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Clinical Clerkship Attachment @ HKL

Finally, the 5 weeks of clerkship had come to an end. In this post, I will not be discussing about the clerkship attachment at Hospital Kuala Lumpur which is reserved for upcoming post. In contrast, I will discuss about my daily routine during this clerkship period.

We had clerkship attachment every Tuesday to Thursday of which we were required to clerk 2 cases in the ward. There were 5 different wards that we went namely Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Surgical, Pediatrics and Psychiatric.

Every morning from Tuesday to Thursday, we we required to arrive at the University compound by 6.30 am before boarding a bus to HKL. At about 7 am ++, we would arrive at the canteen located few meters away from HKL to have our breakfast and morning chat. After that, we would then proceed to various wards as mentioned above and be there by 8 am.

For each of the clerkship, there would be one Pharmacist to supervise us (preceptor) and also a specialist/consultant/ head of department physician. After briefing and so on, we were then required to go from bed to bed and choose a suitable case to clerk.

At about 12 pm ++, we were then required to present our case to the preceptor and discussed issues arising from the case. At 1 pm, we would then board the bus back to the University. If we were lucky enough, we would have some time to eat our lunch either at the canteen nearby the HKL (if preceptor allowed us to go early) or at Cheras. Otherwise, if we have unfinished job, we would have to proceed straight away to the PBL room before discussion with lecturer kicked in at 2 pm. The duration of the  discussion would be 1 hour and 30 minutes and may lengthen depending on the type of clerkship and availability of the respective lecturers.

The routine would be the same for all these 3 days. Apart from that, on every Thursday, we needed to present our case to our lecturer at University of which marks will be given to the presentation. If we were lucky enough to be able to clerk a case on Day 1, we may have additional time. Otherwise, if we were only  able to clerk a case on Day 2, we may require a longer time and some may even either no sleep or sleep at the wee hours of the morning eg 5 am before waking up at 6 am. Phew~

The good news is that everything is over but the bad news is that the finals will be around the corner.  We would have a tough time to digest so many things into our brain. Hope the Mighty God will bless us!~ 

Our favourite breakfast session spot would be either Restoran Pedas Pak Aji or Gerai Ah Kow. Usually, we will choose Restoran Pedas Pak Aji due to larger space to accomodate large numbers of us. We would order only drinks and not food because there wasn't any specialty of the foods offered here. (soory yea, pak cik) Gerai Ah Kow is the only Chinese stall here which offers the famous and highly picked 'Sesame Chicken' or 'chi ma kai'. The price is RM 4.50 per plate regardless of which part of the chicken you ordered. It is not just famous for the Chinese but a lot of Malays especially will choose to eat the sesame chicken which is HALAL.

The pak cik is quite friendly and like to joke with us in English and Malay. When I took my picture with Michael and Kuan Poh, he came and asked me to hold his 'nasi lemak' pack. When I was waiting for my money balance form him, he then asked me to take the picture with the money.

If you can see my picture clearly, I was infected with outbreak of pimples on my face till every one was concerned about me. Thanks friends, it was just another seasonal outbreak perhaps due to mounting stress weeks after weeks. Besides that, It may be due to lack of sufficient and quality sleep.   

My favourite food in the early morning was nasi goreng + tambah nasi + tambah telur goreng  + sambal tiga sudu which costs RM 2.00. After consultation from Suk Yen, I then chose to order Teh O Ais every single morning. 

We have Hooi Hoon, Wei Jie, Suk Yen and Boon Jin in this picture.

The happy faces when eating. Top from left: Shin Ying, Chie Chek, Siew Hoon and Yen Yie while bottom form left: You Know Who, Hooi Hoon, Suk Yen and Yueh Teng.

We have Kuan Poh, Me, Wei Jie, Yee San and Suk Yen in this photo.

The big familly.  Not in the photo were as usual Raj (taking the camera) and Wei Kiat, Chie Chek and Yong Chun who had an important business that day. =P

On this table, we have Wee Ling, Boon Jin, Yen Moi and Chui Wei having their breakfast.

The cutie Cindy with her packs of Sesame Chicken for other friends who did not manage to go back early from HKL. Usually, when we run out of time, we will ask our friend to 'tar pau' for us and ate in the bus. Pity us right?

Top right picture were Cindy and Shin Ying. Check out the symbol of their fingers. Cindy was the leader for Group 1 whereas Shin Yig  was the leader for group 5. Altogether, we have a total of 5 groups for 45 of us.

Cindy, Shin Ying, See Bee and Xiao You.. smile~

On another table, we have Pin Khee, Hui Chin and Lim Yin.

On another table as well, we have Melissa, Belinda, Sue Zin, Suk Yen and Jivan.

The perfect couple dating in the bus. They were Siew Hoon and Kuan Poh,

The behind geng who used to be a noise maker in the bus.Their leader was Chie Chek, don't underestimate his size with his volume. 

This picture was taken in the bus while it was moving. I forgot on what their say with the significance of this picture with Dr, Yeong. The first name tag, Chin Suk Yen was known to be look alike, soudns alike but not the same with Dr. Yeong. (the Dean of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCSI University)

These were the name tag from my group. We were given this name tag each of which we will required to wear it at all the times except in the Psychiatric ward,

The complete name tag of my Group 2 led by Lam Wee Ling.

Wee Ling and Yen Yie.. no comments ~

First and last photo with our own tag before given back to the HKL authority.
Left: Kuan Poh, Me, Wee Ling and Yen Yie
Right: Xiao You, Yueh Teng, Pin Khee and See Bee

*Raj was on the way to the classroom.

The kaum hawa aaka the girls~

The enjoy looking Xiao You~

Group photos of my my group added with a candid picture. You guys rocks!~

The more formal picture~

Our neighbour, Group 5

We had learn a lot of new things throughout the clerkship. Those experience are related to real clinical practice settings which mostly totally different from the books. It was a great exposure to all of us before joining the work force soon.

Thanks to all my dear friends who make my life merrier and happier.


jfook said...

Wow, I'm gonna have my internship next year. :)

Nikel Khor said...

is so so relax ful

w3ndee said...

pharmacy year 3?

KwOnG FeI said...

@jfook: your course is?

@Nikel: har relax? 5 weeks of dreadful period instead

@w3ndee: wee~ i am younger one year old again.. =P

POH said...

memorable days :)

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