Monday, August 31, 2009

The gifts for 52 years of independence ..MERDEKA!

Back to 52 years ago, no one knows what is Malaya or Malaysia. For British, it was just a tiny spot in their world conquering map. Our national heroes led by Tunku Abdul Rahman fought for the Independence together with leaders from the Chinese and the Indians. Those days, we don't have national cars or airport. As told by my teachers, the Independence team had to ask donation from the people to buy the airplane ticket fare from Singapore. And finally, the British gave the green light for Independence on 31 August 1957. All the struggle to free our people from colonization had now paid off. We, the Malaysians, without looking to our own identity celebrated the day with joy. The days after was the starting of national struggle to build up the nations. Every one was working hard to make a better living and to transform the country to a better one. Every single day, the ties between the Malays, Chinese and Indians becomes closer and closer. We laughed together, worked together and played together. We built schools to ensure the younger generation learn the basic 3M and placed importance in education. We want to produce more doctors, lawyers and professionals. And now, after 52 years, we started to divert among ourselves due to difference in ideology in politic. We started to introduce Ketuanan Melayu when it was never raised before. It takes the hassle to reprint the history book just to put the term inside. It was absolutely stupid and nonsense. And what else? Look to the below videos.
After the Independence struggle, we have new term introduced on Aug 25 2008. The Chinese and the Indians no longer called themselves in such a way but a new term introduced by the UMNO warriors which is 'kaum pendatang'. Then, the ISA introduced to fight against any form of terrorism is now used to protect individuals such as YB Teresa Kok in the name of safety. Those days, our national warriors namely the police fought till the last drop of blood in protecting Bukit Kepong from being conquered. And now, the police is too free and acts whenever there is claims or accusations from the UMNO men blogs only without first investigation. Crimes are increasing every single days at everywhere. The police are doing their very best not to look into such 'small matter' but huge troops of police and FRU are deployed in Perak and turning into police state in the name of protecting the Perakians. If you wear Black t-shirt and even if you yum cha with your friends, you will be caught for no reasons.
The racial tension is not over just there. Our racial understanding become so deep when a group of uncivilized and brainless group called themselves as the Muslims/Islams warriors hold a street protest bringing along with a head cow. They wanted to voice their dissatisfaction against the relocation of Indian temple but it was clearly that that wasn't their main motive. Backed by their extremism in political ideology, their main target was to hauled accusations to the PR leaders in attempt to knock down the current state government. They claimed to voice our their opinions but they made continuous swearing to the state leaders. They claimed the cow was just a symbol of idiotic but they continuously kicked the cow, played around with the cow head and contaminating the road with the cow's blood when they all know that cow is the Indian holy animal. If you bloody brainless people are dissatisfy with the temple relocation, what is gonna do with Islam/Malays? It was clearly that these are the attempts to destroy the harmony between the different races of our people. So, can we make changes under 1 Malaysia? I let this difficult task to PM Najib. We hope for the best for the nations in order to preserve the unity of the people. We are Malaysians and not PENDATANG!


Anonymous said...

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zewt said...

we have a long way to go. and i am not sure if we will ever reach there.

Ken Wooi said...

nice info.. reminds me back of sejarah.. =P

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