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Ice breaking @ NoGAPS 2010

I think the most awkward moment at all times is when you bumped into a group of new friends. You don't know anything about your new friend, neither on them preferences or attitudes. Most of the time you will just stand still and wait for the ice breaking session to be started. While the friendly and out going person will at least communicate with the person on his/her left & right. 

As we entered into this orientation hall, lucky enough that we have a big group that lessen our awkwardness. However, when we were grouped differently and strangers were at all angle of you, you start to be as below:

HAHA.. CAPTURED! I bet most of them have the same feeling that was 'faster start & finish it, I can't stand any longer in loneliness'. It was an usual situation that anyone would face when getting to know new people. Hold on.. the ice breaking games will be started soon~

I was assigned into group 8, the PINK. Deborah (top) was the group leader. Initially, we were a bit lost as we lack of group members while the rest had found almost all their members.

The first event that took place was an oath taking led by the Chairman of NoGAPS 2010, Ms. Joanna. Seriously, this was my first time taking an oath to play to the fullest. Haha.. when comes to play, it is always my motto 'tonight is still young'. 

Next, we were given a sticker and were asked to design our name on it. The bottom right was my 'art work'. Well, as usual, do support my blog. xD.

In this game, one is tested on their creativity in making the name tag for themselves.

Don't you think mine still the best? xD

After that, 6 winners were selected among all of us. One of them included It Seang. However, I couldn't recall if the winners were given prizes but the emcee did say so. We were then required to placed the sticker on our shirt so that others could see our name.

Next, we were given a piece of paper with listed 20 descriptions. We need to find those people with the characteristic features and get their signature. Before the sole winner was announced, I left only one empty blank. Guess every one has a big family. 

Wasn't sure who was the winner. The emcee then called some of the people who had their signature on the winner's paper to come forward. Among them was Raj Sharma (ICT) who claimed can perform moon walk and Siew Hoon who claimed to be a beautiful person.

The crowd was anticipating the moon walk performances by Raj. It must be noted that catwalk and moonwalk is totally different 'walk' . So, let's check it out.

Alright, now I knew that the winner was Misha (name to be corrected soon) from Port Klang. BTW, I guess only Raj can perform the moonwalk among all of us. 

Next, we were given a small piece of paper randomly containing words such as above. It was very obvious that I need to find my other 'lion' mates.

After you form your group, the whole group members were then required to make the sound of the animal/ acts they were representing. The above was the chicken group.

This was my group, the lion. And how do we rawr like a lion?


After that, we were given a broken piece of a puzzle of which we need to find the other part of the puzzle to complete it.

Arrr.. there were sea of people and how to find the other parts? Therefore, I chose to stand still and waited others to come and try to match with my piece of puzzle. I knew I am lazy.

Surprisingly, I found another part of the puzzle. Never did I imagine that. (as I did not move around like others). I forgot who was the guy who hold the other part of the puzzle but he dragged me out of my standing spot to find other parts of the puzzle. Argg.. this time cannot escaped!

The next game (quite many of games, not bad) was oligami paper folding. We were asked to write a thing that we like and a thing that we dislikes on a given colour paper. Then, we were required to fold the paper into an aeroplane. Hmm any idea what it is for?

As an obedient participant who had taken the oath to follow the rules and play to the fullest, we followed the instructions given. These were the aeroplanes that we had made.

The next thing was to 'fly' aka throw your aeroplane. Don't understand? Check it out at below video.

I think this was the most interesting game of the night. Every one was enjoying throwing the paper aeroplanes randomly. It was my first time playing such game.

After that, you have to find the owner of the paper aeroplane that you got at the end of the game. So, you need to bring along the paper aeroplane and mingled around to find the correct owner. Once you find the correct owner, you will have to find the next owner. Let me give you an example:
  • A has the paper aeroplane belonged to B and B has the paper aeroplane belonged to C.
  • Once A had found B, A and B need to find C.

Theoretically, if each of the participants make a paper aeroplane, then it would be a big chain that comprised of all of the participants. Finally, all of us managed to form the big circle.  

The emcee then randomly selected some people to come forward to introduce themselves as well as the owner of the paper aeroplane they received. 

And Raj (ICT) was once again being called.

The throwing aeroplanes was the last game of the day. After that, we were seated on the floor to listen to the briefing by the organisers on the following day schedule as well as the show time briefing. 'Show time' is the performance session by the 10 different colours group on Day 3.

The below was the assigned tasks:
  • Group 1, 4, 7 & 10 : Sketch
  • Group 2, 5, 8 : Song
  • Group 3, 6, 9 : Dance

My group mates

The two team leader of my group, Deborah and Jaycynta aka 'J'.

After the ice breaking session had finished, we then gathered and discussed on our performances. Since we got the pink, we decided to choose the theme 'LOVE'. We then decided to sing about 3 songs. 
Before I end this post, let me show you what I wrote to remember my groupmates. Seriously, I can remember J and Sifa names only on Day 1. 

  1. Nurfalina (RIN) from Perak likes laughing.
  2. Sifa from Bangi with fair complexion. (I told my friends I remembered her by resembling her with 'suet fa ko')
  3. Nisa from Selayang (UITM).
  4. Adila from KB.
  5. Amy Chuah, the Chinese lady but with a Malay look (UM)
  6. Shahil (USM)
  7. Azry from Selangor.
  8. Shahmil from Ipoh (UIA) who holds a DSLR and a handicam.
  9. Hafiz from KB (UITM) who loves eating satay aka 'J'.
  10. Kavitha from KL (ICT) who loves orange.
  11. Boon Jin from KL (UCSIU) who happens to be my unimates. 
  12. Jaycynta from Kajang where the famous Kajang originates.
One more thing, Hafiz loves to eat Satay Kajang aka J very much~~ Check out their intimate picture on subsequent days. 


Shamel said...

Whoaa.. u must have dedicated almost your entire day describing, uploading and editing to make such entry. clap3!!

But SHAHMIL?! oh my.. lol. my real name is spelled Shamil whereas Shamel is my commercial spelling! Note the difference aa..

ANyway.. well done. waiting for upcoming entries!

KwOnG FeI said...

@shamel: aye aye sir! will take note.. yea it took quite a long time editing and uploading plus writing it.. finally, got somebody understand how hard the way I am blogging...

FiSh said...

you must have spent alot of time to combine the pictures and all (; hard work there! and awesome post ;D

haslina said...

taking pictures in the crowd...that a cool thing u have done...

Xjion89 said...

u made me remember my own ice-breaking event 3 years ago! wow, time flew~~~hahah

J2Kfm said...

Wait, NoGAPS is a gathering of pharmacists right?!

I was in one too, back in 2005. Haha ... THAT old eh? :)

If i'm not mistaken, that was one of the firsts. If not THE first gathering. In USM of Penang.

KwOnG FeI said...

@fish: thank Q

@hasline: need a big courage too~

@xjion: yea..time flies..

@j2km: i think the USM is the third..
helo SENIOR!!!~~

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