Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cafe 101 @ Puchong

Today, I would like to recommend you Iced Coffee King, a signature drink at Cafe 101 at Puchong. You will be given a glass of iced black coffee cubes, sugar, milk and hot coffee. To show how to mix the coffee, we have 2 models which are Suk Yen and Wee Ling.     


First demonstration is by Suk Yen. Pour the sugar and milk in the amount you wish into the hot coffee. Then, slowly pour the hot mixture into the glass of iced black coffee cubes. Mix well.  


Next demonstration is by Wee Ling. Use the same way but she added it with good facial expression. Accordingly, the drinks really taste nice but slightly costly. Thumbs up!

Chie Chek & Siew Hoon

I'm having a carrot juice drink while Wei Kiat had honey dew sago lolo with ice cream.  

Suk Yen, Siew Hoon, Wee Ling, Chie Chek, Wei Kiat and Me~

Fried udong noodles with X.O. sauce @ RM 8.90
So so only but overpriced. Thumbs down!

Curry spare ribs in claypot @ RM 7.90 (if separate rice with pot) or @ RM 6.90 (if mix together)
I seriously think the price scheduled in such way was very weird. The meal was so so only and the gravy was small amount. Thumbs down!

Deep fried chicken with marmite sauce @ 7.90.

Ordered by Wei Kiat
If not mistaken, he complained that the portion was small and the bone part was more than the meat which were indeed very true. In addition, it don't look and taste like the usual marmite chicken. Thumbs down!

We ordered this roasted duck should be around RM 30-38. Nothing special and small portion. Thumbs down!

The twins~

The environment which as you can see no people around. If yes also only 2-3 tables with few persons at dinner time.

That explained we were seated in this VIP room with air conditioned and served by the Captain there. We were a bit 'pai seh' when the Captain was standing right behind our table and other staff kept moving in and out to check if we need to order any additional meals.

While we were eating half way, we were joined by the twins and their friends.

In conclusion, if you have extra money, you may try out their Iced Coffee King. If you were in budget meals, don't ever come to this place. If you looking for a nice food or perhaps on average price, don't come here too. Just my few cents~~ Sorry ar 101 Cafe! 

Cafe 101 Sdn Bhd,
1-3A, 1-5 & 1-6, Komplek IOI Prima,
Jalan Kenari 3, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong.
Tel: Andrew Lim (019-3311361)


Cammy said...

The food looks yummeh!
will recommend my friends to bring me there someday, hehe XD

v!vi@n said...

such a unique way to drink nice first i tot the black coffee cube is choc cake..just by looking at the pics..LOL...

Lindy said...

Coffee cube??Cool! The shop owner is really creative. lol :D

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