Friday, July 16, 2010

Applying new MyKad @ JPN Wangsa Maju

Are you planning to make a new identity card?  Well, your application can be done in a minimum of 10 minutes depending on the crowd. 

If you clearly see my IC above, you will notice a hole near the chip. Actually, I don't really bother about the hole but more importantly is my chip. I been through various banks and their chip reader couldn't read my thumb print. It might due to damage to the chip or there is something wrong during my earlier application. I still remembered that my hand was sweating heavily during my earlier application and probably may cause to this unreadable thumb print. 

FYI, this hole was accidentally created during the inspection in the middle of the sea while cruising back from Pulau Redang. It was my first time experience a maritime police check and the hole was created when I tried to insert my IC back to my wallet.

64 K smart chip in our MyKad but how many of you use it for other purposes eg the Touch 'n Go. I wonder when our country will follow the Japanese who uses their identity card and their handphone to pay for parking, to go through LRT station, to buy drinks from machine etc.

Yeah, my MyKad is flippable. I am unsure how it happened but it happened for quite a long time.

I am unsure what type of dirts that grow on my MyKad.

This is the quality of our MyKad. It is flippable after few years. I hope it does not happen to you but you can give a try.

I went to the JPN Wangsa Maju located at Wisma Rampai about 1 hr 50 minutes earlier from my working time. The waiting time printed on the receipt was only 2 minutes but I waited even less than that.


On the most left is where you press for number. If you can't see it, follow the foot steps on the floor.

Counter 5, 6 and 7 are the place to make a new MyKad whereas counter 3 and 4 are for taking the MyKad after completion.

When it comes to my turn, the officer only ask me few questions:
  1. Buat MyKad baru?
  2. Maklumat sama?
  3. Nak simpan MyKad sekarang atau nak bagi surat?
  4. Nak bayar sekarang atau masa ambil kad?
That's all and your application is done! I did ask them to make a very minor change to my housing address. The officer also informed me that the is a problem with my previous thumb print records as it does not match. It must be my sweating hands!

Did you spot the black screen? Once you make your payment, wait for your name to be called to take a photo. Remember that IC application does not need you to bring a photo. 

Thank you for not taking any photo in this premise!

For MyKad replacement, you will be only charged RM 10. Once payment has been made, you will get this official receipt which is to be presented upon collecting your new MyKad.

The officer will tell you that your application will be completed after 3 weeks. If you want immediately, then you can go Putrajaya. You may check your application status via the following methods:
  1. Hotline
  2. Website
  3. SMS

This is a print out from their website at I think I checked the status after 3 or 4 days and amazingly, it stated there that my MyKad was ready to be collected despite the officer told me that it will be ready after 3 weeks.

This is the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara office located at Wisma Rampai, Sri Rampai.

There are 4 government agencies here.

I think I finished everything by 8.30 am and it was way too early before my working time. So, I went to the opposite mamak, ordered roti canai and teh tarik and read The Star newspaper.=.=''

If our more complex passport can be done in just hours or within 1 day, I truly hope it will goes the same for application of MyKad.

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Wangsa Maju,
Aras 1, Wisma Rampai,
Jalan 34/26, Taman Sri Rampai,
Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.


~J'@nn~ said...

same with mine too, but i use gum to glue it back, haah!!

TOLANIC said...

MyKad already kaput since years ago. Lazy to go change into the new one.

Anonymous said...

Mine is still as perfect as it is ^^

Anonymous said...

Does ur new mykad has MEPS Cash?

Anonymous said...

thanks for providing such a useful information =D
* i'm still wondering where to renew mine = =

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