Friday, August 7, 2009

123456789!! 12.34:56 am 7 August 2009

What a special moment in my lifetime!! I am glad I did not miss it! I was about to start my PBL session before Kat PM me and told me about the timing of which only occurs once in a lifetime. Without any hesitation, I google for the timezone so that I can print the screen and immortalised this moment. Took some time to search the best clock and also to practise pressing on the print screen so that I can captured that moment. Then, she asked me to make a wish. I told her to change a new heart for me as the one that I am using now has increasing workload due to study induced stress induced high blood pressure. Haha. She then asked me to make a better wish. So, I told her I am going to make 9 wishes in accordance to the 9 digits in sequence. She doubt I can manage to do so before the time passed. Next, I prepared a paper and start writing my wishes. is quite hard. What can I wish for? So, I listed simple wishes such as ....*SECRET, only God knows* and before I can further continue, the time is reaching soon. So, I stopped at wishes number 6. Ok, I am not going to be greedy with 9, will be equally satisfy with 6. So, paper is on my hand, the screen is ready..
I only make one wish.. that is.. my wishes come true.
Photobucket the moment of a lifetime... 12:34:56 am 7 August 2009
Later, Kat called me and I told her how I am able to make that many wishes in time. She laughed non stop. I admit I am a bit silly but I enjoy the moment! Haha. I thanked her continuously for acknowledging me earlier. Thanks thanks~~ I had make mine, how about you? Good luck!
Below is the proof I did not fake the above pictures.


Sarah said...

Haha, good one.

But then hor, how about 12:34:56 pm?

Another 9 wishes?

I thought the midnight version should be 00:34:56.


KwOnG FeI said...

was in mind too..
but then night time wishes is the best and God will deliver the wishes for those who had wish at night time..
coz by afternoon, The Mighty ran out of resources alrdy..

kenwooi said...

like this also can? lol..

Katherine said...


Jacob Yap said...

Haha this is the 3rd post I read about the 123456789 moment.

JanuskieZ said...

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IchibanSheng said...

drop by your blog ^^

i missed that moment....forever as i forgot due business T_T

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