Sunday, July 18, 2010

Won fabulous prizes @ Bangsar World Cup Street Party

Where had you been to watch the recent World Cup? Staying at home? Argg .. didn't you get my invitation to the World Cup Street Party at Telawi 3, Bangsar on my previous post?

Me, Vun and Joshua arrived at about 8.30 pm after safely secure a parking not far away at the nearby neighbourhood. We were actually invited by P1 and in the invitation email except mine, we were told to reach there by 9 pm. We thought we were in time but upon seeing the queue, we were completely worried.

So, we made a queue from the far end near the McDonalds. As we waited half way, we saw almost everyone who came in the queue was bringing an invitation card. Then, we started to be puzzled on how come we do not have one. As the queue was getting nearer, we managed to ask one of the zebra stripe alike (black and white alternate stripes aka referee jersey) on how to enter to the street party. 

We were deeply saddened when she said that only those with invitation card or SMS can enter. Then, we then seek assistance from her superior who said that entry to the public was closed (close to 9 pm that time) due to the high number of turnouts and the street was already packed with party goers.

So, I went to seek assistance from another organiser at the entrance while Vun and Joshua remained at the queue. Initially, the man which I confronted was giving me the same reason and was reluctant to help. Then, I asked him to offer me help by seeking the P1 staff. We only knew the name of the person who invited us but do not have her contact. So, we were a bit helpless. Luckily, that man agreed and helped me searched for P1 staff. Vun and Joshua needed to come over my place as the queue was getting nearer to the main entrance. 

Finally, one P1 male staff came and gave us 3 invitation cards. We actually required 5 invitation cards as Wan Nah and her bf will be coming later at about 11 pm. Then, we asked whether we can straight away enter but the guard at this entrance point said we need to get ourselves the wristband otherwise we cannot enter. So, in another helpless mode, we had to QUEUE UP again!! The queue now was even further from our initial point.   

That P1 staff later came to our queue line together with the person who invited us, Cynthia Chung Li Yar. They apologised for the inconvenience and then gave us another 2 invitation cards. They even borrowed us a pen and told us to fill in the form attached. Anyway, problems had been settled and I we wanted was to successfully entered into the street party and later to decide to stay for how long due to the super pack number of people. At that point of time, we received call from Wan Nah saying that she couldn't come as her bf was sick.    

Alright, we finally made ourselves into street party. At the registration booth, we were given a red goodies bag each. At the main entrance, you can see a high banner printed Win a Lotus Elise Tonight!

Wow! It was really a real car! Who will be the lucky one tonight? We do not know who but we were sure that it will be definitely NOT us. So easy to win meh?

At the main entrance, there was already one long queue. Upon checking, it was a face painting booth. No wonder so many people here. I was not sure whether a payment was required but usually it should be FOC. Too bad, the queue was too long that we decided no to go for it but to explore the other booths at this street party.

Tutti Frutti? To be honest, I never heard the name before. It was actually a frozen yogurt. The price wasn't cheap too, so continued to explore. 

As mentioned in the previous invitation post, there was up to 1000 prizes for party goers. There were three type of games namely Defense, Midfield and Offense. To entitled yourself to play a game, you need a game coupon. To get a game coupon, you need to purchase any of the following 3 items:
  1. Inflatable cheering sticks @ RM 9 each.
  2. 1 G pendrive with laser pointer @ RM 30.
  3. Landyard @ RM 15.
For purchase of each of the items above, 2 game coupons would be given regardless of the value of the purchase. Apparently, game coupons were given out also to those who buy cigarettes.

This was one of the game 'Defence'.

There were 3 performance stages altogether. Do you know who was the emcee above?

Let's get started with hip hop performances.

The huge crowds and gosh, it was just about 10 pm ++. Can you spot the two hanging ballons with Spain and Netherlands flag at the giant screen?

It wasn't an easy task to take the picture especially stage photos as you were surrounded with people at all angle and to be honest, I was way too short but I tell you my secret later. =.=

Dance performances

The crowds were enjoying the music of the night but definitely not the limited space to even stand or move around.

Alright, I managed to capture few stage photo.

Sea of people.

Top right: That's the zebra alike shirts that I mentioned earlier.

Wanna watch their performance?

Clap hands clap hands!

All beers exclusively for Joshua

Alright, here was the secret.. or simply how do I took the stage photo and video. It was generally difficult to take picture of video at the ground level. Most of the pictures and videos were taken at the time we queued up for our free flow beers which was located at smaller but longer stage. The queue was very long too as everyone attended would not want to miss the chance for a beer but each of us was limited to one cup only. If you want more, you need to queue AGAIN. For those non beer drinking people especially Muslims, there was coke available.

Btw, do you want to hear some voices from the crowd? Especially the Hollands fanz!!

Tonight gonna be a good good night!!

Spotted two Dutch who were here cheering for the Netherlands. The Dutch who was wearing a hat was really tall.

We then proceeded to the P1 booth where they run a small game. The game was to guess what items or animals or whatsoever in the P1 box with your hand placed into it. I waited quite long for my turn and had observed many people trying the game. 

Vun had got himself a pen and others won themselves items like keychain, laptop cooling pad. etc I thought the laptop cooling pad was the biggest prize, not until my turn. I placed my hand inside and I can feel a lot of jellies were placed inside till I couldn't grab anything. Then, the staff asked me to search longer. Then, I finally grabbed something. It was a spider! I got to know by pressing on the opisthosoma (the bulging abdomen at the back) of the spider.

The staff said I got something big and thus I should rewarded something big too. He gave me a P1 bag. I was puzzled and at the same time very grateful. This was because I had not seen anyone getting a bigger prize than the cooling pad. Finally, I got myself a P1 beg as I did not get it for the Project Alpha Ruumz Daily Contest. Joshua said mine was even better as I got green whereas he got a pink.

The P1 staff

Taking picture with the P1 staff. The most left was Cynthia Chung who was the one who invited us for the street party.

Next, we went to explore other booth and this pretty girl from Top 1 Oil had a short survey for us. We helped her to fill up the survey and she gave us a small key chain as a return. So sweet of her, so we decided to take a solo picture with her. xD

Oh yea, have you heard of Top 1 Oil before?

If not mistaken, this was the Offense Game. One was required to kick the ball into the whitish pocket. One game coupon was required for this game. Since we were technically a lousy and not a football player, we decided not to play this game. Alright, enough for the laugh. Stop it!

Instead, we decided to play the Midfield Game. The game mechanisms were pretty simple. All we need to do was to transfer a standard football to the opposite 'field' for 3 times with a small ball pressed against our forehead. A partner was required in this game and 2 game coupons were required.

In my very first game, I won myself an Adidas shoe bag whereas Joshua won himself an original jersey. Wow, that was pretty good!

So, we decided to play the game again after exploring to almost all booths at the street party as we had basically nothing to do or place to stand.

At the second game, I was paired up with Vun. The game mechanism has now changed. Now, both partner were tied at their leg and they need to move the football from the starting point to the opposite end before making U-turn back to the starting point. We had difficulty initially but managed to finish the task in time. To my surprise, when I picked up a lucky draw from the box, I got myself a SONY DIGITAL CAMERA. Yahoo!!

For the third game which followed immediately after the second game, I was paired up with Joshua. The reason for the immediate game was because we only had 3 people and lack of 1 people to make 2 pairs. So, while one pair was up on stage, another one person had to queue up and immediately after the first pair game was finished, one of them need to pair up with the person who made the queue. For this game, once again, I got a shoe bag.

At another round, the game mechanism changed again back to the transferring of football. For the fourth game which I paired with Vun, I won myself a shoe back again. 

And for the final round when the time was close to 1.30 AM, I was paired up with Joshua. We had been told repeatedly there were netbook (already got 1 winner), handphone (already got 1 winner), mp3 player etc. So, as usual we queued up and played the game. It was a double joy for me when I grabbed the SONY MP3 PLAYER.  

After the final game which was close to 2 am, we decided to go Vun's house to watch the LIVE football match instead of at the giant screen as there were too little oxygen there unless you managed to grab a nice spot.

During our way back, I offered to treat them any meal but too bad Domino Pizza already closed. McDonalds at Taman Connought was full house and there were even a lot of people standing outside watching the game. So, we decided to buy the famous fried chicken  (4 pieces) at Mydin Mamak @ Taman Connought and one 'cham ice' for myself.

Next, we headed to the 7-11 and bought two 1.5 litre bottles of 100 Plus and Kickapoo. We reached Vun's house about 2.40 am which was just nice to watch the final game of the World Cup 2010.

This were the free items in the red goodies bag. There were RM 10 Starbucks voucher (only redeemable at Starbucks Bangsar), Twisties, raincoat, shampoo, plastic fan and an England bearing lighter.

This was the original jersey worth RM 259.90 won by Joshua. He decided to sell off the jersey, anyone interested with a discounted price?

Top right: Adidas shoe beg worth Rm 49.90
Bottom left: Landyard
Bottom right: Adidas tumbler won by Vun worth 19.90

Alright, this was the cheering stick which was cost RM 9 each. Way too expensive right?

But no worry, For an investment of RM 21 spent on the games, I had won myself 3 Adidas shoe bag, one Sony DSC-S2000 Cybershot Digital Camera and One Sony MP3 Player (water resistant). What a lucky day!! 

It was the most exciting game I ever watch in this World Cup. Both the Oranje and the Spanish teams displayed attacking style game. There were too many near misses from both team especially for Robbens.

The game went into extra time but when it was near for penalty kick off at 116', the Spanish team scored a golden goal. If you really observed on how the goal was made, it was clearly a double off side goal. No doubt there were times where off side goal was common but for this game where the side referee kept on raising their flag for offside, it was certainly very uncommon for him to not blow his whistle.

The main refereee also made the game difficult to play as he was giving away so many yellow cards and thus a red card was unavoidable in the second half.

The truly, madly, deeply saddened Oranje team.

All these pictures were captured from Astro Super Sport Live. If not mistaken, finally RTM aired a live telecast. How many times we need to tell them that we don't watch delayed football match from RTM?  

And the champion, the Spanish team arrived up on stage!

I was predicting the Netherlands to win the game but too bad, Paul the Octopus rulez!! This world cup has a funny element where the Germans has now make the fried octopus as one of the main course. 

FYI, Spain Captain and goal keeper, Iker Casillas won the Golden Glove award after having conceded just two goals in all of FIFA World Cup 2010.

The victorious Spain!

The crowds were cheering for their team success

World Cup trophy

Viva La Espana

No eyes see~

Finally, the World Cup 2010 had officially ended with Spain as the Champion! See you again in 4 years time in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil! Wakaka dance will then turned to samba dance! It gonna be GREAT.

Thank you Cynthia Chung from P1 for the invite. Thanks to all the organisers who giving away fabulous prizes to me!


Hilda Milda™ said...

RM21 and you got a dg cam and mp3 in return? whoaa, damn lucky :D

Btw, tutti frutti is available in sunway pyramid and the emcee in the red shirt is Burn from AKADEMI FANTASIA LOL

JadyCloud said...

You are so lucky. I have never win anything in my life not even a small lucky draw!

SonnyKazu said...

wow.. what a cool night you have there! It's quite impressive that you can earn a lot of prizes there... even though they are hard to get...

KwOnG FeI said...

@hilda: thanks for d info

@jady: yea quite lucky on dat nite

@soony: tQ~~

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