where all the library resources are located. All books except the medicines, pharmacy and nursing are placed in the yellow shelves as you can seen at the back of the above picture.

Students studying in the library.

I spotted Wee Ling and Chui Wei who were busy studying.

And of course, it will be a 'pitcha' time.

On the other table, we have Suk Yen, Shin Ying and Poh Chin seemed to have a group discussion. Hey, teach me too!

On another occasion, I managed to spot Siew Hoon who were busing checking Applied Therapeutics books perhaps for PBL session.

These where the newly bought tables and chairs. It was far better than those days and more comfortable.

At the most right of the First Floor, there is this stretch of single study table meant for those who opt to study alone. At here, it faces exactly opposite the MPH or the multipurpose hall. So, when you are tired of studying, perhaps you can check out some young gentleman playing basketball just in front of you.

This few yellow shelves stored the books meant for medicines, pharmacy and nursing only. It is located opposite the main store/ shelves as in previous picture. Wee Ling (left), Chui Wei (right) and Me would like to show you the books stored here. xD

Wee Ling and Chui Wei checking out the Pharmacology books.

This is the main store of books.

Chui Wei and I

Now, moving up is the Third Floor where it houses the computer laboratories. The computers as in above picture are meant for public uses where one can log in using their student's ID and password.

Front view.

There are about 3-4 computers classroom meant for those studying IT and related courses. These classrooms are open for public use only after the class session. There is a timetable pasted on the main door/ entrance for you to check the time.

Melissa was using the printer service. 

One can print unlimited number of papers FOC. As usual, just simply log in and print your documents. There are 4 computers altogether instead of 3 previously before renovation. 

Yen Moi was using the printer service.

YM and SH were the usual two buddy who fully utilised the printer service to print the guidelines. The guidelines for management of diseases can take up to hundreds of pages and it will be only wise to print it here.

However, as a civilised people, one should bear in mind the queue behind him/her. If they were to print a lot of documents, get to the library early or find other day with lesser people to print. PLEASE DON"T ADD YOUR NAME TO MY CURSE LIST of which I experienced waiting for about 1 hour for my queue previously.

In another perspective, if you were to print 1 or 2 pages, why don't go to the photostat centre located at the University or outside the shop to print instead of waiting here. It's just 10 cents per piece. Be wise, think twice.

Ivan and Wei Yau were using the printer.

Here is where all the 3 printers located. The printer showed in previous picture is located at another area meant for 'experienced users' and to avoid congestion at this area.

Finally, we have this bookdrop meant for you to drop your borrowed book instead of going to the counter. I must say that I never see any people using it before. =.=''

This plaque stating the university vision and mission is placed everywhere around the University. I wonder any of the student really read it. 

As conclusion, the newly renovated library looks great but the number of books remained the same. Perhaps, they were trying to increase the number of books in stages. To my observation, after the renovation, the library is usually full of people at all times. It is really difficult to get a seat unless you come here earlier. Even the private discussion room also were fully booked a day before. 

That's all??? 4 Floors library?? Yes it is! This library serves students from North and South Wing. It will be a problem for students in the North Wing to come over to borrow the books.

Operating hours.

Monday to Friday     :    8.00 am - 9.00 pm
Saturday & Sunday  :    9.00 am - 1.00 pm
Public Holidays        :    Closed.

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