Thursday, March 5, 2009

New graphic card EAH 3450 512 MB DDR 2 PCI E

To begin, it had been long time I didn't blog. Well, the current hectic in studies really makes me no time to blog or play around. I had many events to blog and the number increases day by day. To my frequent readers, very sorry from me. As the title, this post is about my spoilt graphic card. Just 'ngam ngam' 1 year anniversary of my current computer, the graphic card spoilt for an unknown reasons. It had been MONTHS I underwent situation of screen with stripes, white lines and YELLOWISH screen. Besides, the resolution of the screen cannot be changed and must be fixed at 800 x 600 px. Having wonder seeing folders, objects or using microsoft word with everything enlarged? Out of sudden, I need to adapt to the new situation and can't even see a movie through my computer. Just imaging the distraction you will get with a spoilt graphic card as I mentioned. while playing the movie. Due to money constraint, I only managed to get a new replacement just few days ago. Fortunately, I am not so stupid to believe to the salesman saying that now they are not selling 256 mb PCI E as nowadays people no longer use PCI E but AGP. He then recommended me to take 1 GB PCI E / AGP for RM 250++ which was out from my budget. Just a month ago from my visit to the same computer shop, they told me the 256 mb was out of stock and will order for me should I want. As for now, they claimed they no longer sell 256 mb and PCI E graphic card. What a twist of word~
Can you see the changes on the screen in addition to the yellowish colour? The resolution is 800 x 600 px. Everything is enlarged and I had endured it for roughly 4 months. Besides, I have difficulty in viewing Nuffnang account as the screen displayed half page and when making a new post, the chat box will block the entries. Photobucket This is the screen after I installed the graphic card without driver installation. Photobucket After I installed the driver, I changed to the normal 1024 x 768 px which I being using previously. Things get normal back. What a relief. Photobucket ASUS EN 8500 GT 256 mb DDR PCI E (The cost is RM 265 on 2007) Photobucket ASUS EAH 3450 512 mb DDR 2 PCI E The price is only RM 140 on 2009
Features: - New generation heatsink made by alluminium alloy which is lighter than other metal alloys such as steel, nickel, brass and copper. This alluminium alloy has good thermal conductivities and is highly reflective to heat to help heat dissipation providing solid performance and elegant appearance. Yea.. it do looks elegant. At first, I was in doubt whether the long extension from the noraml graphic card is able to fit into the slot. - It is made based on V Engine which means the piston are aligned so that they appear to be in a V when viewed along the axis of crankshaft. The V configuration reduces the overall engine length and weight compared to an equivalent straight engine. Thus, the V fins can dissipate heats evenly with minimum space required. - Common in any ASUS products: Gamer OSD - The real time overlocking, benchmarking and video capturing in any PC game. Smart Doctor - Intelligent hardware protection and overclocking tool for graphic card. well, I don't know how to use this function. Requirements: - 1 GB system memory or more - Motherboard with free PCI E slot and correct PCI E chipset driver - Microsoft windows vista/XP
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