Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nasi Goreng at ALIBABA restaurant, Angkasa Condo, Cheras

Exam period is indeed a dreadful period. This time, it was even more dreadful with shorten study break. As practised since last semester, I continued the tradition of tar pau'ing during the period. You can check my previous post here. At first, I thought I can save a lot since I was really in shortage of money. However, it was in reverse. I used more money than I used to. Perhaps, too much money spent on foods, nutritious supplement and drugs. Nutritious supplement? Haha.. I bought milks and fruit juices. For drugs, it was to treat my long term dermatitis problem. For my tar pau session, I used to take away with drinks such as 'cam ais' or 'teh ais'. Besides money, the reason for tar pau'ing was to spend time eating while surfing net. As for me, I really addicted to Internet and I spent quite a long time online. Hence, by doing so, I can save my time to check some blogs, read the latest news, spamming at forum and others. Unless it was in critical level, I used to online during my dinner period and it seemed to be never miss! Contrary to previous semester, I do not take any photo of the nasi goreng. I must say that the nasi goreng offered here is really delicious. Though, this is a mamak restaurant, the chefs for the nasi goreng are 3 Malay ladies who take turn one another. Now, I want to tell a funny joke. I would like to divide the 3 ladies into physical size which are BIG, MEDIUM and SMALL. WHY? The best cooked nasi goreng is by the BIG sized lady. The medium one is so so.. while the small one is not tasty at all or perhaps no taste. The main chef is always the big sized lady but she seemed to be on and off duty without fixed schedule. So, if you are hoping for the best, you know who to look for. In addition, if you see all these 3 ladies are not working, do not ever order the nasi goreng. It will be cooked by a mamak and take my words, 'order at your own risk!'. I had tried and the result is 'AWEFUL'.
Nasi goreng seafood, RM 5.00
Nasi goreng seafood, Rm 5 (I also dunno why different time got different types) Nasi goreng Hai Lan, RM 4.00 Now, I am going to teach you how to differentiate the nasi goreng. If the gravy or your dish is in dark colour, you will get your rice in opposite tone. So, for nasi goreng Hai Lam, expect the rice to be like below.
Nasi goreng ladna, RM 4.00 The specialty of this nasi goreng is that it is sour. It uses the green chilis used in the wan tan mee to make the soup sour. I didn' t know that green chilis can cook to such taste. After being told by one my friend that the sotong in the Mamak is not fresh, I always order xx nasi goreng + ayam sahaja. I really dunno how to differentiate, my job is to eat only. Haha.
Nasi paprik, RM5.00 I would say this is my favourite. However, each time I ordered, it will be different taste. Afterall, it is still the same with spicy gravy and the pamelo leaves. Nasi samudera, RM 5.00 It is nothing but a yellowish fried rice with a fried chicken. Nasi goreng Thai, Rm 4 It comes with a white fried rice with an egg. Nasi goreng mamak ayam, RM 5.00
Do I still need to tell the address? Look at the title~


Yatz said...

talk about nasi goreng..i still love Nasi Goreng USA the most..try to order next time..

not sure whether Alibaba has it or not but most Malays stalls has it..

Anonymous said...

i always take nasi goreng pattaya! haha.. =D

Jacob Yap said...

Looks tasty. But same wif Kenwooi, I prefer nasi pataya haha.

KwOnG FeI said...

hmm this mamak dun hav nasi goreng USA but pattaya macam ada..
i didnt order patrtaya because its just a normal fried rice covered w omelette..
i need bigger portion for my energy to study..haha

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