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DAIDOMON Japanese BBQ Restaurant @ Great Eastern Mall

If you have bored on Jogoya, Tenji, House of Buffet (previously Yaki Yaki), Seoul Garden etc, why not give a try to Daidomon Japanese BBQ buffet located at the Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang.

Suk Yen, Voon Kwan (VK), Evelyn and Mei Chu (Chu)

At the main entrance

Now, lets check to their menu. Daidomon Washoku and Yakiniku buffet? Any one know whats this superb name stand for? Inside this menu is the fresh foods which are made upon ordering. You can make any order from this menu UNLIMITED.

Sashimi and beef sashimi. Japanese food lovers will be delighted by these sashimi but as for me, small portion is just enough for me as I don't really eat raw foods.

Sushi. Usually, I will order the sushi and remove the ice as the rice will make me full. xD. From this menu, we can learn a lot basic Japanese sushi name. Let's practice:
  1. Shake = salmon
  2. Ebi = prawn
  3. Tako = octopus
  4. Tamago = sweet egg
  5. Inari = sweet bean curd
  6. Unagi = roasted eel
  7. Kani = crab meat
Get it? previously, I only know chawanmushi which stands for egg custard in a tea bowl.

Check out their special dishes such as Dachou (boneless ostrich meat), lamp nakaochi (lamb intercostal) etc.

Sausages and seafood.


The limitations of this buffer is that their ice cream wasn't as 'branded' as other places which uses Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dazz etc. However, it wasn't really a big deal as you have sufficient supply of this ice cream and no need to queue up long for the ice cream.

You will be given Hotate (scallops) and Kaki Butter (Oyster with butter) each per person for the first servings only. 

Enjoying the precious scallops and oyster.

Top left: Deep fried crab shell
Top right: Tori No Boxing (chicken boxing)
Bottom left: Potato Sarada (Potato salad)
Bottom right: Green bean soup

Top left: Wafu Tare (Wafu dressings)
Top right: Sausage corn stew
Bottom left: Toko Sunomono (Venegered octopus)
Bottom right: Japanese steamed rice

Top left: Edamame (Green Soy Bean) .. A must to complement your meal.
Top right: Oikimuchi (Cucumber pickle)
Bottom left:Yaki Takuan (Grilled radish)
Bottom right: Kimuchi (Chinese cabbage pickle) .. I dun like this~

Top left: Oden (Japanese Hot Pot- sort like 'rojak' steamboat)
Top right: Tori Shoga Yaki (Pan fried chicken and vegetables with ginger sauce)
Bottom left: Yaki Udon (Fried noodles)
Bottom right: Yaki Meshi (fried rice)

Top left: Gyoza (Japanese dumpling)
Top right: Gyu Kimuchi (Beef with kimuchi pickle)
Bottom left: Butterfish Teriyaki
Bottom right: Stirred fried salmon and vegetables with oyster sauce

Chu was taking pictures with the chefs who were preparing the sushi (background).

Top left: Cheese maki .. I only eat the cheese ..xD
Top right: Spicy maki
Bottom left: Green salad maki
Bottom right: Futo maki (traditional rolled)

Btw, what is maki? Maki refers to any type of sushi which is made in a roll with sushi rice, toasted seaweed nori, and various fillings

Top right: California maki
Bottom left: Omelette
Bottom right: Tori Kara Age (deep fried chicken)

Top right: Different type of sauces include Tonkatsu sauce, mayonnaise, Thai chili sauce, chili padi with soya sauce, Soyu sauce
Bottom left: Mix fried tempure
Bottom right: Wasabi (Horseradish)

Top left: Hungry ghost Chu
Top right: Eve taking saba teriyaki
Bottom left: Saba teriyaki
Bottom right: Inari Hako sushi

Top: Dessert of the day
Bottom: Hot green tea

Frying time...

Wa.. food food foood!

Fresh raw foods..

I want to fry the octopus!~

The finished products..

Top left: Mayo soup
Top right: Ox tailed soup specially made for me
Bottom left: Cincau
Bottom right:Jelly

Raw meats~ You need to grill them before eat.

Bottom left: Miso soup (Bean paste soup)
Bottom centre: Tamago soup (Vegetable and egg soup)
Bottom right: Teiru soup (Ox tail soup)

Top left: Fried bee hoon
Top right: Mori sausage
Bottom left: Eve eating ice cream
Bottom right: VK and her hubby (forgot name jor.. sorry)

Top: ALL those wine is for sale and not FOC
Bottom: All these drinks are FOC and refillable. There are Japanese Green Tea (Cold), mango juice, jasmine green tea, grape juice and lychee juice.

Photos time~

Crazy and fanatic people!

The area here is quite big and spacious. There are private rooms, segregated area and open area.

This 'feng shui ball' is located at the entrance at the waiting area.

Antique standing clock for sale.

Top: This golden lady is up for grab for RM 299.
Bottom left: This big vase is very cheap, RM 28,980 ONLY!!

There are quite many 'things' to play at the waiting area. But, be cautious, all these are antique!

Overall, for the price of RM 63 nett for a dinner buffet, the price is reasonable. I would say there are not many varieties of food compared to Tenji as well as the dessert, but the price wise is of course cheaper.

I would say not many people aware of this buffet restaurant. The number of customers here wouldn't be as crowded as other buffet restaurants (except House of Buffet). Thus, you will enjoy the privacy and ease of dining.

For dinner buffet (Fridays, weekends and public holidays) - the one I had
Price per person          : RM 53.90
Miscellaneous charge: RM 1.00
Service charge            : 10% @ 5.39
Tax                                 : 5% @ 2.70
Total                              : RM 62.99

If you want for a cheaper rate, dine in from Mondays to Thursdays. It's RM 10 cheaper at RM 43.90 ++ per person. (Please note that the price stated here was months ago and a recent check at time or writing, the price had increment of RM 2).

For parking, you may park at inside the Great Eastern Mall. The rate is based on per hours but after 6 or 7 pm, it is fixed rate.

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant Sdn Bhd.
Lot 4, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall,
No. 303, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-42528155


Nurfaiz Shaidan said...

Waaa, so many! You sure have one big tummy la KF! Hahah :D

k0k s3n w4i said...

no idea what the other words are but yakiniku means grilled beef or meat... something along that line.

i'm much more well-versed with sushi names tho, haha. and i suppose going to this place won't be very worth it for me since i can't eat a lot in one seating... the spread looks great though

KwOnG FeI said...

@nurfaiz: oh no.. you reveal my secret... shhh.... dun let others know..

@kok se wai: learn another new words.. you can't eat much? you need to undergo 'training' like me..haha

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