Saturday, September 19, 2009

Primary schoomates gathering at Station 1

Time flies. It was 11 years ago when we were in the same class, 6 Amanah. Our class teacher was Pn Radziah and she was the first Malay teacher that I visited at her home. I had my first experience eating on the floor and luckily I was provided with a pair of fork and spoon. Eating using hands was not really new as I used to do so eating the nasi lemak with 1/4 of the plate full with sambal at the school canteen.
Spot me in this group of kiddos. It was the class of 6 A, 1998 of SRK Jalan Air Panas. All of them looked innocent, obedient and cute. Haha. Talking on my primary school days, I was the class monitor for standard 2 and 3. I was glad that I was made to learn what was responsibility and how to perform my duties at my tender age. It was really unforgettable experience that made what I am today.
And now all of them are grown up babies. Marilyn is now a mother of 2 kids and is working as financial consultant aka 'broker', Billy is working aluminium & gas trading, Andy is working as accountant and Flora is travelling around with her bf while studying in Scotland. Andy brought an unidentified man along. Haha.. Till now, I don't know his name. This is the better picture after figuring on how to adjust my camera settings. Guess I spent less time on her and she merajuk by giving me dark pictures earlier. Kalai came after Andy, his friend and Marilyn went back. She is now working as PR in a company till late hours every day. It's really hard to meet her as she is very very busy. It's me & Billy again. The last time I met him was at Arhcidex, KLCC 2009. Check here. Flora & Kalai. Flora does not wear spec now, both of them looks 'attractive'. Haha. The last time I met with Kalai was at the Nuffnang Tiger Beer Paty. Click here. For Flora, I do check up her blog regularly and we communicate there as well as MSN. Check my links page. Me & Billy again~~
Thanks Flora for your effort in organising this event!! May we all see meet up again in near future! Good luck for all in your current and future undertaking!!

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Katherine Teh said...

Which one is u in the primary school pic??

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