Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jun Jun is growing up!

For those who do not known him, he is Jun Jun, my nephew. I rarely see him due to the exam hectic schedule probably for about 2-3 weeks. But, I do regularly receive some photo updates on him from my big sister.
Yo.. He is saying PEACE to you. Say back to this little kid!
As usual, he always plays around on my bed. He will search for things to play but sadly I don't have toys in my room. Usually, he plays with pen and draw fantastic unknown things when I give him a paper. Again, good thing about him is that he will put the things he took back to the original place without instructed. GooD B@Y! He looks so happy in this picture. He found a toy, the 100 Plus bottle which I used for my Guang Nuang Jungle Trekking. Posing like a model At the living room, we have a special container with toys, a study chair and a little bicycle specially for him. In my previous trip to Genting Highlands last Thursday, I bought this toy for him. So, when the rests asked him who bought for him, he will say' kau fu mai gei wo de' in the cute tone. This picture was taken with shaky hands. Suitable candidate for Jun-on kids edition? Playing with his new toy. The little giraffe when pressed on the bottom will be collapsed. From erect position, it will die when pressed. Hopefully, the toy lasts long. Well you know kids are destroyer~ Posing on the ground...join him for a smile This little kau fu with tired & exhausted face after dreadful exam periods..
See his previous (younger) photos here.


Yen said...

eh... Jun Jun more handsome nowadays... Lolx...

Ying Jun said...

kf....he looks much much more entau than u cute~~ can i cubit him ar??? XD

KwOnG FeI said...

yj: yea la yea la.. i alwiz admit i am the ugly one..

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