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Moore river, Guilderton

Guilderton is a small coastal town north of Perth at the mouth of the Moore River in the Shire of Gingin. It was originally known as Gabbadah, an Aboriginal term meaning "mouthful of water" until its gazetting as a town in 1951. The river mouth regularly opens and closes depending on the seasons, and alternates between a closed lagoon and a tidal estuary.The town is a popular holiday destination for Perth residents who commonly refer to it as Moore River.

See a hut at middle left of the pic? That was our destination.

Ocean fishing can be enjoyed along the coast in Guilderton, Ledge Point, Caraban and Quinns Rock.

Moore River: river in dark blue

The Moore River estuary is one of the most pristine, yet fragile, fresh water estuaries in Western Australia. A stretch of calm sheltered water, an ideal swimming area for children. Visitors can also go boating or explore the upper reaches of the river and its wildlife on a cruise. Fishing is excellent in both the river and the ocean. While the ocean also usually provides good waves for surfers.

River cruising is available. It is divided into sunset cruise, moonlight cruising, riverine eco tour and morning/afternoon tea cruises. Wow..that is fantastic to spend a day with a river cruise!

Big waves of the Indian ocean

Guilderton at the mouth of Moore River links the town with the wreck of the “Vergulde Draeck”, and the loss of thousands of guilders it was carrying. Dutch coins and relics of the wreck have been found near the mouth of Moore River. Some fourteen shipwrecks, spanning more than 330 years of seafaring mishaps, have been located along the Moore River Coast between Wreck Point, south of Guilderton, to Lancelin, 45 kms to the North.

What the plaque says? Emily 1868 Built in Fremantle as a coastal trader, the 40 tonne schooner Emily was beached on a gale only 3 months after launching. Linda 1950s The Linda was a fairmile bound for whaling in North West when it was wrecked on Linda reef, 7 km south of here. The exact date of her loss and the number of crew is unknown but two men died and a small dog survived. Ville de Rouen 1901

The French barque Ville de Rouen was bound for Fremantle with a cargo of fire bricks, coke, pig iron and 1600 bottles of wine when it ran aground. By the next day, the ship had floated free and drifted southward to finally sink near Ville de Rouen reef 5.5 km to the west of here. Huge Norman 1910 The captain of the 10 tonne schooner Hugh Norman drowned when his vessel was wrecked just off Guilderton. The wreck has not been located. Vergulde Draeck 1656 The Dutch Ship Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon) was bound for Batavia with a rich cargo when it struck an offshore reef. The 75 survivors landed at eagle nest bluff, 20 km north of here. Seven men reached Batavia in a small boat. The other castaways were never rescued.

Wow~ It was great to have a picture with an Aussie family~ say Cheese~~

Me and my mum

If you observe carefully at the background, the Moore river is separated with the Indian ocean on just a stretch of land. The Moore river will meets the Indian ocean except in the Summer where the water levels is low.

Address: Guilderton Western Australia 6041
How to go?
Moore River estuary is located at the village of Guilderton, 1 hour drive north (92 kilometres) of Perth.
A direct route north on Waneroo Rd or take the Mitchell Freeway to the end and continue on Waneroo / Lancelin Rd.
Quinns Rock is located on the way to Moore River aproximately 40 klms north of Perth on Waneroo Rd.
Caraban is the first left turn after Gingin Brook Rd aproximately 12klms south of Moore River.
Ledge Point is a 20 minute drive north of Guilderton / Moore River on Waneroo Rd, just south of Lancelin.
Source: Mooreriver, Wikipedia, About Australia


ariff said...

nice place. too bad i'll be visiting melbourne and sydney only this july.
perth is too far.

july is winter right in australia?

KwOnG FeI said...

yeap.. july is winter.. and sydney are two great places..
its totally different from perth..

ariff said...

is the weather in perth similar tu the weather in sydney and melb during the winter?

KwOnG FeI said...

for me it should be the same..
if we look at the map, perth and sydney are located at similar longitudinal altitude.. so it should be same..

Steves_PCs said...

Perth is quoted by the Queensland tourist as the having the best all round climate in Aus! When you guys come to the Moore River go on a river tour with a good mate of mine Phip, we call him Cookie. his site is Tell him Steve from sent you and he will look after you guys!

Happy Touring!

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