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Sand boarding at Lancelin Sand Dunes


Lancelin is a small fishing town nestled between the ocean and sand dunes which is about an hour drive or 94 kilometres north of Perth. The town stretches along the edge of a natural bay which is protected from the Indian Ocean by outer reefs and islands. The protected waters of the bay are ideal for swimming, fishing, boating and using small watercraft and water activities dominate the town’s leisure activities.It is also the safe anchorage for a picturesque fleet of rock lobster boats, which creates a hive of activity during the day around the two jetties. The reefs provide the perfect environment for snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing and wave sailing. Equipment for all activities can be hired in town. There are also many shipwrecks for the experienced scuba diver to explore.

Lancelin is the gateway to a world renowned dive trail. There are 14 wrecks along the coastline allowing for spectacular diving. Lancelin is an international mecca for windsurfers due to the ideal wind and water conditions.

To the east, the town is bordered by endless snow-white sand dunes, which are heaven for sand boarders, dune buggy drivers, motor bikers and four wheel drivers. Dune buggy racing in the sand dunes is a popular recreational pastime. The peaks of these sand dunes give a spectacular panoramic lookout over the township, surrounding sand hills, farmlands, coastline, islands and ocean. Around the point, Back Beach is safe for body-boarding, surfing and swimming, with plenty of hideaways for sunbathing. There is an abundance of marine wildlife. Sea lions reside on Lancelin Island and regularly inspect the activities in the bay. Lancelin is also home to dolphins that frequent the bay daily and are only too willing to show off their catch of fish to spectators. There are also huge pods of dolphins and the occasional seal outside the bay, pleasing locals and tourists alike. Birdlife and wildflowers are plentiful, with bird sanctuaries on the islands and nearby nature reserves ablaze with wildflowers during spring.

Our destiny was to board this world's largest 4wd tour coach which was tagged with the slogan 'experience is bigger than the bus itself'. Besides, we were going to learn sandboarding on mountainous white dunes white panoramic views of the beaches on the coast line of Indian ocean.


 Before taking the tour coach. 


 This is a gigantic coach about twice of my height.


 It's always advisable to wear sandals. 


The sand here is claimed to be very fine texture in which dropping of camera accidentally can break the screen of the digital camera. The bus coach had reminded us to be extra careful in handling our camera or else you can straight away dump it into the dustbin should it dropped.


 The journey began. 

I was sitting next to the window. All of us were assigned to specific rows in the bus to ensure gravity & weight balance. Children were required to seat at the most back rows.

Top: The seat was like those movable kids ride in McD with spring attached on the seat. So, along the journey, you get yourself bounce up and down continuously as the white dunes was not flat of course. Bottom: Everyone was enjoying the ride, screaming loudly & holding tightly while listening to the loud musics played.

Top left: Riding on the white dunes Top right: See the tip of the dunes on the most left. We were going up to the PEAK. Bottom left: We were 'flying down' at the great height & with bouncy seat. OMG!!! Ahhhhh!!
Bottom right: That was the peak that we had just gone down. Well, it was a fun experience. It was totally different from roller coaster. When the giant bus moved down, the great weight caused the the bus namely the 4 tyres to went deep into the dunes. Thus, the momentum when coming down for peak is not that speedy 'drop' but instead 'slow, slightly bend & bouncy'.


 I love this picture, 

As mentioned, the sand dunes is located near the beaches and the Indian Ocean.

There was a lot of flying movable objects in the ocean which was suspected to be of dolphin. Well, at that point of time, I didn't know much of this place. Perhaps, it was correct~


 Me and my mum~~ We stopped after some 10 minutes journey in which now we have the oppurtunity of a lifetime to learn and play sand boarding. Looked at my flying hair due to the windy conditions.

Saw my initial? 

The extremely bad tampered coach ordered us to make a semicircle in front of him. Nonetheless, nobody seemed to understand as most do not speak English except the young ones. This further agitated him and everyone was scared when he raised his voice. From the picture, the coach was teaching us how to hold a sand board properly using 2 hands and how to 'surf down' the dunes.

The fist lucky person to go down was Mr. Akhbar wife. They were the sole non Chinese in our trip but this wasn't new for them. Check out the position of your leg and hands. Looking at the great height from the peak, many elderly do not have the courage to play this. Sad for them but it was understandable.

And here she slided down on the sand board. This was a great experience and was not dangerous or hard to performed. I could never forgot such experience. It was fast, simple and were like flying down.


 Me on my very first time sand boarding~ 


 Backview.. thanks jie jie for taking this photo.

Hello every one... I was enjoying my holiday to the fullest here. Between, I tried very hard to open both of my eyes as big as it can. However, the weather here was warmer than in our own country.


 This was how we were arranged in the bus. I was sitted beside an uncle who screamed all the time.


 Bye bye. Gonna miss you! 

Desert Storm 
Tourism Tel: + 61896552550 
Bookings: Tour duration is 1 hour and tours are conducted based on bookings of which a minimum number is required. (I think above 20) 
Tours depart from the tourism carpark in the sand dunes of Lancelin of which you can find 3 big tyres ar the entrance. 
Adult: $ 60, students: $ 50, children (2-14 y.o.):$ 40 
(wow.. it didn't know it was so expensive) All prices including GST.
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