Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Administrative Pharmacy Presentation & Hospice Briefing

Every subject without laboratory session will be replaced with assignment and a presentation. So, we had our Administrative Pharmacy presentation on the last day of schooling. Well, not the very last in fact as we had another class on Saturday. It was a hectic day as our schedule was packed from early morning till the late afternoon.

10.30- 1.30 pm: Administrative Pharmacy Presentation

Top: Kuan Poh, Lim, Dickson,Wei Kiat
Bottom: Jivan, KF, Kuan Poh, Mahmood

Let's look into the gesture of our friends in the class. Check out Kuan Poh who is the Sleeping King of our class and Mahmood who was biting his pen. 

Everyone was listening attentively to the presentation by our friends. There were 9 groups with about 5 members each and each group was given with different topics.

This was the presentation by Suk Yen group comprised of Mahmood, Yee San, Wei Jie and  Hooi Hoon.

This was my group comprised of Yen Moi, Boon Jin, Chui Wei and Wei Ling.

My group topic was 'Setting up an OPD in a private hospital'. We did a site visit to Hospital Pantai Cheras to gain some ideas for our topic presentation.

This was one the slide prepared by me. Everyone was amazed by the salary that my hospital, the Golden Hope Hospital are offering for the pharmacist.

Ms. Saraswathi, my dedicated and motivated lecturer was listening attentively to our presentation and her she was attracted to the salary provided by Golden Hope Hospital as well.

This was the presentation by Ivan, Wei Kiat, Lim, Chie Chek and Rajeswaran.

Yen Yie, the photographer for Wei Kiat~

Some discussion with Ms. Saraswathi. She is our clinical lecturer.

Dickson, Kuan Poh and Wei Yau enjoying their drinks during the break session. 

At about 1 pm, we had a short briefing from Mr. Lokesh for our exam briefing which was the same things being repeated since Y1.

After that at 1.30 pm, we then rushed to the Recital Hall for a photo session taking with all the lecturers of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


The graduating students year 2006/2010, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCSI University

Standing row 1: Meng Fai, Me, Tomas, Lim, Wei Kiat, Alvin, Jivan, Raj,. Jee Yang, Dickson, Ivan, Michael, Mahmood, Wilfred
Standing row 2: Wei Yau, Suk Yen, Pin Khee, Siew Hoon, Poh Chin, Xiao You, Thien Jian, Cindy, Hui Chin, Chu Wun, Xian Hui, See Bee, Christine, Chie Chek
Standing eow 3: Sue Zin, Lim Yin, Melissa, Belinda, Yueh Teng, Yen Yie, Hooi Hoon, Yee San, Wei Jie, Lee Yen, Boon Jin, Yen Moi, Wei Ling, Chui Wei, Shin Ying, Suk Yen
Seated: Dr. Chin, Mr. Enoch, Dr. Loganathan, Mr. Lokesh, Ms. Saraswathi, Ms. Lyna Irawati, Asso. Prof. Dr. Yeong Siew Wei, Ms. Kitty, Prof. Dr. Noran, Asso. Prof. Dr. Gabriel, Mr. Allan, Ms. Priya, Mr. Fatokun, Mr. Lim

Side view

After the photo session taking, we took the opportunity to take picture with Dr. Loganathan who will be leaving the UCSI University at the end of this semester. Another good lecturer had left..but thanks God he had taught us well enough before he left.

Melissa, Belinda, Suk Yen & Sue Zin

Thien Jian, Siew Hoon, Dr. Loganathan and Me

Chatting with Dr. Loganathan, a senior lecturer majoring in Pharmaceutical Technology who taught us Basic Pharmacokinetics, Physical Pharmacy, Dosage Form Design, Biotechnology and what else ar?

Yen Moi, Siew Hoon, Kuan Poh, Dr. Loganathan, Dickson, Me, Michael

The ladies with Dr. Loganathan.

Group 2 Clinical Clerkship Group

Comprised of Me, Raj, Kuan Poh, See Bee, Pin Khee, Yen Yie, Wei Ling, Yueh Teng & Xiao You.

Solo pictures with Dr. Loganathan. One distinct feature about him was he love to talk non stop in explaining a topic. He can spend about 20-30 minutes just to discuss on one slide. Thumbs up!

Close up~

The photo taking geng~

At 2.00 pm, we then rushed to the Auditorium for a Hospice briefing.

This event was organised by the UCSIUPSS under It Seang. The topic was 'Pharmacist Role in Hospice and Palliative Care'. It was about managing patient with end stage diseases such as cancer.

With Shue Nie who was the one who took the pictures during the earlier photo taking session. TQ very muchie~. 
At about 3 pm, we then rushed to PG-lab classroom for the last class from Ms. Birinder, a HUKM senior pharmacist on Financial Management of Pharmacy till about 4.30 pm. 

A hectic day indeed! Luckily I had 1 char siew pau and 1 red bean pau during the presentation. Hehe.

Thanks for the nang!


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