Sunday, July 11, 2010

Canteen @ UCSI University's Library

This is a brand new and then renovated canteen located at First Floor of the library. Previously, it was an open area and thus you won't really feel the air cond especially under the hot sun. However, now it had been renovated where glass wall surrounds the inner side of the canteen whereas the outer side of the canteen  (walkway) leading to the entrance to the First Floor remains open area.

One first need to make an order at the counter and make your payment. Then, you will be given a small token with a waiting number. Do I need to tell you it is a self service based?

Spotted Ying Jun who was taking her tom yam soup? after her number was being called.

Besides the main meal, they do sell breads.

As well as drinks.

And ice cream too.. my favourite~

Let's check the menu. As usual, for Chinese various fried, your meal will be cook only upon ordering,

You can order drinks as served in mamak too. Too bad, they don;t serve my favourite cam ais!

Can/ bottle drink

Food is ready!!

Nyonya Fried Rice @ RM 4

Special Fried Rice @ RM 4

Hokkien mee/ bee hoon/ yee mee @ RM 4

Guess what is TOAL?? The 'o' ais limau @ Rm 1.40

Milo ais @ RM 1.80

Washing area.. somehow the design is better than conventional.

Spotted this group of leng luis~ But, I'm sorry that I only knew some of them:
Left: Ying Jun (NA), Ms A (U), Ms B (NA)
Right: Shuen Nie (A), Felicia (NA)

Guess what these abbreviation stands for?


jfook said...

the food looks much nicer than my uni one...

I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow, rich uni got new canteen~~~
nw, u baru know my name~~~
actually, my twitter profile got show ooo~~hahaha~~~

btw, if got time, follow my googleprofile and oso twitter, and plurk ^^~~~hahaha~~~

Yin Mun~Moon said...

Wow...foods seem nice, nicer than my KLIA cafe one :p Got Vitagen fav :-)

Borneo Falcon said...

The drinks are expensive there

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