Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Clinical Clerkship VIVA Presentation

After a struggling period of 5 weeks, we had finally ended the Clinical Clerkship at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Let's recap back our daily routine for 3 days in a week or perhaps check back my previous post on Clinical Clerkship here.

Day 1: Tuesday
  1. 5.45 am: Woke up
  2. 6.30 am: Board bus.
  3. 7.00 am: Breakfast-ing.
  4. 8.00 am: Start clerking 1 case, went from bed to bed, copy pages of words, analysing, etc.
  5. 12.00 pm: Present the case to preceptor
  6. 1.00 am: Board bus back to University
  7. 1.30 am: Had lunch
  8. 2.00 am: Presenting case to lecturer
  9. 3.30 pm: Went home and do some works assigned or related to case presentation
Day 2: Wednesday
  1. 5.45 am - 3.30 pm: Same routine but we had to clerk another new case.
  2. 3.30 pm- Discussion end, went home and started doing case presentation report.

Day 3: Friday
  1. 5.45 am - 2 pm: Same routine.
  2. 2.00 pm: Present a case to the lecturers from A to Z with a Q & A session.
  3. 3.30 pm: Went home and start preparing ANOTHER report for second case.
Did I forget to mention that we had classes on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays? Hmm..

As in sequence above, for my group, Group 2, we started with Obstetrics & Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgical and Psychiatric Clerkship. Of all, I would say the O & G clerkship was the most interesting whereas the most dislike was Pediatrics and most boring till death was Psychiatric Clerkship. However, I chose IM clerkship as for my viva topic presentation. 

Basically, there were 3 days for viva presentations and on each day there will be 2 groups, one which hosted at Boardroom (my group) while another at the VIP lounge of UCSI University. So, the presenters for my viva group were ME, Chie Chek, Kuan Poh, Xiao You,. Wei Ling, Lee Yen, Chui Wei and Pin Khee (not in picture). This picture was taken after the presentation.

So, how this viva was conducted?

Basically, each of us was given 10 minutes for presentation and another 10 minutes for Q & A session. We must truly understand our case and the topics so that we can able to answer the questions bombarded from the lecturers. I do agreed to the lecturers' feedback that some of us still do not know the correct way of doing a presentation. They put basically all words in their slides causing much distraction and difficulty in understanding their case. Some who had prepared well really did a good job by able to answer the questions well of which they provided evidence based medicine rather than merely guess.  

The thing that I hated so much was everyone was required to attend to all 3 days viva presentation. It was basically a waste of time to sit there listening to other people presenting their case without being given any notes and worse still have to come for the rest of the days despite you had presented the case. The lecturers said it was a good for us to learn other people's cases. I don't deny that but there were big limitations on the extent of things we can learn from. We might merely heard a new case or new topics but if I were to ask you back the question regarding the topics, can you answer that? As for me, it was just  nice to attend a whole day VIVA presentation rather than attending all 3 days. The outcome was only one. Sat at back, chatted and claps hand. Lecturers also did say that it was important because some of the questions in the FINAL exam will be mentioned during the viva presentation. Alright, enough of say, the FINAL exam papers few days ago had proven that it was a mere talks.     

The above few pictures were taken after my viva group had finished all our presentation. So, I took the opportunity to capture some pictures through the glass window. However, I was shocked when I was being captured through hp camera by Kuan Poh. A nice picture indeed showing my usual routine of cam-whoring.

The bridegroom and the bride to be, Kuan Poh and Siew Hoon.

Me & Chie Chek

Acting shy

Vkvun & I.

Cheerful Hooi Hoon~

Yen Moi, Chui Wei and Hooi Hoon.

Wei Jie, Yee San and Suk Yen

Christine & Wilfred

Yen Moi & Dr. Chin Jin Han, a biochemistry lecturer.

Dr. Chin and I

Picture of the day. Group picture with other lecturers.

We coincidentally spotted this bunch of lecturers who were having lunch at the Block A Canteen. So, we took the opportunity to take a group or so called a little family picture with them. A nice picture indeed.

From left: Yueh Teng, Chui Wei, Wei Jie, Yee San, Yen Moi, Mr. Lim, Ms Priya (a microbiology lecturer), Prof. Dr. Noran (a physiology lecturer who made me headache for 3 years), Suk Yen, Dr. Chin Jin Han (who make me headache with his structure and his level of difficulty 3 questions), Hooi Hoon and your dearest blogger, ME. 
Till then, chiao~ Still have 1 more week of exam to endure. @.@

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