Sunday, September 20, 2009

My car on tow

It was a great outing. Me and my friends went to watch 'The Orphan' at MV. We didn't plan any movie to watch and it was just on the spot decision. The movie started at 4.15 pm and we bought the ticket at 4.25 pm. Despite that, Siew Hoon still went to queue and bought Sundae with Kuan Poh. As for me, I queued up to buy mineral waters while Jian went to the washroom. What a free and easy group~ The movie storyline was interesting. A psychiatric patient aged 33 years old had a stunted growth due to hypopituitarism. She has the body size of about 6-9 years old. She was from Russia and speaks good English. She gets into the orphanage home with fake documentation. Each time when she is adopted by a family, she will try to seduce the father. And each time when she fails, she will kill the whole family and burn their home into ashes. For more, do watch at the Cinema or ORIGINAL cds. After that, we went to cam whore at the ground floor with Hari Raya decors.
I not sure when Oasis re-opened into this new location but hey it is relocated! The Portuguese grills is still the stall with the longest queue. Thien Jian, Kuan Poh & Siew Hoon At the ground floor of the raya decors. Any comment? It don't really looks special nor grand. That is not important. More important is the persons inside the pic. Haha.
After the movie, we went to yum cha + dinner at Stephen Corner at OUG. I missed the nasi lemak ayam from Stephen Corner. Due to the rain, we need to sit inside the restaurant, a rather rare experience than chatting in an open air. The Stephen Corner at Genting Klang is much better than this branch, more spacious, more crowd, more staff, more TV and more air. Aiks..what am I crapping.. Soon after that, we headed back from and.........
When we were in half way of going back to Cheras, suddenly my car do not move forward although I pressed the accelerator. It was a tense moment. I switched my 'double lights' and started to move to the side way. After that, we went down to inspect the 'black oil' level and check the engine. Everything was alright, no smoke, no water dripping out, oil level was ok, black oil was ok and gearbox oil also ok. I felt so sorry for my friends for having trouble them into such situation though they denied and claimed it should be them. Nonetheless, it was a very brand new experience standing and chatting at the shoulder of the highway. Haha... they even took photos at there. Lots of phone calls coming in offering concerns and solutions. Seriously, I felt nothing and just like normal because I wasn't alone and my friends were with me. It was my first experience sitting inside a tow truck as well. It seemed like sitting inside a silence and slow moving ambulance with the light on top of the truck flashing all the time. The car is now back to me. It was sent to a mechanic and was then sent back in front of my house by my bro in law. The car just fall sick, having flu perhaps due to the heavy rain these few days and now is ok after a dose of antihistamine. Mechanic said it was something wrong with the wiring system and it is now corrected. As for me, I think all this happened due to the God will for reason only known to Him. I thanked Him for giving me support from my friends and family members. The location of the incidence was a strategic place due to Him, at a highway and managed to move to the side and touchwood not in the middle of the road. Everything was perfectly nice. Between, I wished to take this opportunity to wish my Muslim readers a very happy raya!!
Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin -> from KF


kenwooi said...


hope your get is alright soon =)

SJ said...

everyone's watching the orphan. must watch it one day.

From me to you, suejean =)

Tekkaus said...

Sorry to hear that bro. :)

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