Friday, March 20, 2009

Singapore Changi Airport

Here I landed on the land of Singapore. I have never been here and considered 'visited' with my landing to her airport. In this post, I will justify why Changi Airport is better than KLIA in terms of facilities and services. Singapore Changi Airport is recognised as one of the best airports in the world. With over 80 airlines serving more than 180 cities in over 50 countries, Changi Airport has established itself as a major aviation hub in the Asia Pacific region. With the recent opening of Terminal 3, Changi Airport now has an annual handling capacity of 70 million passengers a year. Source: ChangiAirport.
Do you see me? Taken while waiting the train.
The Chinese New Year decors of Donald Duck and Goofy.
Mickey and Minnie mouse too. From the blog I read, it seems that they are recycling the x'mas decors but with some changes to make it into new year feel. Any comment?
Here was our destination, the flight transfer area. We need to get our transfer ticket to depart from here to Australia using the Qantas Airway.
Immigration checkpoints Some of the shops including 7-11 & Burger King. Phone calls
At Changi Airport, all local calls made is FREE. It means that you can chit chat with your friends, relatives and colleagues for length of time you desire. My mum took the opportunity to call our relatives and her friends.
Gardens at Changi Airport.
It seem that the airport undergo major renovation to convert the previous to a new garden, greenery styles airport with opening of a new terminal.
Mini waterfall correct terms: tropics~
Another facilities offered which is FREE as well is the charging of handphone. I found this service is a good one as should you need to make calls and your hp is out of battery, what should you do? You can't even browse our contact book to make a call at public phone. Various brand of hp charging includes Nokia, Sony Ericson, Samsung and others.
Another great service offered by the airport has is the FREE internet service. User has a maximum of 15 minutes time in each login. I queued up and made a blog post here as well. Remember? From what I observed, most of the foreigners were searching for the maps in Singapore and to look for their target destinations. It isn't a great service?
We went to this food court during our return from Australia to Singapore. Asian foods still the best~
One of the tourmate, Mr. Akhbar told me that KLIA is indeed GREAT in terms of the infrastructure but not when come to facilities and services. It is indeed very true. Regarding about facilities, you can see various free services offered which are convenience to the users. Regarding about service, there are many personnel tagged with 'Senior Personnel' everywhere in the airport compound. Their job is to look after the confuse people who are searching the directions in the airport and provide necessary information to them. Not only that, they will escort you to the destination you wanted even to the toilet! I was so shocked to see such good services rendered by the personnel who brought my mum to the washroom. Will this happen in KLIA? In reverse, you will see many taxi touts chasing after you and forcing you to take a ride from them. Talking about the taxi touts, I can only say Malaysian government are so lousy in handling this issue. Talks and fighting in parliament in the so called making the laws but lack of enforcement. Anyway, do you think Changi Airport is better than KLIA? Finally, before I forgot, the rate of SMS is RM 1.00 from Singapore to Malaysian lines. Cheap? Btw, I just saw Hpility blog on their gathering at Changi Airport. Out of so many places, they chose a place where everything is more expensive than normal. Haha...weird.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia KLIA free internet access is not working lol....
RYN: aiya must cover face la... caue not all my face ma....
as for my face... saja lo Hahahha

and Bali very very very nice

KwOnG FeI said...

hmm.. i dun think the KLIA provide free wifi..
heard that last time they did provide..

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