Saturday, April 25, 2009

Big Tree Lin Kee Restaurant (大树头连记蒸鱼头), Taman Connought

Hie all... clearing up my delayed posts before I had no time to do so.
This restaurant is located in a hidden area in Taman Connought. After discussion with my group mates for my CC assignment, we went with some others to this place for lunch. We had wanted to go this place earlier but previous attempts were not successful. It is famous for its steam fish head.
Ah Mei as a frequent visitor and the person who recommended us to here ordered some nice dishes for us. She is a 'makan Queen'. At here, it is a self service if you want to refill the hot water for your tea. Quite a new thing for me as I had not go to any places that require me to do so unless cleaning the plates after use at Dusun Eco Resort. We went here at about 11.30 am. It was still early that the place was yet to be crowded. I had the chance to drive Boon Jin's car after she claimed lazy to drive.

(meaning I become the driver la...)

The kitchen Our first dish.. the famous steam fish (酱蒸鱼头) which cost Rm 21. Big fatty fish, don't you think so? The sauces and the freshness of the fish make the day so perfect! Yau mai vegetables, 油麦 which costs RM 7 Vegetable tao fu, 香菜豆腐 which costs RM 8 Famous Mamite Chicken, 妈蜜鸡 which costs RM 11 Our lunch which costs only RM 11.50 per person. WoW..where else can you get such a good deal?
Total costs: RM 58.50 for 5 persons Damage per person: RM 11.70
Address: Lorong Belakang 91, Jalan Waras 3, Taman Connought. H/p: 016-2781292/2802390 * credits to Vun who help me wrote the Mandarin words


ah mei said...

can't believe u still remember the prices.. lol

KwOnG FeI said...

haha... got secret one..
wa.. u study till so late ar..
still nt yet sleep at this hour~
btw, jia you la!

Unknown said...

is not secret. coz he kept the receipt and the receipt is with me. haha. u wanna frame ur receipt or u wan it back or u wan me to throw away??hehe

KwOnG FeI said...

haiya..rahsia terbongkar..
burn it and mix well in a glass of water and drink..
helps increase ur energy for ur study

Unknown said...

useless, tat wont help me concentrate also

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