Monday, May 17, 2010

DAP Wong Ho Leng wins SIBU

Official result:
  1. DAP Wong Ho Leng             18,845 votes
  2. SUPP Robert Lau Hui Yew   18,447 votes
  3. Independent Narawi Haron      232 votes
  4. Majority                                          398 votes 
  5. Total turnout                               59.9 %
 (Source: Malaysia Insider)

OMG! Uncle Kit had made the right prediction. He had earlier say only miracle can win the Sibu parliamentary seat. I myself did not ever imagine DAP will win when the total turnout was so poor and after counting of some ballots in the afternoon (during the Thomas Cup Final), BN was leading far away. Miracle does happen and it happens tonight.

(Source: Berita Harian)

The floods today may have affect the total turnout. Can we say it is a bless? If you are one of the voter who face such situation everytime when it rains, do you still believe to the promise made by BN that they will rectify the situation by implementing a flood mitigation programme which cost more than RM1billlion. HEY, people! This should be done YEARS ago and not now. Whatever promised by BN are their obligation to do so and they don’t deserve a vote for that. I’m sure even if you have decided to vote for BN, after underwent hurdles passing the flood to the polling centre, you might just cross at DAP rather than BN. Oh come on.. you don’t face that only on that day but you face it most of the days!

(Source: The Star)

(Source: Berita Harian)

By 10 pm, DAP had actually won SIBU. But, to our surprise, the postal votes are yet to be counted. WHAT? You’re kidding me. Postal votes were casted on Thursday and Friday and the results should be the first to be announced as in any other elections. The results as on 10 pm were as below from 110 boxes counted:
  1. DAP                18,775
  2. BN                  16,124
  3. Independent     196
There are still 2,537 postal votes yet to be tallied on the final results. Accordingly, there was a dispute over the validity of witnesses' signature for postal votes. Uncle Kit through his twitter had sense something wrong on why on earth there is a delay in announcing the postal votes and heard possibility of recounts. It’s not a surprise as DAP led with majority of 2651 votes and they might be trying to do something with the postal votes. Thank God too that the total number of postal votes did not exceed 2651 votes otherwise something bad might be happened. You know what I am trying to say right? Twitters were flooded with tweets saying that BN don’t want to lose. In a historic decision, the state Election Director had rejected the call from BN to make a recount on the vote. Come on, even if you win all the postal votes, you still lose!

(Source: Berita Harian)

Let’s see the official postal votes:
  1. SUPP Robert Lau Hui Yew       2323 votes
  2. DAP Wong Ho Leng                        70 votes
  3. Independent Narawi Haron         36 votes
  4. Rejected                                          208 votes
  5. Unreturned                                    190 votes
As seen from the postal votes, it is not a surprise to have such results as it will be always a victory to the BN. I am more surprised on the votes given to the Independent. That’s considered a lot.

On the constituency, Chinese voters make up about 66%, followed by Malay/Melanau (17%), Iban (15%), Orang Ulu (0.11%), Bidayuh (0.5%) and others (1.39%). Most of the Chinese are the Foo Chow and the main religion here is Christian.

Chinese especially the Foo Chow are businessman ‘type’ and usually they vote will go to the BN. In fact, the father of SUPP Robert Lau Hui Yew is a business tycoon in Sibu. There is no doubt that this will influences the voters to cast on BN.

On religion, DAP had hit it right. They fully utilized the ‘Allah’ issue especially when the main religion here is Christian. Generally, the Christians are angry over the 1 Malaysia 2 systems whereby ‘Allah’ was being used in the Bible long time ago till now that the Peninsular Malaysia are banned for using that word. I myself is not a Christian but I do understand their anger when what we called as ‘rights’ which used to be their rights all the while has become ‘forbidden rights’ and worse still there were 2 systems of the ‘rights’ being implemented in Malaysia. What does that mean when Peninsular can’t use that word while the East Malaysia can? Are you implying that the Sabah and Sarawak are not part of Malaysia? Why there is a need to have such 2 systems? At the very first place, why are their rights being scrapped away?

On the issue of ‘kampua’, the traditional food in Sibu which contains pork, it really made a surprise to see the banner of ‘kampua’ erected at Sibu. It stated that if the Sibu voted for DAP, then the traditional food will be banned implying the ties with PAS which aimed to build an Islamic state. It was totally nonsense. Though Kelantan was ruled by PAS, one can still find ‘bak kut teh' but the number of restaurants might be few. I wish to stress that even though PR may conquer Putrajaya one day, so long DAP exist, they will never agree to the establishment of any Islamic state except those which PAS has the biggest majority as in Kelantan. Terengganu was once made to be an Islamic state but later fall in the next General Election. We are know that such thing will not happen but it was sad that BN had used such tactics.

(Source: Malaysia Kini)

To counter the claim by BN, DAP Wong Ho Leng made the headlines by eating kampua with his family. I must say that the DAP election machinery was strong, very strong indeed. That’s made the majority of Chinese votes went to PKR in Hulu Sleangor by election as well. They work hard every single day and use intelligence versus money politics offered by BN. Alright, you may say it is not money politics but just a way to help the SIBU people. Whatever you claimed, the citizens will decide and they had decided today that they no longer trust BN.

(Source:  Malaysia Insider)

A lost to BN doesn’t imply that the Chinese in SIbu rejected SUPP. I must stress this out to all of you. Chinese does not hate or do not support the MCA or Gerakan or SUPP. They actually do not support the UMNO, the big boss. There are long lists on why the Chinese are rejecting UMNO.

UMNO men are being so ‘vocal’ in making remarks to other party leaders despite they are Ministers. If they really concern about their ally parties matters, they should have done it internally. This showed lack of respect and trying to show ‘egoness’. When UMNO had internal struggle during the weak leadership of Pak Lah, none of the component parties made any bad remarks against Pak Lah and UMNO. However, when MCA faced their own internal struggle, UMNO men had called for resignation of both Dato Seri Ong Tee Kiat and also Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek. As for MIC, UMNO had interfere with the choice of the by election candidate, G. Palanivel who is the deputy President of MIC until they had no choice to compromise with P. Kamalanathan. So, now you understand who is the boss? The Chinese hate when the UMNO pay no respect to the Chinese leaders.

Arrogant is the one best word for UMNO. Despite losing Selangor state under the lousy leadership and arrogant Datuk Seri Dr. Khir Toyo who said that the oppositions will never win a seat in Selangor state, Khir Toyo made another arrogance by asking the Government not to help the Chinese to punish them for not supporting BN.

Another recent happening in the politics arena is the birth of PERKASA. It’s nothing wrong should any Malay NGO would like to champion for their own Malay rights. Things went wrong when PERKASA had chided Soi Lek to resign and joined to call to punish the Chinese for not supporting the government. Even Khairy, the UMNO Youth Chief had labeled PERKASA as nobody and opportunistic but there is no strong stand by UMNO. PM Najib said that PERKASA is not racist despite calling the Chinese are dominating the economics while NEP had fully focused on the development of the Malays. If the Malays failed to achieve the NEP by acheiving 30% equity, it is something wrong with the implementation and nothing to do with the Chinese. If Ibrahim Ali was ‘vocal’ in criticizing the Chinese, he shall in the very first place do not work with Tan Sri Vincent Tan, his former boss whom Ibrahim now is bombarding him.

1 Malaysia concept is no doubt wins the people’s heart. I do love this concept but the reality is it will never be achieved. It is now more to 1 Malaysia 2 systems of which dependent on which parties you are from either the government or the oppositions.

(Source: Free Malaysia Today)

Back to the victory by DAP Wong Ho Leng, welcome YB to the Parliament. Help the Sibu people by voicing out their problems. For DAP, glory for you as you have another seat in the Parliament to rally the voices of the people. For PR, another seat for you too and strengthening your grip before the next state election.

(Source: Malaysia Kini)

To the Sibu people, congratulations for having made you wise choice!!!

Thanks for the nang!


JIPP said...

oh wow. what a quick response u did on the election results. I think the turn-out bears such a strong message to all the ppl, esp the losing side, that the ppl have had enough of all the dramas they are trying to fool the ppl with. And I am sick of the postal votes..

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of the politics. How about us youths create a new party with no corruption and lead the country to better economy, life and politic.

KwOnG FeI said...

@JIPP: agreed. we need more transparency on the postal votes..

@Anonymous: i think it will be the same. some youth are trained to be this. Look into public university, they started to do the same things to the opposition in the university. Whether there is corruption or not i'm nt sure becoz students don't earn money. When comes to money, corruption may occur.

Aidi-Safuan said...

majority by 3++? wow! so lucky~

Bengbeng said...

an interesting write-up on the issues

meiyan said...

awesome to hear that youths like you are interested in politics! CLEAN POLITICS! ^^ may we grow up to be much better leaders of Malaysia! to love and not to leave Malaysia!

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